Friday, January 15, 2021

Hi Tech Showers -- Hello Jetsons!

If you think you know the meaning of the word shower. Rethink it. Today’s steam showers (enclosed shower stalls with a steam shower included) are tricked-out to the max — fully loaded with ultra-cool bells and whistles with all sorts of temperature controls and water pressure systems, plus built-in-music/CD connections and so much more. 

Remodeled or newly designed spacious bathrooms have inspired bathroom retreats like never before. At Decor Planet, we’ve paid attention to wet zone trends by taking modern contemporary looks and pairing them with what we like to call “forward thinking,” high tech showers. 

Hi Tech Showers

How does an ozone sterilization shower system strike you? If that sounds too complicated, then let’s get to the high tech shower basics: think spray coverage and thermal dynamics, mood lighting and rain showers too. 

Our opulent shower options come equipped with features and functions that maximize your bathroom’s value. When we say affordable luxury, we mean it!

Vertical Spas

Since oftentimes taking a bath in a tub with whirlpool jets is a luxury of time, showers remain the No.1 daily choice for homeowners. So nowadays custom-showering isn’t about run-of-the-mill extras. Anything but! If you want a vacation at home, this is it — with aromatherapy, CD/iPod hookups, acupuncture massages and even seating. That's what high tech showers are all about.

Here are the facts — a home shower system can also be used as an everyday shower but it has extras galore. Gone is the simple showerhead with its cold/hot control knob. In its place are units with body sprays, hand-held showerheads and even shower towers! 

Have we enticed you yet? Well, there’s more. Multiple shower jets, body sprays and foot massages are the norm in showers from such respected top-selling brands as Neptune, Graff, and La Toscana.

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And while we’re the leading go-to online destination for everything you’ll need for your bathroom — visit one of our three showrooms. No kidding! We recommend actually standing in your future shower prior to purchase to make sure it’s the perfect fit.

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