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Bathroom Color Ideas for a Fresh Summer Makeover

Bright bathroom with freestanding tub and blue tile backsplash.

Bathroom feeling dull and uninspiring? A summer bathroom makeover is a fantastic opportunity to infuse vibrant colors, refreshing patterns, and lively textures into the space.  

Color is one of the easiest ways to make the bathroom feel completely new. Here are some colorful bathroom ideas to help you create a bright and cheerful oasis that will set the tone for your summer. 

Mood board with tropical color scheme.

Tropical Paradise 

Bring the beach vibes indoors by incorporating tropical colors such as turquoise, coral, and sunny yellow. Consider adding wallpaper with palm leaf or tropical flower patterns to create a statement wall. 

Our Favorites – Glass Sinks 

Glass offers opportunities for color and texture that can transform the look and feel of the bathroom. This green glass sink by Kraus is the perfect match for a tropical design with its green palette and organic, leaf-like texture. It sits atop the vanity countertop so it’s on full display and a key part of your design. 

See Kraus Nei Glass Vessel Sink

Citrus Splash 

Energize your bathroom with citrus-inspired hues like lemon yellow, lime green, and tangerine orange. You can introduce these colors through accessories such as towels, shower curtains, and bathmats for a refreshing summer feel. 

Mood board with blue ocean inspired palette.

Ocean Blue 

Create a serene oasis reminiscent of the ocean by using shades of blue ranging from soft aqua to deep navy. Pair blue accents with crisp white fixtures and natural wood elements to evoke a coastal-inspired ambiance. 

Our Favorites – The Blue Vanity 

The vanity is often the visual center of the bathroom—whether it deserves it or not. A blue vanity ensures that the vanity isn’t only the center of attention, but also that it is stunning. We offer an assortment of vanity styles in blue from transitional wall-mounted varieties to ultra-modern sleek vanities.  

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Mood board featuring bohemian styles and colors.

Bohemian Chic 

Embrace a bohemian aesthetic by layering rich jewel tones such as emerald green, sapphire blue, and amethyst purple. Mix and match patterned textiles, such as Moroccan-inspired rugs and eclectic shower curtains, to add depth and personality to the space. 

Mood board with sunset inspired palette and products.

Sunset Palette 

Capture the warmth and beauty of a summer sunset with a palette of warm tones like peach, coral, and rosy pink. Consider incorporating these colors through wall paint, tiles, or decorative accents for a cozy and inviting atmosphere. 

Our Favorites – Warm Metallics 

Warm metallics like brass, gold, bronze, and copper are an excellent way to top off a warmer color palette. Choose your faucets and fixtures in the warmer metal finishes to achieve sunset perfection. 


Pastel Dream 

Create a soft and serene atmosphere with a palette of pastel colors like mint green, lavender, and blush pink. These gentle hues can be incorporated through wall paint, subway tiles, or decorative accessories for a whimsical and airy feel. 

Bold Contrasts 

Make a statement with bold color contrasts by pairing vibrant shades with crisp white or black accents. Consider using geometric patterns or color-blocking techniques to add visual interest and drama to the space. 

Our Favorites – Black in the Bathroom 

Though black might not seem like the most obvious choice for adding vibrance to the bathroom, it’s the contrast that makes this scheme work. Black and white is the classic go-to but consider adding other accent colors that black will make even more vibrant. For instance, a bright tiled shower with a black shower faucet will make both elements stand out. 

Natural Elements 

Incorporate natural elements such as wood, stone, and plants to add warmth and texture to your colorful bathroom. Consider adding potted plants, woven baskets, or wooden shelving to bring the outdoors in and create a tranquil retreat. 

Time to create a mood board full of colors, textures, and patterns to give your bathroom a new face full of summer vibes. Get started today. 

Thursday, May 2, 2024

A Guide to No-Demo Bathroom Makeovers

Blue and white bathroom with double vanity and round mirrors.

Remodeling a bathroom without a full demolition can be a cost-effective and less disruptive way to update the space. Here are some tips on how to remodel a bathroom without tearing everything out. 

Person wearing a rubber glove and cleaning a surface.

1. Clean and Repair 

Start by thoroughly cleaning the bathroom to remove any dirt, grime, or mold. A deep clean can make the bathroom feel refreshed or help you see what really needs attention in your remodel. 

Fix any minor damage, leaks, or issues with the existing fixtures and surfaces. This too can make your bathroom feel new again or help identify what priorities should be in your remodel. 

 2. Paint 

A fresh coat of paint can make a significant difference in the appearance of your bathroom. In fact, it may be all you need to give your bathroom a much-needed boost.  

Opt for light and neutral colors to make the space look larger and brighter. Select an accent color to add interest and style to the space.  

Clean and sand the walls, then apply primer before painting—no demolition necessary. Use moisture-resistant paint suitable for high moisture-level bathrooms. 

Large bathroom with marble shower and vanity top,

 3. Update Fixtures 

Replacing old fixtures can instantly update the look of your bathroom without any demo. Replace the sink and faucet for a modern and functional upgrade. Consider installing a new toilet with water-saving features. Update the showerhead and faucets for a refreshed look and improved functionality. 

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Large bathroom with double vanity and oblong mirrors.

4. Refresh Lighting 

Improving the lighting in your bathroom can enhance the ambiance and functionality. Install new vanity lights or update existing fixtures. Add task lighting near the mirror and shower. Consider adding ambient lighting, such as recessed lights or a chandelier. 

Check Out Lighting Options  

5. Replace or Refinish Surfaces 

Instead of tearing out tiles or countertops, you can either replace or refinish them. 

If tiles are in good condition but outdated, you can paint or stencil them for a new look. Otherwise, consider adding new tiles over the existing ones. 

Update the countertops by painting, resurfacing, or adding a new overlay. 

Double bathroom vanity in a light sage green color.

6. Swap Out Handles 

Replace old cabinet handles and knobs with new ones for an instant makeover that makes a real difference. Use the knobs and handles to reinforce the style in your bathroom. For instance, go with a simple square knob for a minimalist style or an ornate filigree handle for more vintage looks. 

Discover Hardware  

Light wood vanity with white vanity top and black gooseneck

 7. Add Accessories and Décor 

Changing out curtains, accessories, etc. can shift the look and feel of your space with a minimum of renovation disturbance.  

Install a new mirror or frame the existing one for a stylish touch. Add shelves for extra storage and display. Incorporate decorative elements like artwork, plants, and textiles to personalize the space. 

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 8. Flooring 

If you want to update the flooring without demolition, install laminate or vinyl flooring over the existing tile or linoleum. Add rugs to cover and refresh the existing floor. 

Inspiration board for additions to a bathroom without a demo.

 Remodeling a bathroom without a full demolition involves careful planning, updating fixtures and surfaces, and adding new accessories and décor to refresh and modernize the space. With these steps and tips, you can achieve a stylish and functional bathroom remodel without tearing everything out. 

Thursday, April 18, 2024

Mirror, Mirror on the Wall:  Transformative Bathroom Mirror Ideas

Double vanity in a neutral bathroom with arched mirror and long sconces.

The bathroom mirror—an often-overlooked element of the room that you simply can’t do without. Bathroom mirrors are not just functional items; they can also serve as decorative elements that enhance the overall aesthetic of the space.  

With a simple mirror, you can set the tone for a modern-styled bathroom or add some much-needed storage. You can add task lighting right where it counts or even get the weather report. Here are some creative and stylish bathroom mirror ideas to consider. 

Frameless Mirrors 

A sleek and minimalist option that can give a modern and clean look to the bathroom, bathroom mirrors without frames take your design into the 21st century. Their lack of frame opens the vanity area creating a sense of space, so they make a great addition to the smaller bathroom. 

Large vanity with a single sink and large round mirror in a gold frame.

Round Mirrors 

Perfect for softening the sharp edges in a bathroom with many square or rectangular fixtures. They can add a touch of elegance and uniqueness. These can look especially nice with a distinctive frame or special mounting that draws attention to the shape.  

Alternatively, choose an arched or oval mirror to achieve the same effect. 

Oversized Mirrors 

Great for making a small bathroom appear larger and more spacious. An oversized mirror can also reflect more light, brightening up the space. Be sure to select a proportionate vanity. Double vanities are a great choice if you’re going the oversized route.  

Large square mirror with built in lights around the edges.

 Bathroom Mirrors with Lights 

These mirrors come with built-in LED lights around the edges or behind the mirror, providing optimal lighting for tasks like shaving or applying makeup. Not only do the give you light right where you need it, but they also amp up the ambiance of the bathroom, setting the tone for the design. 

Medicine Cabinet with Mirror 

A practical choice for storing toiletries and medications while also serving as a mirror. Bathroom mirrors with storage can be hung on the wall or recessed into the wall for a flush installation. Look at our broad selection of medicine cabinets.  

Go to Medicine Cabinets 

Antique or Vintage Mirrors 

Perfect for vintage designs like cottagecore, grannychic, etc., these can add character and a sense of history to the bathroom. Look for ornate frames or unique shapes to make a statement. Aged mirrors with patina are a sure bet too. 

Multiple Mirrors 

Installing two or more mirrors can create a stylish and symmetrical look, especially in larger bathrooms. This can also allow for more than one person to use the mirror at the same time. Double and triple vanities are great opportunities to create individual spaces in the bathroom. 

Framed Mirrors 

Adding a decorative frame to a mirror can elevate its appearance and tie it in with the rest of the bathroom's design. Frames can be made from various materials such as wood, metal, or even tile. Creating a statement wall behind the mirror has the same effect. Wallpaper is a popular statement for the bathroom. 

Backlit Mirrors 

These mirrors have a strip of light behind them, providing a soft and subtle glow. This type of lighting can create a relaxing ambiance, perfect for a spa-like bathroom. It also adds light where it most counts for shaving or applying makeup.  

Large double vanity in warm wood with separate hexagonal black framed mirrors.

Unique Shapes

Consider mirrors in unconventional shapes like hexagonal, oval, or irregular geometrical forms. They can add visual interest and a contemporary flair to the bathroom. 

Floating Mirrors 

These mirrors appear to float off the wall, creating a modern and sophisticated look. They can be paired with floating vanities for a cohesive and minimalist design. 

Large rectangular mirror over a double vanity with smart technology.

Smart Tech Mirror 

Think about including some features in your mirror that take it to a whole new level. Defogging, telling time and temperature, electrical or USB outlets, audio and Bluetooth are just a few of the smart technology that’s now available as a part of your bathroom mirror. 

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Tips for Choosing the Right Bathroom Mirror 

Size: Be sure the mirror is proportionate to the sink and vanity. Generally, the mirror should not be wider than the vanity/sink area. 

Placement: Ideally, the mirror should be placed at eye level for most users. Consider the height of the tallest person using the bathroom when determining the placement. 

Functionality: Think about the primary uses of the mirror. For example, if it's for applying makeup, a mirror with good lighting is essential. 

Style and Décor: Choose a mirror that complements the overall style and color scheme of the bathroom. Whether it's modern, traditional, or transitional, the mirror should blend seamlessly with the rest of the space. 

Maintenance: Mirrors with anti-fog or easy-to-clean features can be beneficial, especially in bathrooms with high humidity. 

Remember, the bathroom mirror is a key element in the design of the space, so take your time to find the perfect mirror that not only serves its functional purpose but also enhances the aesthetic appeal of your bathroom. 

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11 Essential Plumbing Considerations for your Bathroom Remodel

Large open bathroom with neutral color scheme.

While it’s easy to get excited about how a freshly remodeled bathroom will look and feel, there are a lot of logistical things to think about before a hammer ever meets the wall. One of those is the plumbing.  

When planning a bathroom remodel, plumbing considerations are crucial to ensure functionality, efficiency, and compliance with building codes. Here are some key aspects to think about. 

1. Layout and Design 

Determine the optimal layout for your new bathroom, considering the placement of fixtures such as the sink, toilet, bathtub, and shower. Make sure the layout allows for efficient use of space and easy access to plumbing lines. 

Close up of bathroom vanity with neutral colored wood and white countertop.

2. Pipe Placement 

Consider the location of existing plumbing lines and consider if any modifications or rerouting are necessary to accommodate the new design. Ensure that pipes are properly sized and positioned to deliver water to fixtures without leaks or pressure issues. 

3. Maintenance Check 

One you get behind the walls, you’re sure to find something unexpected. Maybe it’ll be that there isn’t as much insulation as you thought or the electrical isn’t up to code. Plan on giving all existing plumbing that you plan to keep a thorough check to ensure it is in good condition and will not have any issues in the future.  

4. Water Supply 

Evaluate the capacity and pressure of your water supply system to ensure it can adequately support the demands of any new fixtures. Consider upgrading pipes or installing additional water lines if needed. 

Spacious bathroom with lots of windows and neutral color palette.

5. Drainage and Ventilation 

Proper drainage is essential to prevent backups and water damage. Ensure that drains are properly sloped and vent pipes are installed to allow for the release of sewer gases and maintain proper airflow in the plumbing system. 

6. Fixture Selection 

Choose high-quality fixtures that are compatible with your plumbing system and meet your aesthetic and functional preferences. Consider factors such as water efficiency, ease of installation, and maintenance requirements. 

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7. Accessibility 

If you're remodeling for accessibility, ensure that fixtures are positioned at appropriate heights and that grab bars and other accessibility features are installed according to ADA guidelines. 

Man installing a new shower head in a bathroom shower.

 8. Permits and Regulations 

Check local building codes and regulations to ensure compliance with plumbing requirements for your area. Obtain any necessary permits before starting work to avoid potential fines or delays. 

9. Budget and Timeline 

Plumbing work can be a significant part of your remodeling budget and may require professional installation. Plan accordingly and factor in both the cost and timeline for plumbing installation and any necessary inspections. It doesn’t hurt to add a buffer to both your budget and timeline to accommodate for any unforeseen issue that need to be addressed. 

10. Professional Help 

While some plumbing tasks can be DIY-friendly, complex installations or modifications may require the expertise of a licensed plumber. Consider hiring a professional to ensure the job is done safely and up to code. 

Bathroom blueprints with material swatches like tile.

11. Future Maintenance 

Think about accessibility for future maintenance needs. Ensure that key plumbing components such as shut-off valves and access panels are easily reachable for repairs or upgrades down the line. 

With all the right plumbing in place, you’ll be able to enjoy all the ambiance and relaxation your new bathroom can offer. A successful and efficient bathroom remodel, including careful attention and planning for plumbing, enhances your peace of mind and the value of your home. 

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2024’s Top Colors to Transform Your Space

Two tone pedestal sink against a green bathroom wall.

2024 bursts onto the scene with a vibrant array of hues, ushering in an era of warmth, comfort, and individual expression. Farewell to the days of stark minimalism in grayscale and sterile whites; this year, coziness and color take center stage, defining the palettes of homes everywhere. 

Embracing the trend towards boldness and confidence, the year 2024 introduces a captivating spectrum of colors, breathing new life into familiar favorites. From soothing neutrals to striking accents, the emphasis is on revitalizing interiors with unique twists on timeless classics. 

Let's delve into the must-have interior design color trends for 2024, promising enduring appeal year after year. 

Collage of light olive green paint and furnishings in room scenes.

Choosing Green Over Gray 

The reign of gray fades away as 2024 embraces green-gray neutrals with gusto. Leading the charge, Graham & Brown selects "Viridis" as their color of the year, blending light sage and olive tones to craft a charming yet neutral shade. Similarly, Dutch Boy Paints introduces "Ironside," a rich olive green tinged with warm gray undertones, perfect for those seeking adventurous neutrals without veering into darkness. 

Terracotta color used on walls and furnishings.

Rosy Outlook 

Terracotta and its rose-inspired hues continue to captivate in 2024, but with a fresh perspective. Sherwin-Williams crowns "Persimmon" as its color of the year, a subtly peachy beige that transcends traditional neutrals to infuse spaces with vitality and character. 

Collage of muted metals being used in bathrooms.

“Soft” Metals 

Hardware and finishes have shifted from silver tones to gold in the last couple of years. Now they may be shifting back to silver again but with a softer presence. Warmth and softness dominated all interior design trends and now that’s evolving to embrace more than just warm colors. Choose matte metals for a softer appearance. Softer shapes in any tone are also a great bet.  

Three different colors of blue in a colorful collage.

Singing the Blues 

Blue reigns supreme as three industry giants unveil blue shades as their colors of the year. C2 Paint introduces "Thermal," a breezy blue reminiscent of clear skies, while Valspar opts for "Renew Blue," radiating both serenity and vibrancy. Minwax's choice, "Bay Blue," adds a daring pop of blue-green as a captivating accent, enhancing natural wood grains with its vivid allure. 

Butter yellow color on walls and cabinets in a collage of room scenes.

Dignified Yellows 

Glidden introduces "Limitless," a remarkable beige-yellow hue defying categorization. With elements of cream, yellow, and beige harmoniously intertwined, it emerges as a versatile and contemporary neutral, outshining traditional grays to command attention. 

Collage of room scenes using warm black paint.

Warm Black 

Even black experiences a resurgence in 2024, as Behr Paint Company unveils "Cracked Pepper," a subdued yet inviting black exuding newfound enthusiasm. No longer confined to the shadows, black emerges as a dynamic shade capable of rejuvenating spaces with its captivating allure. 

With an unparalleled array of standout colors, 2024's interior design trends promise to infuse spaces with warmth, energy, and irresistible charm. Discover the transformative power of a refreshed color palette and make your living environment a place where you'll want to linger endlessly. 

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Uncramped: Renovating Ideas for Small Bathrooms

Small bathroom with vanity storage and compact features.

8 Tips for Remodeling a Small Bathroom

As renovation challenges go, a small bathroom or powder room presents some interesting parameters. The smaller measurements limit your choices from selecting a vanity to picking out floor tile. A small bathroom can also be a blessing in disguise. Some of the most stunning bathroom designs out there are powder rooms.

When you know how to make a small bathroom feel bigger—both visually, and design-wise--it will transform your space for the better. Here are 7 renovating ideas for small bathrooms that pack a huge design punch.

1. Direct Focus

One of the reasons you dislike your small bathroom so much is probably because you’re focusing on the elements that make it feel small. Flip that on its head and use it to your advantage to expand the feel of the powder room. 

Put focus on the elements of the room that make it feel bigger. If you have high ceilings, paint them a contrasting color or wallpaper them. If your ceiling is pitched consider it a feature of the space rather than a limitation.

Add attention grabbing accents and place them higher up on the wall to draw the eye upward. A few flashy sconces, a painting, or a metallic accent all do the trick. Or, turn your attention downward and make the floor a statement piece of the space with a patterned tile or unique shape.

Small bathroom with lots of storage in a closet and beneath the sink.

2. Maximize Storage

Small bathrooms don’t have much, if any, storage. Yet the bathroom is mostly a functional space. Where on earth are you going to put the extra toilet paper and backup bars of soap?

A medicine cabinet offers the light bouncing properties of a mirror with some hidden away storage so you get the best of both worlds. Get a vanity with a few drawers or cabinets to stow necessities. Build in a few niches to create space almost out of thin air.

Small bathroom with window for natural lighting.

3. Increase Lighting

Light makes a space feel bigger, especially natural light. Lighting is key in your small bathroom. There are lots of ways to introduce, and repurpose, light.

Plan for a skylight and as many windows as you can possibly add. Include all three types of lighting: ambient, task, and accent in the form of recessed lights in the ceiling, sconces around the mirror, and decorative lighting. 

Use mirrors and a lighter color palette to bounce light around the room. Eliminate anything that would absorb light or get in the way of light like big window treatments or shower curtains. 

Learn More About Lighting

Light, bright, white small bathroom.

4. Use Lines

The use of lines in a small bathroom design can be tricky. They can either make the space feel bigger or shrink it. For instance, a 12” tile grid floor tends to shrink the space. On the other hand, a larger tile with fewer grout lines can actually expand the space. 

Wood planking on the floor or walls act as lines of perspective and can make the space feel longer or taller if they all go in the same direction. Choose frameless shower doors and vanity cabinets to decrease the boxy feel these can create. 

Small bathroom with decorative vanity to distract from the storage in in.

5. Disguise the Vanity

We’ve talked about creating features in your small bathroom, but sometimes the right approach is to do what David Copperfield would do and make things disappear. The vanity or sink is likely the item in the bathroom that takes up the most space. Time to make it disappear.

Paint the wall behind the vanity the same color as the vanity. This works especially well with white. With the wall and the vanity blended together pushes back the wall and makes the space feel more expansive. 

 A clean lined, modern style vanity that doesn’t draw attention to itself is a best bet with this approach. Go for flat front cabinets in a frameless style for best results.

6. Scale Down

In a small bathroom sometimes it helps to make everything else small. Pick small tiles (3” or less), small sink, small toilet, small vanity, etc. All that small takes up less space literally and visually and enlarges the room. 

If you have patterns in your design, stick with smaller versions rather than larger than life florals. Modern or contemporary styling is often a great way to go to keep the scale small. It tends to keep things clean, simple, and minimal—all great approaches for the smaller bathroom.

Large, lit mirror in a white bathroom with freestanding tub reflected in the mirror.

7. Leverage Mirrors

Mirrors do double duty when it comes to making a small space feel bigger: they reflect light bringing more light into the space, and they remove the feeling of finite walls that enclose the space. It's like adding another window to the room! Try this large mirror with LED lighting.

Consider adding a large mirror over the vanity, or better yet, span a mirror from wall to wall to fully optimize the effect. Splitting wall design between upper and lower is on trend so consider placing mirror on the upper half to open up the eye level areas.

8. Use Color

Colors can have a huge impact on whether the space feels open and large or small and cramped. White is the obvious choice. It reflects light and makes the space appear bigger. But it’s not the only option that works.

If you want some color but still want the magic of white, go with a lighter hue with plenty of white in the mix. Pale gray, barely there mint greens, coastal blues, and light beiges all do the trick nicely. 

You can also use a bright white in combination with a bolder color. Paint half the wall white and the other half a color. Paint the ceiling a bold color and keep the white walls. If you do choose to go with a bolder color, try to keep oranges and yellows out of the equation. They tend to have an enclosing feel that’s great for a cozy design, but not so great for expanding the small bathroom.

9. Go Glossy

In a similar vein to mirrors and lighting, glossy finishes reflect light making the space feel larger and more open. 

Pick glossy paint. Opt for polished metals on the hardware. Even glossy tile is an excellent option for amplifying the small bathroom into something more. 

Equipped with some renovating ideas for small bathrooms, you can start enjoying your powder room instead of lamenting about it. Want more bathroom remodeling tips? Read on. 

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Thursday, February 8, 2024

11 Trending Kitchen Ideas

Large kitchen with wood cabinets an marble island.

Are you planning a kitchen remodel in 2024? It's crucial to avoid designs that may feel outdated in a few years. Start your remodeling plans by exploring the latest kitchen design trends for 2024. 

We've delved into past trends, consulted with experts, and even glimpsed into the future to identify eleven enduring kitchen design trends that will withstand the test of time. Here they are: 

1. Solid Surface Backsplash 

The use of slab or solid surface backsplashes is a common theme in new kitchens for 2024. Stone, especially dramatic marble or veined stone looks, is a favored choice. Coordinating the backsplash with the island is a hot trend, providing a cohesive and visually stunning appearance. 

2. Warmer Colors & the End of Gray 

Bid farewell to gray as warmer colors take the spotlight. Beige, greige, and cream are making a comeback, accompanied by color-infused neutrals like blushes and corals. Green tones, such as sage and olive, are popular accent colors. Blue and black, creatively applied, can also evoke warmth. 

3. Layered Lighting 

Instead of bold or statement lighting in the kitchen, in 2024, layering is on trend for lighting. Layering simply means that the light itself is taking center stage rather than the fixtures. That means canned lighting, understated fixtures, sconces, under-cabinet accents, even lamps. 

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Galley kitchen  with two tone cabinets an gold and black hardware.

4. Natural & Organic 

Move away from overly refined materials and embrace natural elements like stone, cement, wood, rattan, and wicker. Neutral colors and warm metals for hardware contribute to a natural and organic feel, bringing simplicity and nature into the kitchen. 

5. Blending Styles 

Personalization is key in 2024, and mixing design styles is a great way to add life to your kitchen. Contrasting elements, such as rustic and modern or vintage and minimalist, coexist harmoniously. Experiment with different cabinet, floor, and countertop styles to achieve a cohesive yet diverse look. 

6. Secondary Kitchen Spaces 

Beyond the main kitchen, secondary kitchen spaces are gaining prominence. Butler's pantries, coffee-making stations, wet bars, and eat-in kitchens provide functional and distinct areas within the kitchen for various purposes. 

7. Statement Appliances 

Make a statement in your kitchen by introducing standout appliances, with stoves and hoods being the top choices in 2024. Vibrant colors, stylish designs, and charming features can visually anchor your kitchen design. 

Kitchen sink with Gold faucet and marble backsplash.

8. Gold Finishes 

It’s been a while since gold tones were favored in kitchen design, but with the return of warmer color palettes, gold is now the number one choice in 2024 for kitchen finishes. Use it for cabinet knobs and pulls, faucets, lighting, and accents throughout the space.  

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9. Wood Grain Cabinets 

Embrace the warmth of natural, unstained wood grain cabinets. Oak and walnut are trendsetting choices, bringing rustic warmth and coziness to the kitchen. Lighter-colored woods maintain a sense of airiness while infusing warmth into the design. 

Vintage style kitchen with farmhouse sink and wood cabinets.

10. Vintage Styling 

Vintage elements are making a comeback, offering a nostalgic and personalized touch to the kitchen. Even small additions, like a farmhouse sink or country-inspired valances, can evoke a vintage vibe. Combining vintage elements with contemporary design is a popular trend for 2024. 

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11. Quartz Countertops 

According to a survey taken by the National Kitchen & Bath Association, 73% of respondents said they preferred quartz for their kitchen countertops. It’s easy to maintain, heat and stain tolerant, and looks spectacular. 

Shop to outfit your on-trend kitchen in 2024.  

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Thursday, February 1, 2024

Innovating Everyday Elegance: Exclusive Interview with Leading Bath Designer

Large white and gray bathroom with double vanity by James Martin.

James Martin Vanities, a leading name in the world of bath cabinetry, has consistently set the standard for innovative and stylish vanity designs that work with you in your everyday routines. We talked with James Martin designer, Erin Sullivan, to delve into the brand's creative process, style evolution, customer-centric approach, and the integration of technological advancements to find out what’s behind this favorite brand. 

Balancing Customization and Functionality 

James Martin stands out for its commitment to addressing consumer preferences and adding functionality for daily rituals. 

“We have always looked to the custom vanity industry for trends in consumer preferences when it comes to bath cabinetry,” said Sullivan.  Their fully modular collections were designed to offer features that are typically incorporated into custom bath design so customers can find exactly what they want without the custom price tag. 

The team focuses on incorporating features like makeup counters and countertop storage units to meet the needs of users. By staying attuned to emerging design trends, the brand ensures that its products are not just functional but also aesthetically pleasing. 

Large modular vanity with two stations in gray classic styling by James Martin.

Furniture Fusion for Ultimate Style 

The foundation of James Martin's brand lies in offering vanity cabinets that resemble fine furnishings with high standards of craftsmanship.  

Sullivan said, “We honor the legacy of handcrafted furniture by staying in tune with relevant and emerging design trends in the interior design and furnishings industry.  We attend leading trades shows where the latest trends are introduced and follow global trends from shows in Paris and Milan while also leaning on research from the bath industry as well as many other industry influences in helping to make well rounded and well-informed decisions on new design concepts.” 

Drawing inspiration from furniture design and various industry trends, James Martin remains at the forefront of emerging design preferences. 

Collaboration from Start to Finish 

A collaborative brand, James Martin takes feedback from their customers as well as talented European designers.  

One remarkable example of customer feedback shaping James Martin's designs is the inclusion of aluminum laminate drawer liners. This feature, unique to James Martin Vanities, was introduced based on customer concerns about keeping drawer bottoms clean.  

“This feature has become one our most valued signature features that sets our vanities apart in the industry,” said Sullivan.  

James Martin vanity in a large, bright bathroom in dark wood.

Integrating Technology 

Embracing technological advancements, James Martin consistently reviews opportunities to introduce new, relevant features that enhance the consumer's daily experience without compromising the brand's aesthetic. This forward-thinking approach ensures that the brand remains synonymous with elegance and modern convenience. 

“We are consistently reviewing opportunities for new, relevant, features that add value to our product and to the consumer experience in ways that allow us to stay true to our brand,” said Sullivan. 

James Martin Vanities' creative journey is a testament to its commitment to excellence, customer satisfaction, and staying at the forefront of design innovation in the world of bath cabinetry. 

Check out James Martin Vanities at DecorPlanet today. 

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