Thursday, September 22, 2022

What’s Out and What’s In: Interior Design Trends 2024

When it comes to home décor, some features never go out of style – like pops of plant life in the kitchen or a charming, built-in window seat in the bedroom. Other interior design trends, however, have a shorter shelf life and can dramatically date your home.

For instance, while shiplap walls had a bit of a renaissance in recent years thanks to the popularity of HGTV’s “Fixer Upper” and the modern farmhouse style, many home design experts now think the trend is tired and overdone. Just like shag carpeting in the 1970’s, many trends aren’t timeless, and you don’t want to spend time and money on décor that will make your home seem stuck in a time machine.

As we look ahead to 2024 (yes, it’s already that time!), here are several outgoing and incoming interior design trends that every stylish homeowner should know. 

Incoming 2024 Interior Design Trends

Gray and light wood bathroom with double vanity and fluted vessel sinks.

Fluting and Scallops

An unexpected detail, fluting adds texture and visual interest. It can go on the cabinets, walls, furniture, ceiling, or sink. In 2024, you'll see this dynamic featured in any room on any surface. It's an evolution of the curvy and organic lines that have been a top trend for the last several years.

Teardrop shaped chandelier with natural floral type design.

Outdoor-Inspired Interiors

As sustainable, green design continues to grow in popularity, designers are moving away from interiors that feel artificial. Instead, it’s becoming more popular to bring outdoor elements—like nature-inspired hues and materials—into interior spaces. 

Features like rustic bathroom vanities, jute rugs, rattan chairs, wicker baskets, earthy textures, or natural wood floors are all great choices that will make any space feel in harmony with the outdoors.

Singing the Blues

Thinking ahead to the colors that will be most on-trend in 2024, one really stand out. In a year defined by warm colors and beige neutrals, blue pops out as the unique choice of choice. More than one paint company chose a blue color as it's color of the year. Some to note: 

C2's "Thermal" is a light, airy blue that looks like a blue sky in the morning. Valspar's "Renew Blue" is a soft, yet vibrant blue that is relaxing and revitalizing at the same time. Minwax's "Bay Blue" is a turquois-y blue wood stain that lets wood grain shine through but adds undeniable color. 

Departing 2022 Interior Design Trends

Bright Colors

The last couple years have had lots of bright color. That's starting to be toned down in 2024. You'll see less red, pink, neons, and brights, and more beiges, sage, terracotta, etc. This turn doesn't mean no color, it just means more muted, warmed up colors. 


Personalization in 2024 has shifted from edgy to personal. It's more about telling a story than it is creating a personality in your space. You'll see less geometrics, bold colors, blocking, etc., and more softened colors, vintage décor, and personal touches. 


Patterns are never out of style. But some patterns ebb and flow with popularity. Florals will continue to be popular in 2024 but insects and butterflies are on their way out. Loud patterns like checks and geometrics will be softened.


Vintage is still hot on 2024 but the more rustic side of vintage will fall by the wayside. Farmhouse, grannychic, and cottagecore will come out of the spotlight and mashups of historic and modern and blends of maximalism and hygge will come front and center.

As you think about refreshing your interiors with up-and-coming design trends for 2024, a good place to start is always in the bathroom! Why not revamp the space with one of these great ideas for a modern, updated walk-in shower.

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