Tuesday, November 23, 2021

How to Get an Instant Fireplace

The Easiest Update You’ll Ever Do

You can’t beat the soft glow and cheery crackle of a fireplace on a winter night. The warmth and light are more than a physical environment, they are creators of mood and ambiance that you can’t get any other way. 

Recessed electric fireplace.

With winter approaching, if you’re still without a fireplace now’s the time to act. Go for an instant fireplace, aka, electric fireplace. It will be the easiest update you’ll ever do. 

You can achieve the beautiful, festive space of your dreams with the wide selection of electric fireplace types and styles available. Discover what you’ve been missing.

Instant Fireplace Installation

Adding an electric fireplace to any room of your home can be pretty much instantaneous. There are four options when it comes to installing an electric fireplace. 

Inserts, Mantels & Freestanding

This type of electric fireplace doesn't require any installation. You simply plug them in, turn them on, and you’re off to the races. Stand-alone options also include mantel packages, stoves, and consoles that include room for a TV or books.

Wall Mounted

This type of fireplace needs only to be secured to the wall. Use brackets that will support the weight of the unit and secure it directly to the wall studs. Voila! Instant fireplace.

Recessed electric fireplace in living room.


This type of electric fireplace is designed to be inserted into a surround (like a wall or hearth). Once installed they are flush with the wall or surround. The actual installation of the unit isn’t difficult or time consuming. What takes the most time is the building of the surround. 


Recessed fireplaces are part wall mount and part built-in. They are partially inserted into a wall or surround but don’t sit flush with it once they are installed. 

Any way you look at it, installing an electric fireplace is one of the easiest DIY projects you’ll ever do. 

Electric Fireplace Styles

A traditional fireplace’s style comes mostly from the surround, hearth, and mantel. Electric fireplaces offer additional style elements.


Classic styled fireplaces are more square in shape and usually have a log or coal bed. A mantel surround is another way to get the classic look.


Contemporary styling is where electric fireplaces excel. Fewer limitations mean electric fireplaces can offer many more interesting options. Go for a linear rectangle fireplace that spans across the wall. Select a unit that has flame color options. Try a bed of glass, crystals or rocks for a whole new look.

Traditional style electric fireplace.

Rustic & Industrial

Cut from the same cloth, rustic and industrial use raw materials to create a fireplace style to complement the design in your space.


If you need to heat things up a bit right now, an electric fireplace is the quickest way to do it. Though the flames of an electric fireplace don’t produce any heat, these units usually come with a heating option.

Heat a small room (up to 400 square feet) or a larger space (up to 1000 square feet) with an electric fireplace. Most of the time you’ll use your electric fireplace as a heating supplement rather than the primary source. If you find you keep blankets around or have space heaters here and there, you’re a prime candidate for an electric fireplace. 

Add the one element your home is missing. An electric fireplace gives you a way to up the ambiance, the heat, and the style quick. Start your instant fireplace project today. 

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Tuesday, November 16, 2021

Guests Coming? You’ll Need This Medicine Cabinet Supply List

Medicine cabinet in white bathroom.

Guests snooping through the contents of the medicine cabinet is the simultaneous joke and fear of every host. 

Beat your guests to the punch and turn the medicine cabinet into a guest’s dream come true. You’ll deprive them of some intrigue, but your guests will be amazed to find everything they could need right at their fingertips. 

Transform your medicine cabinet before your guests arrive with this medicine cabinet supply list.

Medicine Cabinet Supplies

First things first. Take all the stuff out of your medicine cabinet and give it a good cleaning. Don’t put your items back in. That’s exactly what you’re trying to avoid. Instead, opt to supply your cabinet with everything your guests could possibly need during their stay. 

Make your guests feel more at home by communicating to them that they are welcome to peruse and use the medicine cabinet and everything in it. 


Your guests probably only brought their prescription medications with them. But it’s likely that they’ll need additional meds during their stay. Rich, late-night dinners often result in a little indigestion. When family drama erupts, it’s likely somebody will have a headache. 

Stock up with these meds for your guests.

Allergy, antihistamine
Antibacterial ointment
Pain reliever

Some medicines your guests may hesitate to ask for, so think ahead and make sure you have some remedies to common maladies where they can get to them without bothering you.  

Anti-itch cream, hydrocortisone
Eye drops
Burn gel
Cough medicine

First Aid Supplies

From a band-aid to a cotton swab there are a few things guests often need but don’t often pack. These supplies are great to put in the medicine cabinet in small quantities.

Fingernail clippers
Cotton balls (a handful in a small jar)
Cotton swabs (a handful in a small jar)
Rubbing alcohol (travel size container or pre packaged wipes)
Hydrogen peroxide (travel size)

Extra Perks

Besides a well-stocked medicine cabinet, there are a few other things that your guests will appreciate. Whether it’s a personal item they forgot to pack like a toothbrush or an extra towel cause they dropped one in the sink, these items make their stay comfortable. 

Toothbrushes (in the box)
Bathroom cups
Extra soap
Facial tissues
Extra toilet paper
Feminine hygiene products
Extra towels

With this medicine cabinet supply list, your bathroom will be all set to receive guests. They’ll quickly and easily find everything they need and you can rest easy knowing they are comfortable. 

With a tidy and well-stocked medicine cabinet, your guests might be reduced to snooping elsewhere. You might want to give the linen closet a once over before they arrive just in case. 

Tuesday, November 9, 2021

Deep Cleaning Green Style

 5 Ideas to Help You Be More Eco-Friendly

Cleaning seems like it would be good for the environment. However, there’s a lot of waste when it comes to cleaning. Here we take a deeper dive into how you can achieve green cleaning.

A selection of plastic containers.

1. Decrease Packaging

Many of the cleaning products you see on the shelf contain a lot of water, which increases the volume of the product. That increases the size of the packaging needed to contain the product. In the end, there is a lot of wasted space and resources because of water content. 

Many brands have turned to concentrated detergents and cleaners so they can decrease the size of their packaging or at least ensure you don’t have to buy it as often. You’ll generally use less of these than the products that contain more water. 

Other brands have turned to ultra-concentrates that you have to add water to before you use them. Still others manufacture powders that you can mix with water or simply use as is. 

2. Cleaning Implements

Did you know that 254 million tons of paper towels are discarded every year? That’s 51,000 trees cut down each year just to supply North America. Clearly there’s room for improvement with our cleaning implements too. 

Just like the cleaning products, there are paper towels designed to be used more than once or made so you don’t have to use as much. There are also alternatives like bamboo paper towels, which are a more sustainable choice than traditional paper towels. 

Reusable cloths and brushes that can be washed and reused are some of the best choices for green cleaning. Recycling old t-shirts and toothbrushes is a great way to go. Microfiber cloths do a good job if you need streak-free and scratch-free cleaning. 

Person adding liquid laundry detergent to a washing machine.

3. Make It Natural 

The natural world is full of potential cleaners. You probably have ingredients in your house right now that you can use to mix up a number of different cleaning products of your own. You know exactly what’s in it and can completely avoid chemicals that are harmful to the environment. 

The minerals and chemicals that you have on hand (or can easily get at the grocery store) can either act as powerful cleaners by themselves or in a mixture. Vinegar, for instance, is a mild acid that’s great as a natural disinfectant and degreaser. It also breaks down mineral build up from hard water. 

Baking soda absorbs odors and is a gentle abrasive for tough cleaning. Borax (like baking soda on steroids) is a mild natural bleach and great for removing stains. Citrus oils or peels add a nice, natural smell and cut grease. Hydrogen peroxide is a great disinfectant. 

Castile soap makes an excellent deep cleaner and is 100% natural. Rubbing alcohol mixed with water can be used to inhibit mold growth. Minerals like limestone, feldspar, and soda ash are also used in natural cleaners. These are generally used to change the pH level. Acids and bases are excellent cleaners for tough jobs like cleaning the oven. 

4. Mixing Up Your Own Cleaners

Instagram, Pinterest, and TikTok are filled with tutorials on how to make your own green cleaning products. It’s easy, cheap, and eco-friendly. 

Be aware that even natural ingredients can react chemically to one another and cause dangerous situations. For instance, never mix vinegar and hydrogen peroxide. It creates a gas (very similar to mixing ammonia and bleach) that is toxic. 

You’ll want to mix most of your homemade cleaners with water. Straight vinegar or hydrogen peroxide should be reserved only for very tough cleaning. These ingredients can pose a threat to some surfaces (like vinegar to a stone countertop) so proceed with caution. Borax alone can irritate skin, eyes, and throat so use carefully.

Mix vinegar, water and cornstarch for a perfect streak-free glass cleaner. Add tea tree oil (or any essential oil to any mixture for a bit of pleasant scent. Baking soda and vinegar will foam when mixed and make a great bathroom deep cleaner.

Person using a squeegee to clean glass.

5. Avoid the Bad Stuff

If you’re not quite ready to start mixing up your own natural cleaners, there are plenty of green cleaners available off the shelf. It can be pricey but it will help you be more eco-friendly and save you time and effort. 

The key to purchasing environmentally-friendly products is to avoid the bad stuff. Harmful chemicals and materials are rampant in cleaning products. Simply avoiding them goes a long way.

Look out for these

  • Phosphates
  • Chlorine
  • Artificial fragrances and colors
  • Non biodegradable packaging
  • Non recyclable packaging
  • Non organic ingredients

Another good rule of thumb is to avoid things you cannot pronounce. Those long chemical names are a tip off that you’re probably dealing with a concoction that’s not friendly to the environment.

Change up your cleaning routine and shift to green cleaning products. You’ll not only do yourself a favor, but you’ll take better care of the environment. That’s an investment that’s always worth it. 

Read our comprehensive bathroom cleaning checklist.

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Tuesday, November 2, 2021

Bathroom Upgrades Under $100

11 Cheap Updates to the Bathroom

Wish you could give the bathroom a remodel but don’t have the budget for it? Don’t let money stop you. There are many cheap updates to the bathroom you can make now with under $100. So what are you waiting for? Get started with some of these.

New hardware and assorted accessories in a large bathroom.

Dress Up What You’ve Already Got

One of the reasons fashion experts say everyone should have a little black dress is because it’s so versatile. Paired with some smart sneakers, it can do some daytime boutique shopping and lunch with the girls. Put it with some bedazzled stilettos and a statement necklace and you’re ready for a night out.

Same goes for your bathroom. Look around at what you’ve already got that could be dressed up for a whole new look:

  • Put a frame around the mirror
  • Swap out shampoo and lotion containers for glass bottles with pumps
  • Paint, wainscot, or wallpaper a feature wall
  • Spray paint your hardware for a new look
  • Get a new shower curtain or towels
  • Update the rugs

Swap the Faucet 

If you’ve been putting up with a leaky faucet, it’s time to change it out. Even simple faucets come in many styles so you can find something that you’ll love even if the budget is small. The simpler the better because you have a greater chance of being able to install it yourself if it’s not too complicated.

For maximum impact, choose a totally different metal color than you had before. It’s the easiest way to make things different without having to spend too much. 


Oval mirrors and wall spout faucets in a white bathroom.

Add Some Life

Live plants are becoming increasingly popular in the bathroom. When you think about it, it’s pretty smart. Depending on how much natural light you have, the bathroom is a veritable greenhouse. In fact the bathroom may be the perfect place for plants that don’t do well in other areas of the house.

  • Orchids (zero work if you take a warm shower daily)
  • Begonias (which love it warm and humid)
  • Philodendron (lover of high-humidity)
  • Bromeliad (pretty low maintenance)

Another benefit of plants in the bathroom is their air purifying capabilities. If you have a musty bathroom, pets, or consistent odors, plants can be a game changer. You’ll wonder if you’re even in the same bathroom.

Update Bathroom Sink 

You’ll be shocked and amazed at the selection of sinks available for under $100 (single sinks). Simple white under counter, self-rimmed, and vessel sinks are quick (and cheap) bathroom updates. 

You might even find something unique like colored glass, or an unusual shape that can give the bathroom a custom designed feel.


Organically shaped mirror over a bathroom backsplash.

Shop Thrift

If you could find a name brand bathroom item you’ve had your eye on  for pennies on the dollar, you’d take it, wouldn’t you? That’s the beauty of thrift shopping. Put your best thrift shopping technique to work to help you update the bathroom for cheap.

Thrift shopping can be time consuming and sometimes you just have to wait for the right items to come along. But if you’re flexible, patient, and know what you’re looking for, thrift shopping can offer you some pretty solid wins. 

Consider sources that give home items a second chance, like ReStore, consignment shops, antique stores, and classified listings.

Install a New Shower Head or Tub Spout

Get the most for your dollars and go for something that not only looks new and fresh but provides an improved experience. 

For under $100 you can install a rain shower head or a new tub faucet spout. What better way to make the bathroom feel new than give yourself a little spa treatment?

Shower Head

Bathroom vanity painted blue in a large bathroom.

Change Up Storage

You don’t have to make any cosmetic changes to your bathroom to change the way you feel in the space. Sometimes all it takes is some organization. If you have too much stuff out, it can easily make the bathroom a stressful place to be. 

Add some storage solutions in the form of drawer organizers, shower caddies, wall-mounted shelves, and free-standing linen closets. If all else fails, evaluate what’s really important to have handy and what you can do without. Move what you don’t need to storage.

Wall-Mounted Shelves

Clean It Up

A deep clean may be all you need to make your bathroom feel new again. You may discover that you don’t hate your sink faucets as much as you think you did. 

A little sparkle gives you a sense of accomplishment and brings new pride. Cleaning is also a good way to assess exactly what your bathroom needs for a reboot. There’s nothing like scrubbing grout to make you realize whether or not it needs to be replaced. 

Freestanding bathtub in a large bathroom with a plant in the corner.

Fix Functionality

Giving some attention to the functionality of your bathroom gives the space an update you can appreciate everyday. 

For instance, if your bathroom is devoid of an exhaust fan, you can install one for cheap. They help out with odors and humidity. If you have a few extra bucks, you can get one with a heating option too.

You probably won’t notice a new shower drain cover for its cosmetic appeal. But you will notice it if your drain is broken or not draining properly. Set aside a bit of the budget for a plumber if you have a drainage problem.

Shower Drain Cover

Boost Convenience

The items in the bathroom that make it more convenient to use, like toilet paper holders, towel bars, robe hooks, etc., are easy and cheap to update and have as much of an impact as replacing fixtures. 

You can add some pretty fancy convenience items and still keep costs under $100. These accessories come in many styles and can help you set the tone of the design. Gold finish makes a statement. Angular shapes add to a modern vibe. 

Towel Bar

Backlit mirror in a modern style bathroom.

Update Cabinets

Replacing cabinets is a huge undertaking. Give them a refresh instead. Painting cabinets gives you endless options for color or stick to clean white. 

Even easier, simply replace the cabinet knobs and pulls. This has the power to make things feel very different without having to modify your cabinets. You can do it yourself in an hour or less. It’s one of the easiest cheap updates to the bathroom there is!

Cheap updates to the bathroom can make it feel like a whole new space for under $100. Give your bathroom a refresh with a few of these ideas. 

For more ideas on cheap bathroom remodeling check out our blog. 

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Thursday, October 28, 2021

Interior Design Based on Zodiac Sign

 Shower? Tub? Both? Let the Planets Decide

Ever considered coming up with your interior design based on zodiac sign? It can be a powerful way to understand what will make you consciously and unconsciously comfortable in your space. Let’s take a closer look at what your zodiac sign might tell you about the shower and bathtub you select for your bathroom.

Here’s the run down by each sign of the zodiac.

Large white bathroom with expansive whirlpool tub.

Aquarius (January 20-February 18)

Aquarius likes to keep things interesting but wants to know they can count on the people and things in their life. They hate being bored and lonely. They are the first to embrace new technology. They’d be lost without a cause to fight for. 

The ideal bathing situation for an Aquarius is a wet room that includes multiple showerheads and a large bathtub so it can be an experience for more than one person at a time. They love tech features like thermostats and smart controls. An Aquarius will absolutely insist on water-saving showerheads.

Pisces (February 19-March 20)

Pisces values alone time but would give you the shirt off their back if you needed it. They love romance and relaxation and would never turn down a getaway.

Pisces perfect bathing situation is a spa-inspired bathroom where they can get alone time in a serene setting. Both a shower and bathtub are necessities and kudos if they are beautiful as well as functional. As you might expect, Pisces is a lover of water so a soaker tub is a must-have.

Aries (March 21-April 19)

For an Aries, comfort is a top priority. They have confident personalities and enthusiasm and they know what they want. They have no patience for lolligaggers and prefer to work alone or be the leader. 

The ideal bathing situation for an Aries is a simple, well-laid out bathroom that won’t hold them up in the mornings. A shower should be sufficient for the Aries. Ergonomic features and perks like temperature control will make them comfortable and happy. 

Floral wallpapered bathroom with luxurious shower.

Taurus (April 20-May 20)

A Taurus is very tactile and sometimes sensitive. They are the most reliable and responsible people you will meet but have a stubborn streak. They like their own space and hate change.

A Taurus can share a bathroom but should have their own space. They have a taste for the luxurious so treat them to a shower panel with some perks like jets. Make sure they never run out of hot water with temperature control at the shower fixture in addition to a good water heater.

Gemini (May 21-June 20)

Kind, curious, and collaborative, Gemini are great friends and associates. However, they do like being alone in their cozy spaces. They prefer their well-worn routines but are adaptable.

A small, cozy bathroom and shower are ideal for the Gemini. A showerhead with simple operation is best—too many options will overwhelm them. Their fun-loving side will appreciate a rain showerhead. No hand showers, jets, or temperature control is necessary for the easy-to-please Gemini.

Cancer (June 21-July 22)

Cancer likes to be at home and/or near water. They love being with people and offer an imaginative perspective to the world. They are sensitive and sentimental and deeply involved in their home and family. 

Don’t even think about making changes to the bathroom without getting Cancer involved as they are passionate about their spaces, especially the bathroom. They are all about relaxing in the water so prefer large soaking tubs or even whirlpool baths. Spa design in the bathroom will help Cancer feel at home and calm their moodiness. 

Large, opulent bathtub in a spa-like setting.

Leo (July 23- August 22)

Leo’s are all about luxury and pampering. They are creative and generous, fun to be around until their stubbornness rears its ugly head. They love fun, colors, vacations, and adventures. They’re attracted to drama and sometimes make their own drama.

The bathroom’s of Leo’s are luxurious and colorful, full of top-notch products. They like things the way they like them so once you figure that out, make sure it’s a part of the bathing experience. A spa-inspired setting with a wet room and tricked out shower system and tub are a good place to start.

Virgo (August 23-September 22)

A Virgo approaches the world mindfully and works hard (behind the scenes) to make the world a better place. They love health, nature, and cleanliness and hate rudeness and having to ask for help.

In the bathroom, a Virgo is most concerned with cleanliness. A white, no nonsense bathtub and chrome shower with simple lines is enough to make them happy. A Virgo can get behind the natural aesthetic of a rain shower too. Add some plants to the bathroom to increase their comfort. 

Libra (September 23-October 22)

Libras are cooperative and avoid conflict at all costs. They are constantly seeking balance and symmetry in both the physical world and their inner world. They love the outdoors and seek out companionship in everything they do. 

A Libra’s ideal bathing situation would include room for their significant other in a large shower with multiple showerheads. They focus on water-saving features and can do without the bathtub. A well balanced design in the bathroom will keep a Libra happy.

Soaking tub in an expansive bathroom with natural elements.

Scorpio (October 23- November 21)

A Scorpio values truth and despises hypocrisy. They are loyal and good secret keepers. They are passionate and fun loving. A Scorpio researches everything to ensure they have a good understanding of everything around them. 

The bathroom of a Scorpio is straightforward but has a passionate side. Their resourceful nature embraces bathroom tech like smart showers, temperature controls. They aren’t afraid to take on a complex shower panel or chromatherapy tub—they’ll do their research and own it as long as they are convinced of the value of the features. 

Sagittarius (November 22-December 21)

Always in search of meaning and exploring the world, Sagittarius loves freedom and deep thinking. They can’t be bothered with the details but bring life and enthusiasm to everyone they meet. They sometimes over-promise and don’t have much patience. Give them their space and they’ll be happy.

The ideal bathing situation for a Sagittarius includes large showers, no bathtubs, and simple but reliable functionality. They do like to have options so a shower system may be just the thing to help them feel at home in their bathroom.

Capricorn (December 22-January 19)

A Capricorn is independent and self-disciplined. They can be negative but are realistic and good managers. They love tradition and status without being sobby. 

In the bathroom, Capricorn likes luxury but not opulence. They insist on quality craftsmanship. Being sure about the quality of showers and tubs in their bathroom will help combat misgivings about them that will probably come up in the future. 

Want more help designing your bathroom? Visit our blog for all the latest and greatest in design and inspiration.

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8 of the Hottest Bathroom Design Trends for 2022

Gooseneck faucet in the bathroom.

Bathroom trends of 2022 center around a blend of luxury and simplicity. These trends are understated on the outside but filled to the brim with perks.

If there’s a new bathroom on your horizon in 2022, start with these trends to begin your planning. We’ve turned to cutting-edge design experts and the staying power of the trends of the last few years to curate the eight hottest bathroom trends you can expect to see in 2022 and beyond. 

1. Minimalism

Bathrooms in 2022 and beyond will continue to keep things simple and minimal. You can expect bathrooms in the next several years to continue to add more and more smart technology. You’ll be able to control just about everything in the bathroom using your voice or your phone.

Minimal design’s love of clean lines continues with an even more linear aesthetic. Geometric patterns, angular faucets, and fine-grained woods all add more lines to the bathroom design. Select statement lighting that leans toward straighter lines. Tile lends itself perfectly to this trend as its grout lines make it geometric.

Bathroom trends in 2022 will also feature organic curves especially in vessel sinks and soaker tubs. It won’t be unusual to see straight lines and curves appearing in the same design. 

2. Oak & Walnut Vanities

Oak and walnut have fine linear grain so they are the favorite for bathroom vanities in 2022. This isn’t the oak you saw in the 90s. It’s stained gray so the lines pop out and the color stays neutral. Walnut naturally has a deep brown background with darker lines so it’s well suited to the aesthetic. 

Stick to flat front cabinets on the vanity to further enhance the minimalist style. Medium brown woods or neutral colors are also among the top choices for vanities in 2022.  

Colorful sinks for the bathroom.

3. Bolder Colors In the Front Seat

The bolder colors have been taking a backseat and acting as the accents for a long time. Now color is coming forward in the more permanent features of the bathroom. More permanent bold color is a risk because tastes in color can change quickly rendering them dated. 

Look for bolder, brighter colors on everything from the faucet to the bathtub. Metallics will play a big role here with copper, brass, and other gold tones becoming popular for fixtures. Look for colorful sinks to step forward as the focal point of the bathroom.

4. Biophilic Bathtubs & Sinks

Biophilia is the cross-section between nature and human where the undulations of nature take on form and function in design. Organic curves and the concept of the amoeba chair of the mid-century make their way into 2022 bathroom trends in sinks and bathtubs. 

Undefined shapes that flow freely are perfectly suited to these bathroom vessels. Look for vessel sinks with irregular shapes and curvy asymmetrical bathtubs. 

5. Lighting in the Showerhead

Layering lighting in the bathroom with ambient, task, and accent lighting provide mood and function. Did you ever consider layering that same lighting in the shower? A big trend in 2022 suggests showerheads with lights. They double for task and accent lighting and add that luxury that sets your bathroom apart. 

Try a ceiling-mounted rain or multi showerhead with integrated lighting. Or go with a showerhead attachment for minimal installation and maximum wow-factor. 

6. Layer Pattern & Texture

Layering is a favorite with designers. You can layer anything from color to lighting and there are many ways to achieve layering. One of the hottest bathroom trends in 2022 is layering patterns and textures together. 

Look for tile that has a visual pattern and a touchable texture and you’re all set. You can also use different textured materials and use them in the same pattern (a herringbone pattern on the floor and wall in different materials).

Gold-toned gooseneck bathroom sink faucet.

7. Statement Fixtures

Another hot bathroom trend in 2022 is statement faucets. Not only are these the centerpoint of functionality in your bathroom, they also attract a lot of attention visually. Those are both good reasons to make sure they perform optimally in every sense.

Making a statement with your faucets may be about introducing top-of-the-line technology like voice activation or touch activation. It might also be about how they look. Opt for clean-lined, angular designs or tall curving goose-neck style faucets. Of particular note in 2022 is the spout style faucet.

Soft shag rugs in the bathroom.

8. Mixing Materials

2022 bathroom trends include the mixture of colors, metals, textures, and more. It also marks the emergence of softer materials finding a place alongside the otherwise hard-surfaced bathroom. 

An easy way to achieve this is to bring furniture into the bathroom. We’re talking cushy chairs, upholstered benches, and thick shag rugs. It seems like the opposite of what should be in a bathroom, but therein lies the heart of a good trend: unexpected and delightful. Look for water-resistant fabrics for any pieces that will be near running water. 

Bathroom design trends of 2022 introduce luxury without being fussy and simplicity without being spare. Let your bathroom benefit from these trends that will add value to your home and panache to your everyday life. 

Need more ideas for your bathroom remodel? Here are more tips. Or go to our blog to find the perfect aesthetic and products for your remodel. 

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Thursday, October 14, 2021

How to Keep the Bathroom Warm this Winter without Running Up the Bill

Woman preparing to take a hot bath.

The struggle between keeping the house warm and not overdoing it on the utility bill is never ending. One place you really feel it is in the bathroom where it’s always a shock to step out of the warm water and into the cold. 

Traditionally covered with hard surfaces that tend to be cold anyway, the bathroom falls prey to the winter unlike any other room in the house. Either your bill is astronomical or you suffer the cold in silence. But it doesn’t have to be that way. 

What if there was some middle ground where you could achieve some warmth in the bathroom without destroying your utilities budget? Good news, there is a way to do just that. Ready to learn how to keep a bathroom warm in the winter? Here are 12 ideas to get you started.


Cover those bare floors with some rugs. Not only does it cover the cold floor, but it adds a layer of insulation between the floor and the rest of the room. Cold is kept under the rug so ambient room temperature stays higher. 

Rugs also visually make the space warmer. Enhance that effect by selecting warm colors to trick your brain into thinking it’s warmer.

Large bathroom with a towel warming rack.

Heated Towel Rack

Combat the shock of getting out of the shower on a winter morning with a warm towel. The best way to achieve this is a heated towel rack. Simply flip it on before you climb into the shower and by the time you’re done, your towel will be toasty.

Easy Access

If you have to go across the room to get a towel or bathrobe, you’ve defeated the purpose. Install hooks and racks where they’re only an arm’s reach away. The key to how to keep the bathroom warm in winter without spending a dime is to maintain what heat you already have. You waste hard-earned warmth when you have to traipse across a cold room.

Heated Floor

Radiant heat installed under the bathroom tile is an excellent way to keep the bathroom warm. It’s the perfect combination to create and keep warmth. 

Installing a heated floor is a big (and costly) renovation job. However, it’s an addition that pays for itself over the years because it’s based on sound scientific principles. Heat rises so warmth originating from the floor will move up and heat the whole room. Additionally, tile, a popular bathroom floor material, is excellent at holding heat. The floor will continue to be warm and warm the room long after the heat cycle turns off. 

Wide, round shower head in a gray tiled shower.

Bigger Showerhead

A larger, or wider showerhead has a larger spray that covers more of your body at once. This keeps you warmer while showering and decreasing your need to make the bathroom warmer. Add a few other perks like heated towels and a bathrobe and you won’t even notice that it’s winter.

Heat Bulbs

Install a heat lamp in your bathroom for some added warmth. These can be turned on when needed and off when you’re away, saving you money. 

If you’re not outfitted with the capability for a heat lamp, you can install heat bulbs into regular light fixtures (check manufacturer instructions for proper specs and safety). Voila! You have some heat right at the point it’s needed most.

Decrease Circulation

Usually circulation is a good thing but if you’re trying to get the bathroom warm and keep it that way, it might serve you better to isolate it. Close doors to keep the warmth you’ve generated inside the bathroom instead of mixing it with air in other rooms.

While you’re using the bathroom, turn fans off to decrease drafts. Worried about a foggy mirror without the fans running? Try an anti-fog mirror, which generates its own heat to stay mist free. 

Weatherstrip Windows

Older windows can become a highway for warm air to go out and cold air to go in. Seal them up with some new caulk and weatherstripping. Windows and doors are a big culprit for adding dollars to the monthly energy bill so regular attention to them is important all over the house. 

Luxury Shower Features

As you race from your bed to the warm shower on a cold winter morning, imagine how much better it would be if you had some fancy shower features to look forward to.

Steam showers and shower jets give you more warmth in all the right places. No more rotating in the shower to keep all your parts toasty.

Heated Bathtub

The worst thing about a bath is when the water starts to go cold. What if you never had to worry about that again? Install a bathtub with temperature control and heaters so your water stays at the temperature you started with until you turn all prune-y.


A fireplace in the bathroom? Yes! There are so many options for fireplaces now that it’s easy to install an electric one that gives you a little heat right where it counts. Plus there’s the ambiance factor. There’s nothing better than a fireplace to make you feel all cozy.

Bathroom with a large skylight.

Natural Light

The cheapest way to warm your bathroom is to let the sunlight in. You may want to cover up windows to keep cold air out, but resist the urge. Weatherstip those windows instead and let the sunlight do its thing. 

Skylights are an excellent way to let a little more light in. If there’s a bathroom remodel in your future, consider adding a skylight to your bathroom.

How to keep your bathroom warm this winter without blowing the budget is really a matter of a few, simple adjustments you can make quickly. Use your resources to find ways to make and keep heat in your bathroom and you’ll stay toasty all winter long. 

Ready to remodel your bathroom without breaking the bank? Here are some ideas to get you started. 

Cheap Ways to Remodel Your Bathroom