Thursday, December 21, 2023

Brass Is Back!

Matte brass sink and shower fixtures in a white and wood bathroom.

That’s right. Design experts are seeing brass make a comeback. In past decades, brass felt dated and fell out of favor, but with the demand for warmer color palettes, gold tones are back.   

Brass is a versatile material that can add elegance, warmth, and a touch of luxury to interior design. If you’re ready to add it to your home, here are some ways to incorporate brass into interior design. 

Close up of modern brass sink fixture.

1. Fixtures and Fittings

Use brass fixtures and fittings like doorknobs, handles, faucets, and hinges. They add a subtle touch of sophistication to cabinets, doors, and bathrooms. 

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Dining room with modern styling and warm colors with brass pendant lights.

2. Lighting

Brass light fixtures, such as chandeliers, pendant lights, or table lamps, can serve as statement pieces in a room. They emit a warm glow and can be a focal point while complementing various design styles. 

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Matte brass sink fixture with a blue vanity and white sink.

3. Furniture

Incorporate brass accents in furniture pieces like coffee tables, side tables, or chair legs. This can be achieved through brass detailing, trim, or frames, adding a luxurious feel to the furniture. 

4. Decorative Items

Brass decorative items like vases, sculptures, candle holders, or bowls can add a touch of glamour to shelves, mantels, or tabletops. These accents can stand out against other materials and colors. 

5. Mirrors and Frames

Brass-framed mirrors or picture frames can elevate the look of wall decor. They create a sophisticated border and draw attention to the displayed art or mirror. 

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6. Hardware and Accessories

Use brass hardware in cabinets, drawers, and other furniture pieces. Additionally, consider incorporating brass accessories like trays, bookends, or clocks to add subtle elegance to a room. 

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Black vanity countertop with white sink and brass gooseneck faucet.

7. Mixing with Other Materials

Brass pairs well with various materials like wood, marble, glass, and velvet. Consider combining brass with these materials to create a harmonious and visually appealing design. 

8. Color Palette

Brass pairs beautifully with different color schemes. It complements neutral tones, such as whites, creams, and greys, as well as bolder hues like navy blue, deep green, or blush pink. 

Brass toned sink and gooseneck faucet in a marble vanity top.

9. Statement Pieces

Use large brass statement pieces, such as a brass canopy bed frame, a brass-accented fireplace, or a brass-clad accent wall, to create a stunning focal point in a room. 

10. Balance and Moderation

While brass can add richness to a space, it's essential not to overdo it. Incorporate brass strategically and maintain a balance to avoid overwhelming the design. 

Amp up your design with the warmth and beauty of brass. No matter which room of the house you start in, brass will add luxury to your space. Start right here with 

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Thursday, November 9, 2023

Move Aside Farmhouse, Cottagecore Has Arrived

Collage of three home spaces decorated in cottagecore style.

Rustic design is ever present in one form or another. Its comfortable and lived-in aesthetic makes it a favorite across the ages in various forms. French provincial, Tuscan, and Modern Farmhouse have all had their moments of popularity, but there’s a new kid on the block: cottagecore. 

What is cottagecore? 

Cottagecore is a popular aesthetic and lifestyle trend that emerged on social media, particularly Tumblr and Instagram, in the late 2010s. It romanticizes a simpler, more rural way of life, drawing inspiration from pastoral scenes, countryside living, and a connection with nature.  

The term "cottagecore" is a combination of "cottage" and "core," with "core" being a suffix that is often used in internet culture to denote a central or essential aspect of something. 

Cottagecore has gained popularity as a form of escapism, especially among those who live in urban or suburban environments. It offers a way to mentally and visually transport oneself to a more rustic and nature-oriented setting. Social media platforms are filled with images, videos, and blogs that embody the cottagecore lifestyle, making it easy for enthusiasts to share and be inspired by each other's content.

Key features of the cottagecore aesthetic include: 

Rural and Natural Settings

Cottagecore is often associated with idyllic countryside landscapes, meadows, forests, and quaint cottages. It celebrates the beauty and tranquility of nature. 

Vintage and Homely Aesthetics: 

The aesthetic places a strong emphasis on vintage and handicrafts, such as floral patterns, lace, and antique furniture. It seeks to create a cozy, nostalgic atmosphere. 

Simple and Sustainable Living: 

Cottagecore enthusiasts often promote a sustainable and eco-friendly lifestyle, including practices like gardening, foraging, and DIY crafts. 

Collage of cottage core elements in a home.

Connection to Tradition: 

Many cottagecore enthusiasts appreciate and promote traditional skills, such as baking, sewing, and preserving food. They may also be interested in folklore and folklore-inspired practices. 

Whimsy and Fantasy: 

There is often a touch of whimsy and fantasy in cottagecore, with elements like fairy tales, magic, and a sense of escapism. 


Cottagecore is a relatively inclusive trend that can be adapted to various cultural and personal preferences, and it's not limited to any specific gender or age group. 

Mood board for a cottagecore bathroom with tile, wallpaper, tub, sink, faucets, etc.


How does one create cottagecore design? 

Introducing cottagecore into your design is a blend of minimalism with an appreciation for the qualities of the past. It’s a simple, cozy style rooted in antique and vintage accents. You can go cottagecore with a modern interior with the addition of some details that transport you to another time and place. Here are some ideas. 


Embrace the rustic charm in your home by incorporating natural materials such as wood and stone, along with cozy textiles like linen and wool. Rediscover the warmth of granny chic with vintage tea cups, lace doilies, and embroidered accents that add a touch of nostalgia to your decor. 

Warm & Lived-In 

To enhance the rustic ambiance, infuse earthy, warm, and neutral tones into everything from textiles to wall colors. Consider sourcing second-hand furniture and decor from yard sales, not only for the unique character it brings but also as a sustainable way to reduce waste. 


Showcasing family heirlooms not only connects your space to your personal history but adds depth and sentimental value to your home. Additionally, consider incorporating natural elements such as fresh or dried flowers, potted plants, or nature-inspired decor to breathe life into your interior. 


For a touch of literary and cabin-inspired charm, collect and display coffee table books featuring cabins and classics by authors like Beatrix Potter and Laura Ingalls Wilder, or hunt for vintage copies of "The Secret Garden." 

Mood board of a cottagecore kitchen with faucets, lights, cabinets, tile, etc.


If you have outdoor space, you might even contemplate installing a chicken coop in your backyard, bringing the rural aesthetic to your doorstep. Other outdoor employments like growing a garden have the same impact.  


When it's time to cozy up indoors, make regular use of your fireplace or, if you don't have one, create an inviting focal point with a floating shelf mantel adorned with candles, pine cones in the winter, or dried flowers in the summer. 


To complete the rustic, homey feel, add touches like vintage quilts, crocheted plant hangers, or handmade beeswax candles – even better if you've crafted them yourself. Finally, for a timeless and rustic atmosphere, consider hiding technology to maintain the classic allure of your space. 


Select vintage-look hardware to complete you look. Cast iron kitchen sinks, gooseneck faucets in bronze colors, and clawfoot tubs are all excellent additions to the cottaagecore design. Look no further than DecorPlanet to find the perfect hardware for your home.  

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Thursday, October 26, 2023

The Shift to a Warmer Color Palette

Warm color scheme in an upscale bathroom.

It all  began in 2020 when we went home, and stayed home for months on end. The office, gym, and mall were vacant. We all spent more time at home than we had in years. Spending time at home prompted renovations en masse as we came face to face with our sterile and entertaining-based home designs. It didn’t take much to realize that it wasn’t cutting it and it was time for a change. 

One of the first changes was the color palette. Cool-toned gray and bright white suddenly felt unwelcoming and uncomfortable. Almost overnight, color trends shifted from cool and minimal to warm and personality-filled.  

The shift to warmer colors was firmly planted in color of the year selections in 2023 with beige instead of gray, magenta instead of navy, and gold instead of silver. In 2024 colors shifted even further into the warm spectrum with color infusing even neutrals. 

Take a closer look at the warmer, comfier color palette. 

Large bathroom with warm woods, pink and green color scheme, and a sage green vanity.

Gray > Green 

Gray is over. Instead try one of the gray-greens that are trending. Light but warm sage or olive add personality yet are neutral enough that they can’t be overused. Deeper greens are a good choice too as long as they stay warm. Choose matte finishes or fabrics with plenty of texture. Florals are a great choice for pattern as they already have lots of green.  

Bright bathroom with beige and black color scheme and a modern beige vanity.

White > Beige 

Pure whites or whites with blue or green undertones can look cold and create a more sterile vibe. Instead reach for warm whites with yellow, pink, or purple undertones. Creams and beiges are an excellent choice if you want a clean background to work with.  

Large bright bathroom with lots of color on the statement wall.

Neutrals > Color 

Any neutral you consider should be warm. But a new color trend is emerging in neutrals, color. Paint color experts are picking colors of the year that are blends of colors. For instance, Sherwin-Williams chose a barely-there blue called Upward designed to create “a sense of ease and possibility,” said Sue Wadden, director of color marketing at Sherwin-Williams.  

Glidden paint company went a totally different direction but had the same premise. Limitless is their contender for color of the year. It’s a yellow-beige that manages to feel light and warm at the same time. Both of these colored neutrals are excellent additions to the neutral palette.  

Marble walled bathroom with a blue vanity.

 Navy > True Blue 

Navy’s excitement has dimmed over the years and a whole array of fresher blues are making an appearance. Blue is one of those colors that can be cool or warm and has remarkable potential to convey mood. Seven paint companies chose shades of blue for their colors of the year in 2024.  

These blues range from sky blue and robin-egg blue to warm, dusty blues and intense blue-greens. To get some energy and warmth out of your blue selections, go for vibrant colors that elicit a calm yet interested energy. 

Large bathroom with sage green and gold color scheme.

 Silver > Gold 

Silver, nickel, and other cool metals have been the choice since the early 2000s. But the warmer gold tones are back. Many think that gold tones date a design, but designers disagree. In fact, metal trends have become hard to pin down with all the color coming back into the palette. Designers advise that you go with whatever metal suits the color scheme despite preconceived notions about trends in metallics. 

Copper sink in a marble topped vanity.

 Pink > Terracotta 

The blush trend of the 20-teens has given way to more orang-y hues. Terracotta tones came on the scene after the pandemic and there’s no sign of it losing momentum. There’s nothing better than the sun-soaked colors for introducing warmth.  

Anything with orange or red influences plus patterns and textures that soften the bold color are perfect for a warmer color scheme.  

Can’t Remodel Right Now? 

As much as you want to totally remodel your minimalist white and gray living space, maybe now isn’t the time. No problem! There are plenty of quick updates you can do yourself at an affordable price to achieve a warmer, cozier space.  

  • Change fixtures in the kitchen 
  • Add throw pillows and blankets in warmer pops of color 
  • Change out your furniture for something with color 
  • Introduce art with plenty of warm color 
  • Create a statement wall with a bold color or wallpaper pattern
Move in a warmer direction with the colors that will enliven your spaces and ignite your senses. Get more design advice on our blog.  

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Thursday, September 14, 2023

Evolution of a Dream

Exterior of the Fox Mercantile with a painted mural against a white background.

Ashley and Dino Petrone (@arrowsandbow on Instagram and The Fox Mercantile website) are no strangers to adventure. It all began when they vacationed in Anna Maria Island, Florida, fell in love with it, and purchased a four-suite inn before they went home. Read that story here.  

It wasn’t long after Joie Inn’s completion that Ashley was on the hunt for her next endeavor. This time, she wanted to do something for the community. “I wanted a place for face to face interaction. For people to come as families, to meet friends, read quietly in a corner, and sip on coffee,” said Ashely. 

The Fox Mercantile logo.

While she searched for the right location, Ashley imagined the concept and design then started up an online shop. She named the shop after her youngest daughter, Foxi, and asked older daughter, Quinn, to help her create the logo.  

When Quinn drew a fox head with a small gold crown tilted to one side, The Fox Mercantile was born. It was to be a curated collection of paper goods, homewares, and delicious coffee. In Ashley’s words, “simply a few of my favorite things.” 

Location, Location, Location 

Finding the right location included searching out the place where they could have the greatest impact on the community and something the Petone’s could renovate, of course.  

The right spot was just off the Island in Cortez, Florida. It was a small, tourist-attracting odds and ends shop that needed lots of TLC. It was covered in distressed wood and had a shack-on-the-marina type vibe. But, in true Petrone style, Ashley and Dino saw it in a whole different light. From the porthole windows that were practically buried, to the large space in front of the building that was covered in additional, smaller shacks, there was potential for greatness here. 

View looked out from the front door featuring rope covered pillars.

In the In Between 

The Petrone’s motto is “finding joy in the in between” and it’s behind everything they do. So with a big renovation ahead of them, they decided to get started on a precursor project that would support The Fox Mercantile, La Sal.  

La Sal would be a food-truck-like trailer placed just outside the store that would do coffee only and create an outdoor gathering place. It too was named after daughter, Quinn, who is nicknamed Sal. It was a quick renovation and stepping stone to accomplishing the full project.  

The cheery white and yellow color palette along with a fox motif made this in between space a destination all its own.  

Cast iron style sink behind the coffee counter.

Reimagining the Marina Shack 

All the weathered wood on the outside of the building came down and clean, light brick was added. Extra outbuildings were torn down and the space cleared. The interior was transformed into a comfortable, airy room that was filled with corners for relaxing and rustic-chic shelves for Ashley’s curation of favorite things.  

Porthole window looking out into the coffee shop patio.

The marina vibe is still present with the porthole windows, rope-wrapped pillars, and other nautical details. In fact, a sense of the reclaimed is still there in the undertone of the design with burned wood trim on the front door to a porch light that was found on the side of the road by a social media follower. The entire space feels on-trend but still true to its island roots. 

If you look closely, you’ll see the fox motif spread throughout the entire space, in and out. The wallpaper, light fixtures, floors, and more all give nods to the concept that started the whole thing.  

Close up of sink and faucet in The Fox Mercantile bathroom.

DecorPlanet Fixtures 

The modern yet traditional plumbing fixtures available at DecorPlanet were a perfect fit for The Fox Mercantile. Ashley chose gooseneck faucets in black and brass with separate handles for hot and cold water for a vintage-rustic feel to match the design.  

The sinks are clean and spare but not short of style with their classic styling and simple colors.  

Close up of the bathroom door with pink and white stripes in a brick wall.

As always, the Petrones are “excited to spread joy” with their new space. Beyond that, they are happy to join the local small businesses in the area and support small makers across the world with the selection of products available on their shelves.  

Drop by when you’re in town for their signature Foxi Cold Brew or indulge in a treat with their “For Fox Sake” milkshake. Or maybe you want to get started on a project of your own. Start here.  

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Thursday, August 17, 2023

10 Most Frequently Asked Questions about Wall Mounted Vanities

White bathroom in a modern style with black accents.

A wall-mounted vanity, aka, wall-hung or floating vanity is a staple of modern design. It is a bathroom fixture that is mounted directly to the wall without touching the floor. It typically consists of a cabinet with drawers or doors, a countertop, and sink.  

Beyond the basics, there are a lot of questions about the wall-hung vanity. If you’re considering one, you’ve probably asked a few questions yourself.  

We’ve gathered our top asked questions and expert answers, so you’re fully equipped to make the right decisions about your bathroom remodel.  

Small wall hung vanity with minimal storage for linens.


What are the advantages of a floating vanity? What are the disadvantages? 

Wall-mounted vanities save space, are easy to clean, can be installed at various heights, and allow you to see more of the floor. They are also a top choice for modern and minimalist design styles. They are the go-to for accessibility and for small bathrooms. 

On the other hand, wall-mounted vanities require more expertise to install, and have less storage. Planning prior to installation to ensure the wall can bear the load is required. 


Are wall hung vanities more expensive? How much does it cost to install a wall hung vanity? 

Wall-hung vanities, especially high-quality ones made with durable materials, can be more expensive than standard floor-sitting vanities. There might be added costs due to the need for strong wall supports and higher-quality construction. If you don’t have experience, it may be a good idea to spend the money for professional installation. 

Floating vanity on a tiled wall in an airy and modern bathroom.


Do you tile behind a wall hung vanity? 

The decision to tile behind a wall-hung vanity depends on personal preference, the design of the bathroom, and the specific installation of the vanity.  

Tiling behind a wall-hung vanity can create a more finished and cohesive look for your bathroom. Tile behind the vanity also helps protect against water damage should there be a problem in the future. That said, if you need to access pipes behind the wall, tile will make that a more difficult undertaking.  


How do you hide plumbing for a wall hung vanity?  

A wall-hung vanity may leave your plumbing exposed. If that’s not the look you desire, there are plenty of ways to hide the plumbing to maintain that minimalist, clean look. Keep the plumbing behind the wall or create a false wall in front of the plumbing. You can add a fabric skirt to the vanity or opt for a sink shroud (metal box that goes over the plumbing). 


How sturdy is a floating vanity? Are wall mounted vanities safe? How heavy is a wall hung vanity? 

The weight of the vanity itself varies based on its size and the materials it is made of. A moderately sized vanity weighs in at about 220 pounds. How much weight the vanity can hold after installation also varies depending on how and what it is attached to. On average a vanity can hold an additional 100-300 pounds. 

When a floating vanity is installed correctly and used correctly, it is sturdy and safe for everyday use.  

A unique wood wall hung vanity placed lower on the wall for accessibility.


How high should a wall mounted vanity be? 

One of the best features of the wall-mounted vanity is the ability to adjust the height. Standard bathroom vanities are installed at 32”. Most wall-hung vanities are placed at either 34” or 36” (countertop height), which adds to the drama of a floating cabinet. 

If you opt for a basin style sink that sits on top of the counter, you may want to lower the height of your vanity so the top of the sink hits at 32-34". 

Many designers use floating vanities to create better accessibility. They can be hung lower to accommodate a wheelchair or higher for someone who is very tall.  


How to mount a floating vanity? 

Begin installation of your wall-mounted vanity by locating and marking the wall studs. Attaching your vanity to the studs is absolutely necessary for successful and safe installation.  

Next mark a level line at the height you want your vanity to be. You could also place a temporary bracing board where the bottom of the vanity will be so it’s easier to place and balance the vanity while you attach it to the wall. 

Many floating vanity styles use mounting brackets or cleats to attach the vanity to the wall. Always follow the manufacturer’s instructions for installation and use. 


Small wall hung vanity with round mirror placed over it.

Where should a vanity mirror be placed? Where should vanity lights be placed? 

The placement of a vanity mirror depends on several factors, including the size and layout of your bathroom, the size of the mirror, and personal preferences. Be sure to install the mirror at a comfortable height for your use. Center mirrors over the sinks/s for a balanced and symmetrical look.  

For lighting, vanity lights should be placed strategically to provide even and flattering illumination for grooming tasks, such as applying makeup, shaving, or washing your face. Proper placement of vanity lights helps minimize shadows and ensures you can see yourself clearly in the mirror. A good rule of thumb is to place vanity lights at eye level and at equal distances from the mirror. 


What are the best wall mounted vanities?  

Here’s a handful of our bestsellers for your consideration.  

Fresca Cantania wall mounted double vanity in gray.

Fresca Catania 

This single flat front gray wood cabinet vanity is sleek yet warm. It comes with white countertop and integrated sink. Get it quick with our Quick Ship program.  

Fresca Catania 

Deep blue wall mounted single vanity with white countertop.

Fresca Lucera 

Chic and modern in midnight blue, this vanity comes with great drawer storage. It comes with white countertop and vessel sink. Opt for the sink on either the right or left side depending on your preferences and bathroom layout. Also available on our Quick Ship program. 

Fresca Lucera

Sleek black wall mounted double vanity with white countertop in a white bathroom.

Fresca Mezzo 

Double vanity in modern styling and black color, Mezzo is a versatile choice. You can order it with integrated countertop and sink, faucets, and mirror/medicine cabinet, or order it as a stand-alone vanity. Available in various colors 

Fresca Mezzo


Large white double vanity mounted on the wall with large black framed mirror over the top.

James Martin Mercer Island 

This huge vanity (72.5”) provides plenty of storage in a modern minimalist style. The glossy white finish offers a clean and crisp design. Comes with or without the countertop so you can customize your look. Available in additional colors. 

James Martin Mercer Island

Compact double wall mounted vanity in yellow with flat front cabinets.

Laufen Kartell 

For a truly modern style, go with Laufen. The Kartell model is streamlined yet offers stand-out looks. Ideal for smaller bathrooms with distinctive style. Comes in unique colors from Ochre to baby blue. Single or double vanity available in 39” width.  

Laufen Kartell


Shop the full line up of wall-mounted vanities! 

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Marrying Style and Function: Our Top 5 Bathroom Vanities

Valencia bathroom vanity in a white against a gray wall with modern styling.

Designing a bathroom can be extremely exciting, especially when it comes to choosing items that reflect your personal style. In fact, there are countless elements to consider – from tiles and fixtures to lighting and color schemes. 

Yet, one key component often takes center stage in a bathroom renovation: the vanity. The bathroom vanity serves as the centerpiece of your bathroom, blending style, storage, and functionality in a single piece of furniture. 

Whether you’re aiming for a contemporary, rustic, or minimalist aesthetic, selecting the right vanity is essential to creating a harmonious atmosphere. However, there are various factors to consider and it can be difficult to make an informed decision without experience or advice.

At Decor Planet, we consider ourselves vanity experts and have the data to support our product recommendations. Based on evidence from our satisfied customers, here are our 5 top-selling bathroom vanities that will instantly elevate any space.

Manchester 24" modern bathroom cabinet in gray with gooseneck faucet.

1. Manchester 24” Bathroom Vanity by Fresca 

The first vanity that made our list is this classic and charming Manchester bathroom vanity by Fresca. Available in gray, white, or black, this beautifully constructed vanity is ideal for modest spaces. Two paneled solid wood doors open to reveal the main storage compartment, which offers ample space. Best of all, this option comes with an integrated countertop and sink, ensuring consistency and making installation a breeze.

Ideal scenario? This vanity is bestsuited to a space that embodies the transitional style. The lovely integrated white ceramic sink and countertop both add to the vanity’s clean aesthetic, which aligns perfectly with a transitional space that combines the traditional and the modern.

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Formosa 84" bathroom vanity in dark wood color with rustic style bathroom.

2. Formosa 84” Bathroom Vanity by Fresca

Next up is this beautiful standing double-sink bathroom vanity by Fresca, which measures 84 inches wide and includes mirrors, quartz countertop, and ceramic sinks. Bringing luxury home, this superbly crafted vanity is solid wood, known for its magnificent beauty and durability. A masterpiece of elegance and style, this vanity is in a class by itself, offering a refined look and feel that complements an upscale lifestyle. 

Ideal scenario? The optimal application of this customizable vanity is in a bathroom that follows a contemporary style. Featuring calming colors like warm gray and hints of brown, this vanity works well with a contemporary palette. The smooth, contoured basins and gorgeous quartz stone countertops imply a chic, sophisticated tone.

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Lucera 72" modern bathroom double vanity cabinet in white in a black and white bathroom.

3. Lucera 72” Modern Bathroom Cabinet with Double Vessel Sinks by Fresca

Our third top-selling vanity is this white, wall-hung option with clean lines and two beautiful vessel sinks. This simple vanity expertly frees up floor space, creating an open and uncluttered feel. Complete with a matching medicine cabinet, you can really maximize your bathroom thanks to this vanity’s smart, ample storage. Although our best-selling color is white, the vanity comes in a variety of finishes as well as sizes, so you can ensure a custom look.

Ideal scenario? The best use of this vanity is in a modern space. Features like soft-closing drawers, stark white paint, and slim, brushed metal handles grace this unit, which all align with a modern aesthetic.

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Valencia 60" glossy vanity in white against a gray wall and modern styled bathroom.

4. Valencia 60” Glossy Bathroom Vanity by Fresca

Coming in at number four is this Valencia model by Fresca, which includes double sinks and an optional medicine cabinet. The rectangular vanity offers great storage with two drawers for organizing all of your daily essentials. The drawers feature concealed aluminum handles and the cabinet has a stylish, glossy finish. The white acrylic-resin countertop/sink has smooth lines and a thick profile. 

Ideal scenario? This glossy bathroom vanity is ideal for a space with a minimalist interior design style. Everything about this vanity – from the lack of fixtures to the sharp, square edges – reflects minimalism, which is centered around simplicity. As such, it looks like a work of art!

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Hartfors 24" bathroom vanity in gray with neutral spa-like styling.

5. Hartford 24” Bathroom Vanity by Fresca

Last on our list is the 24” Hartford Bathroom Vanity, offering an elegant and sophisticated solution for a smaller bathroom, like a powder room. The satin nickel handles and furniture-style toe kick add the perfect finishing touches to this vanity’s design. Though the subtle gray color of this model may seem muted, this vanity is a real stand out and commands attention for its chic quality.

Ideal scenario? The ideal use of this vanity is either a transitional or traditional bathroom. This is mainly because the vanity’s understated but polished look align with both of these interior styles.

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Thursday, June 15, 2023

What Are Console Bathroom Sinks?

A console sink in white porcelain with silver legs and supports.

There are many choices when it comes to adding a sink or vanity to your bathroom. A unique option is a console sink. It brings built in style and makes a definite statement for a distinctive design. They produce a custom feeling without the custom price.  

Here’s a little about console sinks and why one might be a perfect fit for your space. 

White integrated bathroom sink with white carved wood console.

What are Console Bathroom Sinks? 

A console bathroom sink, also known as a console sink or a console vanity sink, is a type of sink fixture commonly found in bathrooms. It usually consists of a basin supported by a structure called a console. Very similar to a console table in design, the console sink has legs rather than a cabinet and often includes features such as exposed storage shelves or towel bars beneath the sink. 

Styles & Applications 

The console is a must have for a minimalist aesthetic. The open space beneath the basin gives it an airier look compared to traditional pedestal sinks or vanity cabinets. Console sinks offer different styles from modern to industrial. They are statement makers in bathroom design—often creating the visual focal point in the space. 

Console bathroom sinks are available in different sizes and shapes to suit various bathroom layouts. A favorite for small bathrooms or powder rooms, they are often chosen for their sleek appearance, as well as their space-saving qualities.  

Console sink with wooden legs in a modern bathroom.

Materials & Finishes 

The console sink itself can be made of various materials with porcelain and composites being the favorite. The console stand can be wood or metal, but metal is most often associated with console sink styles. Nickel, brass, and black are the most common finishes.  

Sizes & Shapes 

Console sinks are generally on the smaller side, which is why they are a favorite for small bathrooms. The smallest can be just 24 inches wide and the largest, 60+ inches.  

Most console bathroom sinks are square or rectangular, but oval basins are popular too. Some sinks include some countertop space and a backsplash. 

White console sink with gold fixtures and console beneath.

Pros & Cons of Console Bathroom Sinks 

There are both upsides and downsides to console sinks depending on your tastes and needs. Here are a few things to consider.  


  • The spare design of a console sink makes it perfect for small bathrooms or powder rooms 
  • The bottom of the console sink is open, which is ideal for styles that lean toward the minimal or need an airier look and feel 
  • The style of a console sink is, by its nature, a vintage look. It’s a great choice for industrial or rustic styles too. 
  • They are easily accessible and make cleaning and maintenance a snap 

Curved front console sink with white sink and black legs.


The open nature of the bottom half of the console sink doesn’t provide any storage 

  • The open bottom of the console sink is exposed so pipes and anything you place on a shelf or rack will be visible 
  • Most designs have no counter space 
  • Read about how to get more storage space despite having little countertop space. 

Considering a console bathroom sink? Check out all the options right here at DecorPlanet. 

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Thursday, May 18, 2023

Top Pinterest Bathroom Trends in 2024

White bathroom with vessel sinks and hexagon tile backsplash.

If you're looking for fresh ideas to update or renovate your bathroom, you're in the right place! Pinterest is a treasure trove of inspiration for home decor–, and the bathroom is no exception. With millions of users constantly pinning and sharing their favorite bathroom designs, we've curated a list of the top Pinterest bathroom trends for 2024.

From earthy and natural tones to statement tiles, minimalistic designs, and smart features, we'll be exploring the hottest trends that are taking over Pinterest boards. We'll also delve into spa-like features that can transform your bathroom into a stylish yet highly functional space. 

Whether you're planning a complete bathroom remodel or simply looking for ideas to refresh your existing bathroom, this blog will provide you with the latest trends, tips, and inspiration to help you create your dream bathroom. Get ready to be inspired and discover the top Pinterest bathroom trends that are making waves in 2024.  

Let's dive in and explore the exciting world of bathroom design on Pinterest! 

1. Earthy and organic 

If you head to Pinterest and search for contemporary bathroom designs, your screen will instantly transform to a color palette of sandy beige, soft browns, and muted greens.  

In other words, tones that are earthy and natural are becoming the go-to colors for bathrooms in recent years – and with good reason. These types of natural colors create a calming and soothing atmosphere in the bathroom, evoking a sense of relaxation and tranquility. 

Organic and natural shapes and patterns too are on-trend. Just like nature, organic might mean that things aren't symmetrical, but that should be exactly what you're going for. Pinterest is filled with bathrooms that have organically-shaped mirrors. Wallpaper is another great way to introduce a natural look.

What’s a great way to work in these colors? Updating your bathroom vanities to an option like this James Martin vanity, which has a neutral tone that can easily align with an earthy ambiance.  

Corner shower with bright blue statement tiles.

2. Patterned tiles 

Unique and eye-catching tiles, especially in patterns are a hot trend on Pinterest for bathroom design. This can include mosaic tiles, patterned tiles, or bold-colored tiles used as an accent wall, backsplash, or super on-trend for 2024: floors.  

Statement tiles can add personality and visual interest to the bathroom, making it a focal point of the space. Plus, they allow you to experiment with color and have a little fun in a space that can otherwise feel a bit bland. Consider your shower floor, a perfect place to do something different and bold in the bathroom.

Minimalist pedestal sink in a small bathroom with gray and brown color scheme.

3. Modern design 

A third trend you’ll see everywhere on Pinterest is modern bathroom design. This means clean lines and simple shapes to create a clutter-free and streamlined look.  According to Real Simple, 55% of people surveyed about bathroom trends in 2024 said contemporary design blended with natural influences was their bathroom design of choice.

To achieve this trend, you’ll want to add sleek fixtures, minimal d├ęcor, and functional storage solutions that keep the bathroom organized and uncluttered. For example, this Aquabrass Single Hole Bathroom Faucet is a great option for a minimalist look. You can also opt for a minimalist sink like this gorgeous White Pedestal Sink by Messina, which has a simple and stylish acrylic finish.  

4. Smart technology features 

Technology is playing a bigger role in bathroom design, with smart bathroom features becoming a major trend on Pinterest. This includes smart mirrors with built-in lighting and Bluetooth speakers, touchless faucets, heated floors, and voice-activated showers, adding convenience, comfort, and efficiency to the bathroom. 

In particular, smart technology features that are also sustainable are hugely popular, like this Dual Flush Toilet with Dynamax Tornado Flush Technology. Its highly efficient flush system promotes water conservation, leading to less water use overall.  

Rain shower head in a neutral shower.

5. Spa-like upgrades  

Finally, Pinterest users are looking for ways to create a spa-like atmosphere in their bathrooms, with features such as rain showerheads, steam showers, built-in benches, and mood lighting.  

These elements can create a relaxing and rejuvenating experience, transforming the bathroom into a personal retreat. Plus, having a spa-like ambiance in your bathroom can encourage healthy habits, such as taking time for self-care, mindfulness, and prioritizing your well-being. 

6. Medicine Cabinets

Remember medicine cabinets? That lovely storage space behind a mirror, above the sink that guests love to poke around in? They're back on-trend and better than ever. 

The medicine cabinets of today have smart tech, lighting, and more. They can be recessed for a sleek look, or can go in a corner. There are so many more options for the medicine cabinet, it's no wonder they are back on top of the trends list.

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