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5 ‘TikTok Made Me Buy It’ Must-Haves from Decor Planet

Modern blue wall hung bathroom vanity with white countertops and silver fixtures.

We all know that there’s no shortage of items to purchase online – which is why several trends have emerged, mostly via social media, to help shoppers navigate the newest and most popular items more easily. 

One of these trends is #TikTokMadeMeBuyIt, a phenomenon where people share products that they discovered through TikTok and then decided to purchase. This trend started when users of the social media platform started sharing videos of themselves showing off items they bought after seeing them on TikTok, such as clothing, makeup, gadgets, and more.

From easy-pour spouts for cartons of milk to robotic gadgets for cleaning your pool, the products made popular by #TikTokMadeMeBuyIt are usually quite eclectic. In a similar fashion, we put together a complete list inspired by this fun social media trend to share our must-have items from Decor Planet. 

Whether you’re looking for a simple way to freshen up your vanity, or you’re undergoing a full-scale bathroom remodel, these are some of the best things on offer at Decor Planet that will have you saying: The Blog Made Me Buy It!

1. Blue Wall Hung Bathroom Vanity

Looking to incorporate the hottest color trend into your bathroom? This year, it’s all about blue. Keep things cool with this moody blue wall hung double bathroom vanity, which is perfect for any modern bathroom. Complete with beautiful quartz stone counters, this vanity will be the envy of all your friends, as it elicits an immediate sense of classic luxury. Show it off in your next TikTok video, but be sure to spruce it up first with some charming plants or chrome soap dispensers.

Single piece white toilet by Fresca with dual flush.

2. Fresca Dual Flush Toilet

Toilets are no longer meant to be boring. Instead, contemporary models like this Fresca dual flush toilet have a trendy aesthetic quality that makes them stand out! With its curvy lines and top button-style flusher, the shape of this toilet is inherently sleek. Plus, it’s more eco-friendly than your average toilet, making it a great investment for your monthly water bill – and for the planet. Who knew there was such a thing as toilet-envy!?

Tall bathroom mirror with LED lighting.

3. Tall Bathroom Mirror with LED Lighting

We can all agree that good lighting can make or break your bathroom selfie. If you’re getting ready to post on TikTok, this bathroom mirror with LED lighting will instantly up your amount of glow. Whether you’re shaving, putting on makeup, or styling your hair, having a mirror with built-in, high-output lighting is essential. Offering the perfect union of sleek design and modern technology, the magnificent halo of light this mirror expels will make getting ready so much easier – and extra glamorous! 

Wall mounted toothbrush holder in chrome with space for four toothbrushes.

4. Wall Mount Ellite Toothbrush Holder 

The last thing anyone wants to see in a makeup tutorial video on TikTok is a cluttered vanity. Our bathrooms should be clean and pristine, making items that are designed for organization (and style!) a must. Instead of crowding up your vanity with all the things you need to brush your teeth, get your toothbrush off the counter entirely with this wall mount Ellite toothbrush holder. Finished in a sleek and shiny chrome or brushed nickel, this toothbrush holder will easily hang on the wall, freeing up space on your vanity. In an immaculate space, everything should have a home – even your toothbrush!

Shower panel with massaging jets.

5. Pavia Shower Massage Panel

There’s no reason you can’t turn your bathroom into your dream spa retreat, especially with products like this luxurious Pavia shower massage panel. A shower panel can really take your morning cleaning routine to the next level. Instead of just having a basic shower head with one setting, this panel gives you four different outputs: a large shower head that creates a rainfall effect, a handheld shower wand for hard-to-reach places, four swiveling massage water jets, and a tub filling water spout on the bottom. Nothing says relaxation quite like a rain shower!

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Tuesday, March 14, 2023

Modern Bathroom Vanity 101

Blue vanity with  modern styling and white countertop.

Your bathroom has many important features, but your vanity might be the most underrated. While the toilet, shower, and sink are the central pieces, a modern bathroom vanity is essential for storage, style, and the tone of your bathroom’s interior.  

The right vanity transforms your bathroom, and thanks to D├ęcor Planet, it’s incredibly easy to pick the right one. Match your interior design with one of these modern vanities. 


Over the last decade or two, minimalism has exploded in popularity, defining the interior looks of residential and commercial spaces alike. With its emphasis on the calm and decluttered, a minimalist space is free of distracting colors, textures, and features. You’ll instead find many grays, blacks, and other similar colors elevated to a feature role. 

The bathroom is a spot that naturally needs calm and comfort, so a minimalistic vanity is a perfect fit here. Two excellent choices to consider include: 

Fresca Lucera vanity in gray with silver hardware.

Fresca Lucera 48" Gray Wall Hung Modern Bathroom Cabinet with Top & Undermount Sink: This sophisticated vanity features a marble or quartz stone countertop, solid wood cabinets, and a chic gray finish for a sleek, modern look.   


Fresca Allier vanity in gray with long nickel handles.

Fresca Allier 72" Gray Oak Modern Double Sink Bathroom Cabinet with Top & Sinks: Combining elegant form with casual function, this modern double sink bathroom vanity adds a slight touch of warmth to complement its sophisticated design. 

Both vanities are slightly different, but you’ll still stay on trend while adding more amenities to your bathroom. 

Natural Aesthetic 

Another trending look is the natural aesthetic. Like minimalism, a natural look emphasizes calm and comfort through decorative elements. Unlike minimalism, natural interiors make use of light, earth tones like blue and green, and outdoor materials like stone and wood. 

Bringing the outdoors into your bathroom begins with your vanity. To get you started, here are two vanities that fit a natural design scheme: 

Blue modern vanity by Fresca with white countertop and sink.

Fresca Lucera 72" Blue Wall Hung Double Undermount Sink Modern Bathroom Vanity with Medicine Cabinets: With a classically simple construction, plenty of storage space, a quartz stone countertop, and a dark blue finish, you’ll add a touch of nature that’s completely comfortable. 


Natural wood modern vanity with shelf at the floor by Native Trails.

Native Trails Solace 49" Freestanding Single Bathroom Vanity Base with NativeStone Shelf in Sunrise Oak: This special, standalone vanity combines light wood, sold wood, and concrete materials for a touch of nature. 

Many of our vanities feature natural colors or materials, so you’re you’ll have a broad choice if the natural look is what you crave.  

Coastal Interiors 

A coastal interior is a variation of both minimalism and a natural aesthetic. Blending bright whites and blues and mostly neutral textures, coastal designs are a timeless choice that never go out of style. 

Whether you’re renovating a beach house or your suburban home, these special vanities are the right choice for coastal bathrooms: 

Sleek white modern vanity with silver faucet by Fresca.

Fresca Mezzo 59" White Wall Hung Single Sink Modern Bathroom Vanity with Medicine Cabinet: Combining smooth lines and a sleek white finish, this special vanity adds a modern touch to any coastal bathroom. 


Wall hung single vanity with modern industrial look by Robern.

Robern Cartesian 30 1/8" Wall Mount Bathroom Vanity with Single Glass Drawer: This simple, single-drawer vanity comes in a variety of blues, whites, and other coastal colors. 

Check out our full list of vanities for even more styles to choose from. 

Mid Century Modern 

Mid-century modern dominated the 50’s and 60’s, but it’s coming back into style. With simple, uncomplicated features and made from natural materials like wood and copper, mid-century modern furniture is perfectly retro and on-trend, finding new life among Millennials in particular. 

If you love the mid-century look, you’ll love these wooden bathroom vanities: 

Dark wood double vanity with plank styling by James Martin.

James Martin Linear 58 3/4" Freestanding Double Bathroom Vanity in Mid-Century Walnut: With spacious storage options and a timeless birch and poplar wood construction, take a trip back in time with this classic vanity that’s also fully modern. 


Dark wood single vanity with drawers on two sides by James Martin.

James Martin Addison 45" Freestanding Single Bathroom Vanity Set in Mid-Century Acacia with Eternal Jasmine Pearl Quartz Top: This single-sink vanity set features three drawers with a brushed aluminum finish, English dovetail joinery, a slim and simple silhouette, and other retro/modern features for a full mid-century look and feel.  

No matter what design style you choose, these modern vanities—and anything from the Fresca Torino line—will elevate your vanity to a key bathroom feature. Want even more bathroom vanities to look through? 

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Rub-a-Dub-Dub, a Roundup of the Best Tubs

White freestanding soaker tub with sloping sides.

Is there a bad time for a little self-care? Not really. All you need is some scented bath salts and a beautiful tub you can sink up to your nose in. Here are a few of our most spectacular tubs.

Bain Ultra Evanescense

This freestanding bathtub can be customized with various therapy options. The Hydro-Thermo Massage system offers air jets, heating zones (backrest, headrest), and chromatherapy.  It has thin walls so it’s easier to get in and out of as well. Control all the perks effortlessly with DOT control.

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White, rectangualr soaking tub with wide lip all the way around the outside edge.

Neptune Ametys

Comfort comes first in this bathtub’s design. Minimalist but premium, it offers elegant angles, electronic controls, and adjustable jet direction. The combination of Active-Air and Mass-Air systems provide champagne-like bubbles and aerated currents that make for a complete massage experience. 

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Rectangular tiered freestanding tub in a bathroom with natural wood and white tile.

Hydro Systems Designer Donatello

Classic looks with all the modern trimmings, this tub stands out among its peers. Acrylic construction and freestanding style on the outside with Hydrozone ozone water purification system under the hood, you’ll never have to worry about the quality of the water or any by-products.

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Oval freestanding white bathtub in an upscale bathroom.

Laufin Ilbagno Alessi One

Molded in one piece, this organic-shaped bathtub is a standout design element for the bathroom. Because of the single piece construction, the tub comes with a pre-installed lifting system that moves the bathtub so maintenance and repairs can be done.

Ilbagno Alessi One 

Drop in soaker tub with unique design features on the exposed side.

Neptune Daphne

Get all the luxury of  a customizable therapy in your alcove tub space. Ergonomic design makes this an exceptionally comfortable tub. Add on perks like your choice of jet system, chromotherapy lights, and accessories. Tonic therapy (jetted water and warm air jets) makes bath time a dream come true. 

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Large, oval jetted tub in a light bathroom.

Bain Ultra Essencia

Not only does this tub have ThermoMasseur technology that provides warm, even massage, it also has aromatherapy. Create the ultimate in relaxation involving all the senses. Also has top-of-the-line ergonomic design and functional perks like grab bars, footrest and armrests.


Undermount bathtub with aromatherapy by Bain Ultra.

Bain Ultra Meridian

This undermount tub allows for some unique design in an application that still offers all the therapy additions you want: jets, aromatherapy, heating zones, chromatherapy, etc. Customize the flange, drain position, and finish for the perfect tub for your design.

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Hammered copper clawfoot tub in an upscale bathroom

Barclay Naples

A showstopper, this hammered copper soaker tub offers all the ambiance you need for a relaxing evening and style that keeps on giving every day all day. Select freestanding tub filler and accessories to match the vintage vibe. 


Shop all our beautiful bathtubs to find your perfect fit for a self-care oasis at home. 

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How to Keep Your Toilet Looking Brand New: Cleaning Tips & Tricks

Person cleaning a white toilet.

After many months of research, you’ve made the decision to upgrade your toilet and invest in a sleeker option that suits a more contemporary look. Finally, your new porcelain throne is installed and ready for action – but you’re already feeling stressed about keeping it looking this immaculately clean and shiny. 

Of course, nothing can ever look as good as the day it’s fresh out of the packaging. The good news, however, is that there are many tried-and-true cleaning hacks to maintain your toilet’s appearance through years of use.

If you’re like the majority of Americans, tackling the toilet is your most despised household chore, coming in first place ahead of cleaning the oven and unclogging the sink. Unfortunately, the reality is that your toilet and the area around your toilet is one of the dirtiest spaces in the whole house, meaning it regularly needs a focused and thorough deep clean.

To really achieve that good-as-new sparkle, your efforts are going to need a little more creativity than simply using toilet bowl cleaner. Here are our top tips and tricks for cleaning your toilet so it always looks clean, pristine, and close to brand new. 

White Toto toilet.


1. Take advantage of overnight treatments

One of the easiest toilet cleaning tricks, requiring almost no effort on your part, is to let your toilet essentially self-clean overnight. Certain treatments will do the dirty work for you, breaking down grime and mineral deposits while you’re asleep. 

The first treatment we suggest is an overnight soak with white vinegar. This will block off your toilet’s siphon jets and work away for hours at any built-up stains or grime. In the morning, sprinkle a little baking soda in the bowl, scrub with a toilet brush, and flush clean. The vinegar treatment is a surefire way to make any bowl return to that first-day shine.

The second treatment you can try is to pour toilet cleaner into the toilet’s tank overnight. All you need to do is add a few ounces of liquid cleaner or a dissolving cleaning tablet into the tank before bed. The cleaner will then incorporate into your toilet’s siphon jets and with every subsequent flushing, it will run into the bowl and eliminate pesky residue. This tactic will also help break down mineral deposits in the siphon jets over time.

White Toto toilet.

2. Don’t neglect all that’s outside the bowl

Tackling the interior of the toilet bowl is usually what most people focus on, but every inch deserves care and attention. In fact, there’s no way your toilet will look brand new if you neglect the areas around the bowl – such as the seat, tank, handle, and base. 

Since all parts of the toilet will factor into how new it appears, start by liberally spritzing the entire exterior of the bowl, base, and tank with a disinfecting spray. Make sure all of those hard-to-reach areas, like the back of the base, are accounted for. You can also use baby oil to buff the toilet’s handle and the outside of the seat (this trick works great for all bathroom fixtures!) 

3. Quickly attack stains with a helpful pumice stone

One of the most obvious signs of a well-worn toilet is staining. Annoyingly, it’s almost impossible to avoid stains from appearing in your bowl. If the stains are rust-colored in particular, this could be evidence of minerals in your water system, which may need to be addressed with vinegar or hydrogen peroxide. 

If you find yourself scrubbing and scrubbing with a toilet brush to no avail, experts recommend attacking tough stains with a pumice stone. A pumice stone is a type of volcanic rock that’s porous and is safe for use on toilet bowls, sinks, tubs, and tile. Opt for a pumice stone on a stick so you don’t have to get too close to the bowl itself while you clean. Despite its tough exterior, it won’t scratch porcelain as it works to magically remove all those rusty-colored water lines.

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From Plain to Premium: Budget-Friendly Ideas to Make a Room Look More Expensive

Bathtub faucet on a soaking tub in a white bathroom.

In every homeowner’s perfect fantasy world, we would all have professional interior designers standing at the ready to make our homes glimmer with luxury, sophistication, and style. Unfortunately, the reality is that creating magazine-ready rooms costs a lot of money, and what design professionals recommend may not always be within everyone’s budget.

Luckily, there are hundreds of hacks for achieving a custom, upscale look without breaking the bank. Thanks to the rise of DIY-ers and other trends like repurposing antiques, it’s fairly easy nowadays to get a high-end look for an inexpensive price tag. 

With just a few strategic updates and some simple restyling, you can take your home from plain to premium, making it look like you spent a lot more than you really did. 

Here are our favorite premium hacks that will make any space feel like a million bucks.

Gold finish bathroom sink faucets on a double vanity with blue tile backsplash.

Give standard hardware a fresh facelift 

You’ve probably guessed that hardware would make our list as one of the easiest but impactful updates for added luxury. This is because new hardware is quick, inexpensive, and instantly transformative. Whether you opt for a new bathroom faucet finished in Luxe Gold like this Brizo model, or you decide to upgrade your tub with a sleek wall-mounted faucet, swapping outdated hardware for something more modern will elevate any space. From kitchen cabinets to bedroom furniture, there are plenty of knobs just waiting for an upscale revival!

High tech medicine cabinets over a double vanity in a modern bathroom.

Add tech-focused features for a “smarter” home

We all like to be in the loop with the latest innovations in technology, and many (like Google’s Alexa or Amazon’s Echo) have already made their way into our homes. But there is a whole host of affordable tech-focused home decor that can make a room immediately more upscale and cutting edge. For example, this gorgeous high-tech medicine cabinet gives you a mirror with one-touch task lighting, USB charging ports, and a touch control audio system to play music. You can even swap out your boring old toilet for this innovative model, which comes with cool features like a heated seat, deodorizer, and UV lighting for self-cleaning. From smart appliances to motorized window shades and self-watering planters, adding tech-focused upgrades will give your home an overall “smarter” and modernized vibe.

Furniture style vanity with gold fixtures and blue tile backsplash.

Customize your walls with decorative molding

It might surprise you to learn that one of the most budget-friendly ways to give your home a luxurious feel is to bring your walls to life with decorative molding. With a little focused time and some DIY know-how, you can add your very own decorative molding in a single weekend! The fun part is choosing a design that sparks an upscale quality – like a curvy shape or a leafy, Romanesque pattern. If you don’t trust yourself to take on the project, hiring a professional is still relatively inexpensive and will definitely be worth the investment long term. For added elegance, make sure the molding matches the existing color of the walls so everything looks seamless and sophisticated.

Marble sink with wood vanity and tall faucet on a bathroom sink.

Integrate some metallic items for added flair

Integrating a few metallic items to a room will give it that luxe look you’re hoping to achieve – just be careful not to overdo it! Things like a gold-leaf mirror, a few pieces of vintage silver, or a brass table can all make a room feel more expensive and will communicate glamor on their own. When it comes to metallics, it’s okay to think small and contained. In other words, a little goes a long way. A good approach is to think about decorating with metal like choosing jewelry for an outfit. In doing so, don’t be afraid to mix metals to make your accessorizing a bit more unique!

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Cleaning the Bathroom Sink Made Easy

Ceramic vessel sinks by Toto on a double vanity.

Cleaning the bathroom sink is as simple as tossing some powdered cleanser or spraying some all-purpose cleaner and give it a scrub, right? Think again. Cleaning the sink may seem straightforward, but there are any number of things you can do to ruin your sink just by making some simple cleaning mistakes. 

It all comes down to what your sink is made of. Here’s how to make sure your sink gets clean without any damage. 

What is your sink made of?

Before you start thinking about cleaning, determine the material of your sink. Ceramic and porcelain are common materials for the bathroom sink but you also might run into acrylic, cast iron, quartz, glass, or even wood. Each require different care and maintenance. 

Ceramic, Porcelain, Fireclay

All of similar composition, ceramic, porcelain, and Fireclay bathroom sinks should be cleaned with non-abrasive cleansers and soft cloths. Avoid acidic cleansers. There is a level of porosity to these materials, so it’s important to clean up stains quickly before they sink in. Daily maintenance is the best way to keep your ceramic, porcelain, or Fireclay sink looking its best.

For tough stains, line your sink with paper towels then spray the towels down with hydrogen peroxide. Let sit for a minimum of 30 minutes then remove towels and rinse. Oxygen bleach is another good option for tough stains. 

Integrated vanity sink by Ronbow in acrylic.


Acrylic bathroom sinks are a fan favorite for their nonporous nature. They don’t stain easily and are resistant to mold and mildew. They can be cleaned with warm water and dish soap. For tougher stains, fill the sink with warm water and add a splash of bleach and let sit for up to 5 minutes. Any stains that don’t come out, simply give them a rub with the water and bleach solution.

Stone vessel sink by Native Trails on a vanity.

Stone, Composite Stone & Engineered Stone

Both stone, composite, and engineered stone are all considered natural products. They are easy to maintain when given the daily care and protection they need. 

Clean with mild detergent and warm water using a soft cloth. Rinse and thoroughly dry after cleaning. Keep acidic cleaners and makeup off the stone sink and clean up spills quickly. 

Hammered copper metal sink by Native Trails.


Much like stone, metal sinks like copper, brass, or stainless steel can be cleaned regularly with warm water, mild detergent, and a soft cloth. Scrubbing or abrasive cleansers should be avoided as they can scratch the metal. 

If oxidation occurs on your brass or copper sink, make a mixture of salt and vinegar or lemon juice then rub it on the sink, let sit for 10 minutes then rinse clean. This will restore a lot of the shine and color of the sink.

Green glass vessel sink by VIGO on a vanity.


Glass sinks, as you might know from the glass in your shower, are best cleaned directly after use. Warm water and simple soap or detergent with a soft cloth will do the trick. Vinegar is also an excellent glass cleaner. Avoid abrasive cleansers. Rinse and dry thoroughly and buff out any water spots since they will be visible from the outside as well as the inside of the sink.

Wood vessel sink on a black countertop. Sink by Barclay.


Wood sinks should be cleaned daily after use with a simple wipe down with a towel. Clean them regularly with mild soap and soft cloth. Avoid abrasive cleaners. You may want to refinish your wood sink occasionally or treat with a wood conditioner to keep the wood looking its best. 

White enameled cast iron sink by Barclay.

Enameled Cast Iron

Enameled cast iron sinks have been around for a long time and there many preferred ways to clean them. Simple non-abrasive cleaners and implements are best with mild detergents or cleaners. Some opt use bleach to restore an enameled cast iron sink to its full glory.

Vinegar is another time-tested cleaner for the sink. Many swear by Bar Keeper’s Friend cleanser to keep enameled sinks at their best. Others invest in enamel cleaning creams. Drying the sink out after each use is a great way to keep the sink cleaner and looking great!

Need to clean other items in the bathroom? Check out the best ways to clean the shower. 

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Thursday, February 9, 2023

6 Most Common Types of Bathroom Layouts

Small full bathroom with double vanity and walk in shower.

When you’re remodeling, buying, or selling a home, being aware of the different bathroom types is essential. Most homes (with the exception of apartments) usually have two or even three different types of bathrooms, such as a full bathroom, a half bathroom, and a quarter bathroom in various combinations.

For potential buyers, the types of bathrooms that a home has is one of the most important factors in making a purchase decision. For example, a family of five likely needs two full bathrooms and a half bath to comfortably accommodate everybody, whereas a couple would probably be satisfied with one full bathroom. 

Since we spend a lot of our time in our bathrooms, and their functionality can either make or break the overall harmony of your home, let’s explore the different types of bathroom layouts and which are most on-trend today.

Full bathroom with walk in shower and single vanity with vessel sink.

Full Bathrooms

In order to be considered a full bathroom, the layout must contain a sink, toilet, and shower/bathtub combination, or a separate bathtub and shower that are spaced apart. 

Most homes will have at least one full bathroom. In fact, you can almost guarantee that any low- to mid-priced home with two or more bedrooms will have one full bathroom. This type of bathroom is extremely versatile and adds value to a home, serving many functions and sometimes including a “his” and “her” design that features a spacious layout and two sinks.

Primary or owner bathroom in ensuite style with separate shower and bath with double vanity.

Primary or Owner Bathrooms

A primary or owner bathroom is usually the biggest and most private bathroom in a home, incorporating all of the same features as a full bathroom. This type of bathroom is attached to or can be accessed from the home’s largest bedroom as an ensuite design. 

Besides their location, primary bathrooms often go above and beyond the traditional features of a full bathroom and include special amenities – such as double vanities, whirlpool tubs, walk-in showers, built-in shelving, heated towel racks, and semi-enclosed toilets for maximum privacy. Master bathrooms are seen by many to be a space for retreat and relaxation, which often means that they are the most high-end type of bathroom.

Three quarter bathroom with stand up shower, sink and toilet.

Three-Quarter Bathrooms

Three-quarter bathrooms have a layout that contains a sink, toilet, and either a separate shower or a separate bathtub. Since most new bathrooms or remodeling projects today aren’t being built with bathtubs, the third component in three-quarter baths tends to be a shower.

While not quite as spacious as a full bathroom, three-quarter bathrooms still offer plenty of benefits without taking up much square footage. It’s common to find this type of bathroom near a guest bedroom or as part of a finished basement, as it offers everything needed but is likely to be used less often by the residents. 

Powder room with vessel sink and toilet with white wood paneled walls.

Powder Rooms or Half-Baths

Powder rooms, which are also called half-baths, feature only two of the standard four components of a full bathroom: a toilet and a sink. Thus, this is the smallest type of bathroom and takes up relatively little square footage.

Normally found by the entrance of a home or close to the kitchen, half-baths allow for more privacy for the homeowner, as visitors can use this smaller bathroom without entering the bedroom areas. Also, since full bathrooms tend to be more personal spaces with garments and medicines or hygiene products, half-bathrooms keep visitors from seeing these types of items.

Jack and Jill bathroom with double vanity and plenty of storage space.

Jack and Jill Bathrooms

The final type of bathroom that’s most commonly seen in homes is the Jack and Jill bathroom, or the shared bathroom. This type of bathroom is positioned between two bedrooms and has two doors, granting equal and easy access from either bedroom. 

Jack and Jill bathrooms usually feature one or two sinks, a toilet, and a shower or bathtub. Extremely fun for kids, this style is an ideal choice for larger families, where the bathroom might be occupied at any given time of day. Not only does this type of bathroom provide convenience for whoever occupies the adjoining bedrooms, but it also saves on space, as you won’t need to have one bathroom for every person or bedroom and can use that extra square footage for other purposes.

Which Type of Bathroom is Most On-Trend Today?

Since not every home can accommodate every type of bathroom, there isn’t necessarily one layout that is more on-trend than any other. However, there is a shared understanding that the ensuite bathroom is a must-have in home design. Buyers will look more favorably upon homes with ensuites, as this type of bathroom is something most people want.

Once considered a luxurious advantage, ensuite bathrooms are increasingly popular features in homes of all different shapes and sizes. This is because they offer a level of convenience that can’t be denied, and they add a huge amount of value to a home compared to standalone full baths. 

The ensuite isn’t just for the primary or owner bathroom anymore! You’ll find them in the other bedrooms of the house, making the bathroom more private and accessible. The more “suites” you have in your home the more valuable, and the more attractive. 

No matter what type of bathroom you have, these vanity and faucet pairings will go great with any interior style or aesthetic.

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