Friday, June 15, 2012

How to Design a Bachelor Pad Bathroom for Widespread Appeal

If you're a single guy who just moved into a new place, or think your bathroom could use a bit of sprucing up, there are plenty of ways to improve the appearance of a bachelor pad bathroom. Not only will you be able to appreciate the improved space, but any lady visitors won't be scared off or become skeptical of your hygiene when they enter. Here are several ways to jazz up your throne room.

1. Start with a thorough cleaning. Eliminate mold, mildew, dirt and grime from every inch of the space as thoroughly as possible. If some of your bathroom accessories are beyond saving, toss them and buy new ones.

2. Paint the walls. Earthy neutral tones are always a safe bet, and they'll look more inviting than a stark white space, especially if your bathtub and sink are white as well.

3. Buy fresh towels. If you've been relying on a mishmash of towels to dry off with, it's time to invest in a legitimate set. Get a hue that matches the colors of the room or opt for black, which is a classic shade that won't show stains. Also, be sure to install a few towel racks - there's nothing less sexy than a pile of towels on the floor.

4. Consider a new mirror. If you have a dinky mirror that's seen better days, your visitors will appreciate an upgrade. Most women like to have a sizeable mirror to look at when they're freshening up their makeup or getting ready for bed.

5. Streamline your toiletries. Anything that hasn't been used in several months should be tossed out. You might even want to invest in some luxurious-looking bottles for your existing toiletries, as uniformity will help give the space a classier vibe. Also, consider buying a bottle of conditioner if you don't have one already - it's one thing many women wish they had in a guy's shower.

6. Get a bathmat. If you're always having to deal with a wet floor, the logical solution is to buy a mat that will soak it up when you step out of the shower. It's also a nice thing to have when tile floors get chilly in the winter.

7. Go for the gusto with fresh flowers. If you know a female guest will be coming over to your place, impress her by placing a small vase of flowers on your bathroom vanity. It'll speak to your romantic side.

Your bachelor pad bathroom can be a classy and unexpected space that's a joy to visit. A few simple changes can make all the difference. Check out more options!

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Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Seven Ways to Keep Your Bathroom Smelling Fresh

Along with the kitchen, the bathroom has a reputation for being one of the most odorous rooms in the home. Needless to say, there's a lot that goes on in the bathroom - which means there are a lot of smells to go with it. Fortunately, maintaining a freshly scented half or master bath is easy once you realize how many options are at your disposal. Here's a list of several ways you can keep your bathroom smelling fresh.

1. Open up those linen cabinets and launder your towels. With frequent use, towels, bathrobes and washcloths can take on a musty quality that can stink up your whole bathroom. Adding baking soda and white vinegar into the wash cycle can strip them of funky residue and retard mildew growth. Also, it helps to hang your towels up immediately after using them so they'll fully dry in between each use.

2. Light a scented candle. With so many specialty candle shops in existence, you shouldn't have a problem finding a scent that will freshen up your bathroom. Plus, the ambiance created by a little candlelight is flattering and relaxing - perfect for a spa-like bathroom.

3. Keep your bathroom accessories clean. For example, your toothbrush holders should get a regular scrubbing, and once your toilet brush starts to look like it's seen better days and gives off a scent to match, it's time for a new one.

4. Keep a cup of white vinegar in the shower when you're not using it. According to TLC, this can help to soak up odors in the stall when you shut the door or curtain.

5. Check your drains. If you can't seem to find the source of the odor, perhaps it's coming from your drains. There might be a clog that's slowing things down and causing a backup of smelly bacteria and gunk. Use a plumber's snake to manually remove the blockage or pour a chemical product down there to dissolve the issue.

6. Buy luxuriously aromatic hand soap. Every time you and your guests wash your hands, you'll be able to breathe in the lovely scent of whatever soap you happened to choose.

7. In between washings, use linen spray to freshen up robes, towels, bath mats and shower curtains. Many have nice scents that are long-lasting.

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