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7 Things You Never Knew About Ceiling Fans

Modern ceiling fan in the bedroom.

You already know that ceiling fans are a must for keeping your home comfortable. But they have a few secrets too. When you know their secrets, you can make the most of your ceiling fans. From increasing your heating and cooling efficiency to getting maximum air circulation, here are seven things you may not know about your ceiling fans.

#1 Ceiling Fans Can Increase Heating/Cooling Efficiency

Ceiling fans do more than provide a little airflow on a hot day. Did you know that you can change the direction your fan turns? When it turns clockwise, it pushes air down. When it turns counterclockwise, it draws air up. Why is this important? Hot air rises so depending on which season it is, you’ll want the hot air to be directed differently.

Setting your ceiling fan for summer vs winter is a matter of logic. When that hot air rises in the summer, you’ll want to push it down to blend it with cooler air and maintain a more consistently cool temperature. In the winter, you don’t want all that hot air at the ceiling; you want it down by your cold toes. Set your ceiling fan direction for summer vs winter like this: 

Summer = Counterclockwise

Winter = Clockwise

#2 Ceiling Fans Can Be Virtually Silent

Have you ever laid awake at night and instead of counting sheep you listen to the hum of the fan above your bed? Did you know there are whisper quiet ceiling fans? They can be practically undetectable (although the airflow is a dead giveaway). 

Quiet ceiling fans are all about technology. Look for a fan with an oil bath motor. These are pretty heavy and require an oil check every 1-5 years. However, they are top notch ceiling fans. Another option is a flywheel motor. It is an AC motor with flywheel discs that absorb shock and that means a quieter ceiling fan. On the flip side, a DC motor has a higher torque and better control. They are lightweight and very quiet.

Ceiling fans with eight blades.

#3 The Number of Fan Blades Is Not Just About Style

Did you know that the number of blades your ceiling fan has is mostly about performance? Ceiling fans generally come in 3, 4, or 5 blades, though occasionally you’ll see fans with more or less. If you want a gentle breeze, look for more blades. If you want more of a wind chill effect, look for fewer blades. 

The fewer the blades, the less drag there is. The less drag, the faster the blades can spin creating more airflow. Ceiling fans with 2 or 3 blades really move the air around and make their presence known. Fans with 4 or 5 (or more) blades have a gentler airflow. They also tend to be quieter.

 #4 The Pitch of the Blades Has a Huge Impact on Performance

The fan blades determine how much air gets circulated through the room. Did you know that the angle (or pitch) that the blades sit at and the shape of the blades can change airflow dramatically? Fan blades between 12-15 degrees will move the most air. Anything less than that won’t be enough and more than that will be too much. 

Balance is the bottom line when it comes to ceiling fans. If the angles of each blade don’t match, the fan will wobble, which can cause inefficiency and even damage. Fan blades also have to weigh exactly the same or you’ll get a wobble. Ceiling fans must be precise. If they’re not, they’ll be noisy and completely dysfunctional.

Angled fan blades on a ceiling fan.

#5 Shape & Size of the Blade Can Impact Your Electric Bill

Did you know that the shape and size of the blades significantly change how much air circulates and therefore can influence how much electricity it takes to create airflow in your room? Blades that are extra long or wide, ironically, move less air than a moderately sized blade if the motor doesn't have the right level of power. Same goes for narrower and shorter blades. The motor needs to match the size of the blade. 

Most fan blades are a sort of rectangular shape with tapered or rounded ends. You’ll also see some alternative shapes that tout higher energy efficiency and better air circulation. These often look like plane propeller blades. Do they work better? Maybe. But for the purposes of your home, standard blades get the job done just as well.

#6 Different Ceiling Heights Require Different Installation

Depending on the height of your ceiling, you may have to install your ceiling fan differently. Did you know that airflow is impacted by the distance between the fan and the floor/ceiling? There are two rules of thumb when it comes to how to hang your ceiling fan. A fan that is 10-12 inches from the ceiling does the best job with air circulation. However, if the ceilings aren’t standard height, everything changes. 

The better rule to go by states that a ceiling fan should be 8-9 feet from the floor. If you have vaulted ceilings or extra tall ceilings, your fan will work best when hung from a downrod. If you have lower ceilings, you may need to consider a fan designed to be closer to the ceiling, called a flush mount, low profile, or hugger fan.

Traditional fan in a bedroom.

#7 A Bigger Room Doesn’t Always Need a Bigger Fan

You might think that a bigger room needs a bigger fan and that’s usually true. Did you know that the shape of the room is the determining factor for the size of the fan? In general, you can only feel the airflow of a ceiling fan if you stand no more than two feet outside its radius. Mathematically, a ceiling fan works best in a square room. If you have a square room you can scale the fan up in size the larger the room gets. 

8 x 8 foot room needs a 30 inch diameter fan or smaller

9 x 9 foot room needs a 41 to 50 inch diameter fan

12 x 12 foot room needs a 51 to 60 inch diameter fan

16 x 16 or larger foot room needs a 61 to 70 inch diameter fan

If your room is rectangular, a bigger fan’s effectiveness will be limited. In long rooms, it’s often better to use multiple fans spread equally across the room. Split the room’s measurements into two equal squares then buy the right diameter fan for each of the squares.

Whether you wonder about the ceiling fan direction in the winter vs the summer or you’re not sure about which ceiling fans move the most air, we hope these ceiling fan facts help make your decisions easier.

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Summer Wedding Gift Guide For the DIY Couple

Summer wedding gift guide.

Forget china and kitchen appliances. This is a wedding gift guide like no other. Sure, kitchen appliances are important for setting up house together, but have you ever considered a gift of a different kind? A gift for home renovation? A gift for the DIY couple?

If the couple you’re shopping for have some updating to do on their home, this is the perfect wedding gift guide for you. Here are some ideas for gifts that the happy couple can appreciate. 

A towel warmer hung on the bathroom wall.

Bathroom Gifts

We spend a lot of time in the bathroom. We’re in there multiple times every day. We start and end our day there. Gifts for the bathroom help the couple create an environment they can enjoy for years to come.


Whether the couple is used to sharing their space or not, who wouldn’t welcome a little more mirror real estate? 

A mirror medicine cabinet that features lighting both inside and out, USB outlet, defogger, and a digital clock is a sure winner. Try a more streamlined frameless mirror that has Bluetooth audio. Or go for something smaller and simpler with a modern flair, especially good for smaller bathrooms.

Shelves & Linen Cabinets

Adding some storage to the bathroom boosts organization and makes way for two people to share the space. Freestanding linen cabinets offer a good amount of storage space. Doors can be closed for an instantly tidy appearance. Wall mounted cabinets have the same functionality on a smaller scale.

Freestanding or wall mounted shelves add storage and offer a bit of sleek modern style to the room. Shelves can go anywhere from the corner of the shower to the side of the vanity for easy access. 

Bath Accessories

Bathroom accessories may already be on the couple’s registry, but there may be a few items they didn’t think to add. For instance, towel bars and rings, shower caddies, and soap dispensers. A wonderful gift that we guarantee no one else thought of is a towel warmer. It’s a luxury the couple will enjoy all winter long.

Circular lighted mirror in a white bathroom.

Lighting Gifts

It’s something a new home can always use more of. Lighting can help the happy couple turn the house into a home. Smallish lighting (think lamps, pendants, and sconces) makes a great gift because it’s flexible and mobile. That kind of flexibility allows them to take the light to where they need it most. 

Wall Mounted Lights

Consider wall mounted sconces or swing arm lighting. They are great for adding accessible lighting in the living room or bedroom. They are easy to install and add a touch of atmosphere, killing two birds with one stone. 


Traditional freestanding table or floor lamps, especially in sets, make some of the best housewarming gifts. Go with neutral colors and designs that fit with most styles. Unless, of course, you know the couple’s tastes. Then you can select something that fits their aesthetic. 

Utensil drawer organizer in the kitchen drawer.

Kitchen Gifts

Traditional gifts for the kitchen like crockpots and knives are all well and good, but this wedding gift guide thinks outside the norm for gifts that spruce up the kitchen itself.

Cabinet Knobs & Pulls

 Little details can go a long way to changing the look and feel of an outdated kitchen. If the happy couple has a less-than-ideal kitchen, new knobs may be just the ticket. They come in all sorts of styles and can transform a boring cabinet into a statement piece. 

Same goes for cabinet pulls. Though a different style entirely, pulls can dress up a kitchen with one simple and easy-to-do project.


The happy couple is going to need some kitchen accessories to get all their kitchen utensils organized. Head over to our sister brand, RTA Cabinet Store and check out the drawer organizers, pull-out cabinet drawers, and more.

Dress up the kitchen look and experience with items like trash cans, cutting boards, and garbage disposals. Even something as utilitarian as sink drains and strainers are a necessity that no one will think to gift the couple. 

Wedding season is in full swing. Give a gift that the DIY couple can use to update their home together. For more gift guides, check out what we recommend for dads.

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8 Best Kitchen Sink Brands

The Best Kitchen Sinks for Your Consideration

These beautiful sinks not only represent the best in the industry, they represent the ingenuity and quality associated with the best kitchen sinks. Start your search with these stand-out sinks and you’ll be sure to find your perfect match.

Franke kitchen sink


From classic to modern, you’ll find a stylish sink with Franke. Each detail is composed with exquisite craftsmanship. Designed with you in mind right down to how you’ll clean the sink.

Shop Franke

Kraus kitchen sink


How do you find the perfect kitchen sink? Kraus offers a range of options from farmhouse to enameled and kitchen to bar so you can pick the one that completes your design.

Shop Kraus

Elkay kitchen sink


Since the sink is the center of all the action, Elkay creates options designed to maximize workspace in the kitchen. Available in stainless, quartz, Fireclay and more. It’s quality and engineering that makes these one of the best kitchen sinks.

Shop Elkay

La Toscana kitchen sink

La Toscana

Distinctive kitchen sinks by La Toscana offer the penultimate of simplicity and style. Heavily influenced by Italian ingenuity and style, these sinks won’t disappoint. Available in farmhouse, single, and double styles. Look for these in granite and ceramic.

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What Makes the Best Kitchen Sinks?

Choosing the best kitchen sink involves considering various factors such as material, size, style, and functionality. Here are some key features and factors that contribute to making the best kitchen sinks:

1. Material

Stainless Steel:

Pros: Durable, affordable, easy to clean, and resistant to heat and stains.

Cons: Can scratch and show water spots.

Composite Granite:

Pros: Durable, scratch-resistant, and available in various colors.

Cons: Can be more expensive and may show water spots.


Pros: Durable, heat-resistant, and resistant to stains and discoloration.

Cons: Can chip or crack if heavy objects are dropped on it.

Cast Iron:

Pros: Durable, heat-resistant, and available in various colors.

Cons: Can be heavy and may chip or scratch.

Undermount sink in a large kitchen island.

2. Size and Configuration:

Single Bowl: Offers more space for large pots and pans but less versatility for multitasking.

Double Bowl: Provides separate areas for washing and rinsing dishes and allows for multitasking.

Farmhouse or Apron Front: Features an exposed front panel and is available in various sizes to accommodate different kitchen designs.

Undermount or Top Mount: Undermount sinks are mounted beneath the countertop for a sleek look, while top mount sinks are installed above the countertop.

3. Style and Design:

Traditional: Features a classic and timeless design.

Modern: Features a sleek and contemporary design.

Transitional: Combines elements of both traditional and modern styles.

4. Depth and Configuration:

Standard Depth (8-10 inches): Suitable for most kitchen tasks.

Deep Depth (more than 10 inches): Provides more space for large pots and pans.

Single Basin: Offers more space for large items but less versatility.

Multiple Basins: Provides separate areas for different tasks but may limit space for large items.

White sink with champagne fixtures and terracotta backsplash.

5. Additional Features:

Sound Dampening: Reduces noise from running water and dishes.

Built-in Drainboards: Provides additional space for drying dishes.

Integrated Accessories: Includes built-in colanders, cutting boards, and drying racks.

ADA Compliance: Designed to meet the requirements of the Americans with Disabilities Act for accessibility.

6. Installation:

Ease of Installation: Consider whether the sink is easy to install and fits well with your existing plumbing and countertop.

Mounting Options: Choose between undermount, top mount, or flush mount installation based on your preference and kitchen design.

7. Maintenance and Care:

Ease of Cleaning: Opt for a sink that is easy to clean and maintain, with a non-porous surface that resists stains and discoloration.

Durability: Choose a sink made from a durable material that is resistant to scratches, dents, and chipping.

8. Price and Budget:

Budget-Friendly Options: Stainless steel and composite granite sinks are generally more affordable.

Mid-Range Options: Fireclay and cast iron sinks are priced in the mid-range.

High-End Options: Customizable and designer sinks made from premium materials can be more expensive.

The best kitchen sink for you will depend on your personal preferences, budget, and the specific needs and requirements of your kitchen. It is essential to consider the material, size, style, functionality, and maintenance requirements to choose a sink that is durable, practical, and aesthetically pleasing. Additionally, investing in a high-quality faucet and ensuring proper installation are crucial factors in achieving the best kitchen sink setup.

Native Trails kitchen sink

Native Trails

With a combination of age-old artisan tradition and modern, sustainable materials, these sophisticated sinks are perfect for adding character to your kitchen. Available in concrete and hand-hammered copper.

Shop Native Trails

Premium Copper kitchen sink

Premier Copper Products

Rustic yet elegant, these copper sinks introduce an enduring aesthetic that centers any kitchen design. Go with simple or opt for a highly detailed design to set your kitchen apart.

Shop Premier Copper

ROHL kitchen sink


Inspired by Western European small village craftsmanship, these sinks offer authentic luxury. Simple but effective design and utility make these a part of the best kitchen sink brands. Available in stainless steel and Fireclay.


Moen kitchen sink


Known first for their faucets, take a look at Moen’s sinks as well. There’s a sink for every need and style. Take a closer look at these top sinks. Available in stainless and Fireclay with multiple configurations.

Shop Moen

These best kitchen sink brands are the place to start to find the sink that will ground your design in style and functionality. Get started shopping for yours today. 

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18 DecorPlanet Brands Made in the USA

 Americans love buying American! In fact, 62% of Americans say they prefer to buy products made in the USA. And 20% said they’d pay a higher price to get products made in the USA. Why do we love to buy made in the USA so much? It’s more than just patriotism. It’s more than supporting the economy. At its root, it’s part of the independence that defines us. 

We know American-made products are important to you. We’ve compiled a list of some of our brands that are made in the USA or offer products made in the USA. 

Delta bathroom faucet


Delta Faucet Company is headquartered in Indianapolis and has American manufacturing facilities in Indiana, Tennessee, Michigan, and Kentucky.

Shop Delta

Moen bathroom faucet


Moen was founded by Al Moen of Seattle, who invented the single-handle faucet. The company is headquartered today in Ohio.

Shop Moen

Brizo bathroom faucet


Brizo offers distinctive designs that don’t just complete rooms, but inspire spaces. Bonus: they are based in Indiana and most of their products are manufactured and assembled in the United States.

Shop Brizo

Phylrich faucet


Phylrich, headquartered in Southern California, brought their manufacturing back to the U.S. They now keep design, engineering, manufacturing, and finishing in America and are passionate about American craftsmanship in all their products.

Shop Phylrich

Bathroom faucet by California Faucets

California Faucets

California Faucets believes in artisan, hand-finished, custom-assembled products. Faucets are designed, engineered, and finished in their Huntington Beach factory. 

Shop California Faucets

Copper sink and faucet by Elkay


American-owned and operated for over 90 years, Elkay delivers high-quality sinks and more. Many of their stainless steel sinks are made in the USA and comply with the Buy American Act. 

Shop Elkay

Franke kitchen sink


Franke hails from Switzerland but many of their sink accessories are made in the USA. That kind of branching out while still maintaining their roots is what has allowed them to be in business for over 100 years. 

Shop Franke

TOTO rain showerhead


Known for Japanese design and technology, TOTO manufactures many of the products that are popular in America right here in the USA. 


Bathroom sink by Native Trails

Native Trails

Native Trails produces luxury sinks, tubs, and vanities with skilled craftspeople around the world, including the USA. Look for some of their best coming right out of American workshops. 

Shop Native Trails

Gerber bathroom faucet


Founded by a Polish immigrant, Gerber has been making dependable products since 1932. In 2013, the company brought some of its manufacturing back to the U.S. Now you can find beautiful fixtures by Gerber made in the USA right here at DecorPlanet.  

Shop Gerber

Showerhead by Robern


Headquartered in the U.S., Robern was founded in 1968. These vanities offer products designed and assembled in Bristol, Pennsylvania.

Shop Robern

Medicine cabinet mirror by Afina


Luxurious bathroom mirrors and medicine cabinets manufactured in the U.S. by Afina offer a diverse portfolio of products to love.

Shop Afina

Aquatic clawfoot bathtub


Aquatic bath products are made in America yet they set the benchmark for the worldwide industry. Find a stunning variety of bathtubs with plenty of customizable features. 

Shop Aquatic

Bathroom sink by Design Element

Design Element

Manufacturing beautiful bathroom vanities from their headquarters in Rancho Cucamonga, California, Design Element prides itself on the skilled craftsmanship reflected in their products. 

Shop Design Element

Vanity by Cambridge Plumbing

Cambridge Plumbing

Supplier of clawfoot tubs and vanities, Cambridge Plumbing offers classic and contemporary styling to enhance bathroom design. Plus many models are made in the USA!

Shop Cambridge Plumbing

Vanity by Hardware Resources

Hardware Resources

Hardware Resources is the fastest growing manufacturer of cabinet hardware in the U.S. DecorPlanet carries many furniture-style vanities made in America with the highest standards of service and responsibility in the industry.

Shop Hardware Resources

Kitchen sink by Kraus


Channeling the luxury of European design, Kraus is headquartered in New York. DecorPlanet offers a selection of stylish sinks made in the USA.

Shop Kraus

Vanity by Sagehill Designs

Sagehill Designs

Sagehill’s passion for details helps you create a personalized bathroom with vanities and mirrors made in the USA. Enjoy modern and classic styles with outstanding craftsmanship. Based in New Jersey.

Shop Sagehill Designs

Bathtub by American Standard

American Standard  

Always raising the bar, American Standard builds ambition and commitment into each product. DecorPlanet carries a selection of bathtubs made by the New Jersey-based company.

Shop American Standard

Mirrors by Aptations


Aptations world-class products provide plenty of innovative choices that create distinctive bathroom designs. The bold mirror designs made in the USA set apart bathroom spaces with both wall-mounted and vanity mirrors.

Shop Aptations

Shop these and many more products made in the USA. Take advantage of our 110% price match guarantee today.

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