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8 of the Hottest Bathroom Design Trends for 2022

Gooseneck faucet in the bathroom.

Bathroom trends of 2022 center around a blend of luxury and simplicity. These trends are understated on the outside but filled to the brim with perks.

If there’s a new bathroom on your horizon in 2022, start with these trends to begin your planning. We’ve turned to cutting-edge design experts and the staying power of the trends of the last few years to curate the eight hottest bathroom trends you can expect to see in 2022 and beyond. 

1. Minimalism

Bathrooms in 2022 and beyond will continue to keep things simple and minimal. You can expect bathrooms in the next several years to continue to add more and more smart technology. You’ll be able to control just about everything in the bathroom using your voice or your phone.

Minimal design’s love of clean lines continues with an even more linear aesthetic. Geometric patterns, angular faucets, and fine-grained woods all add more lines to the bathroom design. Select statement lighting that leans toward straighter lines. Tile lends itself perfectly to this trend as its grout lines make it geometric.

Bathroom trends in 2022 will also feature organic curves especially in vessel sinks and soaker tubs. It won’t be unusual to see straight lines and curves appearing in the same design. 

2. Oak & Walnut Vanities

Oak and walnut have fine linear grain so they are the favorite for bathroom vanities in 2022. This isn’t the oak you saw in the 90s. It’s stained gray so the lines pop out and the color stays neutral. Walnut naturally has a deep brown background with darker lines so it’s well suited to the aesthetic. 

Stick to flat front cabinets on the vanity to further enhance the minimalist style. Medium brown woods or neutral colors are also among the top choices for vanities in 2022.  

Colorful sinks for the bathroom.

3. Bolder Colors In the Front Seat

The bolder colors have been taking a backseat and acting as the accents for a long time. Now color is coming forward in the more permanent features of the bathroom. More permanent bold color is a risk because tastes in color can change quickly rendering them dated. 

Look for bolder, brighter colors on everything from the faucet to the bathtub. Metallics will play a big role here with copper, brass, and other gold tones becoming popular for fixtures. Look for colorful sinks to step forward as the focal point of the bathroom.

4. Biophilic Bathtubs & Sinks

Biophilia is the cross-section between nature and human where the undulations of nature take on form and function in design. Organic curves and the concept of the amoeba chair of the mid-century make their way into 2022 bathroom trends in sinks and bathtubs. 

Undefined shapes that flow freely are perfectly suited to these bathroom vessels. Look for vessel sinks with irregular shapes and curvy asymmetrical bathtubs. 

5. Lighting in the Showerhead

Layering lighting in the bathroom with ambient, task, and accent lighting provide mood and function. Did you ever consider layering that same lighting in the shower? A big trend in 2022 suggests showerheads with lights. They double for task and accent lighting and add that luxury that sets your bathroom apart. 

Try a ceiling-mounted rain or multi showerhead with integrated lighting. Or go with a showerhead attachment for minimal installation and maximum wow-factor. 

6. Layer Pattern & Texture

Layering is a favorite with designers. You can layer anything from color to lighting and there are many ways to achieve layering. One of the hottest bathroom trends in 2022 is layering patterns and textures together. 

Look for tile that has a visual pattern and a touchable texture and you’re all set. You can also use different textured materials and use them in the same pattern (a herringbone pattern on the floor and wall in different materials).

Gold-toned gooseneck bathroom sink faucet.

7. Statement Fixtures

Another hot bathroom trend in 2022 is statement faucets. Not only are these the centerpoint of functionality in your bathroom, they also attract a lot of attention visually. Those are both good reasons to make sure they perform optimally in every sense.

Making a statement with your faucets may be about introducing top-of-the-line technology like voice activation or touch activation. It might also be about how they look. Opt for clean-lined, angular designs or tall curving goose-neck style faucets. Of particular note in 2022 is the spout style faucet.

Soft shag rugs in the bathroom.

8. Mixing Materials

2022 bathroom trends include the mixture of colors, metals, textures, and more. It also marks the emergence of softer materials finding a place alongside the otherwise hard-surfaced bathroom. 

An easy way to achieve this is to bring furniture into the bathroom. We’re talking cushy chairs, upholstered benches, and thick shag rugs. It seems like the opposite of what should be in a bathroom, but therein lies the heart of a good trend: unexpected and delightful. Look for water-resistant fabrics for any pieces that will be near running water. 

Bathroom design trends of 2022 introduce luxury without being fussy and simplicity without being spare. Let your bathroom benefit from these trends that will add value to your home and panache to your everyday life. 

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