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9 Bathroom Organization Hacks You’ll Be Sorry You Didn’t Know Sooner

Bathroom drawer organizer.

Sometimes it seems no matter how big or small your bathroom is, you just can’t find a place for every item. A place for everything and everything in its place is more a matter of how you use your space than how much you have of it. 

These bathroom organization hacks will help you make the most of what you’ve got so you can finally enjoy a functional and beautiful bathroom.


In big cities real estate is scarce. That’s why they build skyrises. Use the same concept in your bathroom where space is at a premium. One way to do that is to invest in storage towers

A storage tower is a tall, slim portable cabinet unit you place in the bathroom to provide more storage. It has doors so you can conceal your unmentionables or simply keep a nice tidy look and feel.


If you think you don’t have enough storage space in your bathroom, you’re probably thinking only about the drawers, cabinets, and shelves you have. There are many other ways to create storage. Look to the vertical surfaces in your bathroom for more storage.

Hooks on the walls give you a place to keep anything that you can hang: robes, curling irons, towels, etc. Place a hanging shoe holder on a hook and, voila, you have more storage space.


Shelves are another way to use the vertical space in your bathroom to create more storage. They are great for stacking extra toilet paper rolls, towels, or keeping commonly used items on hand. 

Often, shelves can benefit from boxes, containers, and baskets to reign in items and make things look more tidy. This can also add some style if you get creative. Patterned boxes add color and design. A tiered stand can hold smaller items with panache. 


It’s one thing to get the bathroom organized, but keeping it that way is a whole different thing. That’s where labeling comes in. Everyone will know where things belong and maybe will be less tempted to put things back in the wrong places. 

Make sure your labels can be removed and won’t damage whatever you stick them to. You may find that you need to adjust where or how you store something and an easily removed label will make that job easier. A simple label maker or vinyl letter cutter are both excellent tools for the job.

Bathroom with shelves on the wall.


The bathroom becomes a landing pad for many tiny items. Earrings, bobby pins, tweezers, etc. get lost easily and tend to clutter up the bathroom. Magnets are a great way to keep smaller items in check. If it’s not already metal, you can add magnets or things you want to keep in place. 

Strips or button magnets can be placed on a wall or door to hold things vertically or they can be placed in the bottom of drawers to keep things in one spot. Magnetized dishes are excellent for the drawer or countertop.


Caddies are the original bathroom organizer. They come in all shapes and sizes and are made for many different places. The shower caddy, for example, hangs in the shower and helps you keep shampoo, conditioner, body wash, and other shower necessities organized.

Another style of caddy has a handle so you can easily move it from the cabinet to the countertop and back again. You can easily store and access things you use regularly and put them away easily to keep the vanity top clear of clutter. 

Niches are recessed cubbies in the shower and serve the same purpose as caddies. These have to be built into the shower wall so they may not be an immediate solution. If you’re planning a future renovation, be sure to include a niche in the shower.

Vanity Storage

The vanity is probably the biggest storage spot you have in the bathroom. Sometimes bigger doesn’t equal better though. There can be a lot of wasted space in a vanity cabinet or drawer. 

Make this storage space count by adding shelves, baskets, boxes, under sink caddies, etc. Separating the space into smaller units helps you maximize the space and find a spot for everything.

Add a new vanity to your bathroom to give your storage options a boost. There’s a vanity for even the smallest bathroom. 

Medicine Cabinets

Another bathroom organization hack you’ll love is to make use of spaces that are already occupied, like behind the mirror. Medicine cabinets have been around for a long time so you may have dismissed them a long time ago. But you’re missing out. 

Today’s medicine cabinets offer some high-tech solutions in addition to adding some storage space. You can get the time, weather, and calendar reminders from your mirror during your morning routine. You can get medicine cabinet mirrors that unfog themselves. You can get medicine cabinet mirrors that are lit to make applying makeup or shaving easier. 

As for storage, the medicine cabinet is the perfect place to store your most used necessities. Cotton swabs and balls, bandages, medicines and ointments, etc. all fit well in the medicine cabinet.  Learn more about the best stuff to store in the medicine cabinet. 

Take back your bathroom with these bathroom organizing hacks. You’ll be amazed just how much you can fit in your bathroom without feeling like it’s too cluttered or you can’t find anything. Next up, how to clean your bathroom better (and easier) than ever before. 

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Tuesday, December 21, 2021

Things We All Hate In the Bathroom . . .

Double vanity with round, backlit mirrors.

. . . and Bathroom Solutions

If you’ve fallen in the toilet in the middle of the night because someone forgot to put the seat down or found yourself with an empty toilet paper roll and no replacement within reach, this post is for you. 

There are a handful (or two) of things in the bathroom that can get annoying pretty fast. But, there are solutions. You might be surprised just how easy it is to fix most bathroom problems. Come with us and discover some simple and quick bathroom solutions to end your battles in the bathroom.

Large, white freestanding bathtub with chrome faucet.

Loose Toilet Seat

A shifty toilet seat isn’t only irritating, it’s also a bit of a hazard. Luckily, it’s pretty easy to fix. All you have to do is tighten the nuts and bolts that hold the seat in place. 


Put the seat down and look for the two bumps at the back of the seat (these are covers for the bolts). Remove the covers then use a flathead screwdriver to hold the bolts in place while you tighten the nuts on the underside of the toilet bowl. Get more details in this article or video.

Now that you know how easy it is to tighten a toilet seat, if you ever want to replace your seat, you can make a Saturday DIY project of it. Shop for a new seat!

Toilet Seat Up

This is probably the worst thing about sharing a bathroom. Toilet seats in the up position don’t look good, nor do they help bathroom functionality.


Invest in a new self-closing toilet seat. Just like an auto-flush toilet, these seats close softly on their own (or by remote control). Check out your options.

Empty Toilet Paper Roll

It’s the stuff of nightmares: you’re left with no TP and there’s no replacement roll in sight. Whether you’re a guest or in your own home, this is a situation you want to avoid at all costs.


There are several simple solutions to this bathroom problem. Place a basket on the back of the toilet with refills. Add a small storage cabinet within reach of the toilet filled with toilet paper. Get a freestanding or wall-mounted toilet paper holder so you can buy the extra large rolls

White bathroom with double vanity and freestanding tub.


Smells happen. Annoying as a lingering smell is, sometimes it doesn’t seem like there’s much you can do about it besides cover up the smell. Ready for a better solution?


Bathroom fans don’t cover up smells, they move them out. It’s essentially an exhaust fan for the bathroom. Now that’s a real solution. Shop for bathroom exhaust fans. 

Forgetting to Flush

There’s nothing more delightful than walking into your bathroom and discovering that somebody forgot to flush. Besides the yelling and threats, there’s something you can do to get rid of this problem forever. 


Auto-flushing toilets are a great solution. This is not the industrial version you’re familiar with in public restrooms. Residential versions are gentler, even water-saving but still get the job done. Many have bidet type features that keep the toilet fresh constantly. Check out auto-flush toilets.

Low Light

The bathroom is a place where plenty of light is needed for everything from removing a splinter to applying makeup. Even proper cleaning can be hard to do without enough light.


Adding light to the bathroom has varying levels of complexity to install. If you simply add a lighted mirror to your vanity, that probably won’t require much time or money. Or you can install new sconces or vanity bars/strips, which will require some remodeling. If you’re doing a full remodel, consider skylights, so you always have some natural light. 

Large bathroom with wet room and tile mosaic wall.

Not Enough Storage

If you have a small bathroom, you know the pain. Just enough room for the bathroom basics leaves you with nowhere to store towels, shampoos, etc. Not quite sure how to get more storage out of your bathroom?


Get a vanity with a cabinet beneath the sink. Or install a medicine cabinet. Wall-mounted cabinets or shelves are excellent over the toilet where you have unused space. If your issue isn’t necessarily space, but simply a lack of built-in storage, add a freestanding linen tower or shelves.

Badly-Placed Towel Rods

Not being able to reach towels from the shower or tub is the worst. Luckily the problem is pretty easily solved.


Moving or installing a towel rod involves placing a few screws and attaching the brackets—a fairly simple DIY project. Even easier is a freestanding towel rack. Hooks have a similar installation process to rods and take up barely any wall space. If you’d like to splurge a little, go for a towel warmer—not only will you be able to reach your towel, it will be nice and toasty.

Useless Bathtub

If you’re not much of a bath-taker, you may see the tub as wasted space. Or maybe you have an older jetted tub that you don’t dare use because who knows what’s growing deep in those jets?


Many people are getting rid of their bathtubs in favor of spa-like showers or wet rooms. This gives you the space to install multiple showerheads, luxurious rain showerheads, body jets, etc. Jetted tubs today don’t have the issues the older tubs have (they circulate air) so a new one may solve the problem. 

Whatever it is you hate most about your bathroom, now’s a great time to fix it. For little money and time, you can get rid of those pesky bathroom problems. 

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Bathroom Trends 2023

Large bathroom with wet room and natural materials.

Bathroom trends in 2023 center on personalized spaces that combine luxury and functionality. This extends into design as well with minimalism with pops of the ornate in a single design. Here are the details on the big trends in bathroom design this year.

Spa Sanctuary

The tendency toward spa-like bathrooms continues into 2023 and is only gaining momentum. Spa elements can be as simple as a rain showerhead or as ornate as steam and jet showers. It’s a concept that can scale up or down depending on your space and budget. 

One of the hottest 2023 bathroom trends is called cocooning. It’s the idea that the bathroom envelopes you in comfort. Everything from the design to the features is all about creating the ultimate sanctuary for body and mind. 

Bathrooms of 2023 are also embracing luxury and custom elements. Let the bathroom go all out with materials like marble, custom-look patterns like herringbone, and large-scale tile or stone slabs.

Another similar trend is the move toward brining living room items into the bathroom. From wood beams on the ceiling to furniture and fireplaces in the bathroom, these make the bathroom feel like another living space rather than a simply functional space. 

Statement Design

Bathroom design took a turn for the bold in 2023. Demure, minimal, white bathrooms gave way to elaborately designed spaces with rich colors and patterns. Size of the bathroom has no bearing on a bold design. Even powder bathrooms are in on the action. Everywhere you look, you’ll see something interesting. 

Large patterned wallpapers, bold colors, and rich textures are on trend. Big faucets in any metallic color draw attention. Bold elements shouldn’t compete so be sure there’s a golden thread that ties everything together. 

Dark fixtures at a white wall-mounted vanity in the bathroom.

Custom-Look Fixtures

Take bathroom design to the next level with custom items, or items that look custom. A great way to do this is with your bathroom fixtures. From lighting to faucets, get the custom look by choosing hardware in unique colors and finishes. 

Chrome has been the favorite for bathroom faucets, showerheads, and handles. But 2023 made a turn toward something different in fixtures. Going right along with the penchant for bolder design in the bathroom, gold or dark fixtures make a statement. Likewise, unexpected shapes and lines stand out.

Black is an excellent go-to, but also consider colors like bronze, graphite, and pewter, all of which add the drama or custom design. Brushed or matte brass and copper can also have the same effect if you desire a little more warmth in your fixture color. 

Statement Lighting

Statement lighting aims to draw attention to itself and takes a leading role in the bathroom’s design. You’ll see this in the bathroom with chandeliers or unique sconces. Statement lighting is well suited to bolder design. Don't be afraid to let your lighting stand out in color, shape, or dimension.

Give your lighting plenty of consideration especially around the vanity. The vanity is often the visual center of the space with bold colors and patterns in wallpaper, tile, even stone. Be sure the lighting enhances the effect of the design and tops it off with finesse.

Floral wallpaper on the wall behind the vanity in a beige bathroom.

Natural Elements

Inviting natural elements into the bathroom is a hallmark of 2023 bathroom trends. More live plants are making their way into the bathroom. These create a sense of bringing the outdoors in and the wellbeing that comes along with that. 

Natural color palettes, materials, and textures are another way to bring this trend into your bathroom. They instantly introduce calm and comfort. Try a light colored and simple grained wood for the vanity, lots of stone, and plush beige towels and rugs. 

Freestanding copper bathtub in a rustic bathroom.

Luxury Bathtubs

What spa bathroom is complete without a luxury bathtub? Look for something that is both visually beautiful and offers a luxurious experience. Freestanding tubs are popular and come in many different styles from Victorian clawfoot to modern, clean-lined soaker tubs.

Bathtubs like this are meant to be a main feature of the room so don’t be modest in your selection. Go for something with ornate details, a splash of color, or an interesting shape.

Wall-Mounted Vanities

Sleek and clean, a wall-mounted vanity keeps the design fresh without sacrificing on storage. The wall-mounted, or floating vanity gives the space a more open and light feel. They come in many designs and materials and their simplicity is well suited to many styles. 

Wall-mounted vanities are great for small bathrooms because they come in the smallest sizes. However, they are also available in double vanity sizes for larger bathrooms. They do a good job of hiding plumbing and look great while doing it. They are the perfect selection for an on-trend bathroom in 2023.


Other luxury items finding their way into bathroom design in 2023 include tech. From smart toilets to time-telling mirrors, no modern bathroom is complete without tech. 

You can achieve some smart features with very little effort with a washlet toilet seat. High-tech toilets also are a great way to increase the eco-friendliness of your bathroom. Select a toilet with dual flush (two different settings for ultimate water efficiency). Some can even be set up to use reclaimed water.

A well-designed bathroom can be a haven and a place of functional efficiency and that’s what 2023’s bathroom trends are all about. Consider a reno for your bathroom this year. 

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Design a Pet-Friendly Bathroom

Dog taking a bath in the bathroom.

Fur babies are an important part of life.  They are members of the family and often receive equal consideration in all family matters. So why not the home’s design?

About 68% of American households have pets. It’s high time your pets figured into your design. The good news is, designers are starting to include features and spaces for pets in their plans. 

From a dog bed tucked into the kitchen island to bathing stations in the mud room, keep your pets in mind as you design your home. 

The bathroom is a natural place to include design features for your pets. With the right set up, you can have a place to clean your pet, feed your pet, even provide an inconspicuous spot for the litter box. Here’s our top ideas for designing a pet-friendly bathroom.

Fresh Drinking Water

Your pets love fresh, running water; that’s why they’re drawn to the toilet. The toilet is a continuous source of water. But if it drives you nuts that they’ve always got their little heads in the bowl, you should consider a bubbler.

A bubbler is a drinking fountain for pets. It’s connected directly to the plumbing and runs continuously offering that fresh water your pets love so much. 

The bathroom is the ideal spot for this since your pets are already accustomed to going to the bathroom to drink. It’s also the perfect place because the bathroom is ready to handle wet situations plus cleans up easily. 

Bath Time

Whether or not your pet loves a bath, you can make it easier on yourself with a designated space for pet bathing. Some make pet showers for these in the garage, mud room, or laundry room. Why not consider the bathroom? 

The bathroom is already set up with everything you need: hot water, hand shower, waterproofed shower space. You can either turn your shower into a multipurpose area, or make a separate space for your pet. 

Hand-held shower attachments are an absolute must in order to give your fur baby a thorough cleaning. Make sure the hose can reach your pet easily (you might want to install the handshower a little lower than usual).

Zero-entry shower and wet room layouts are perfect for pets and their humans. These are completely waterproof areas that are easily accessible (because they have no ledge to climb over). 

Soft Close Toilets

Trying to keep your pet out of the toilet? Maybe you worry they’ll accidentally slam the seat closed on themselves. Or perhaps you’re just tired of your pet drinking out of the toilet. You need to install a soft close toilet seat

The soft close seat has a control mechanism on the hinge that ensures it closes fully and softly every time. Some seats even come with automatic closing features. 

You’ll feel better about keeping your pets safe and your home tidy when the seat is down.

Cat on the bathtub ledge.

Temperature Control

Bathing your pet often requires your full attention and both your hands. Maybe you even need someone to assist you. Have you ever found yourself up to your elbows in suds and your pup threatening to  give a big shake and you’re missing something you need?

Maybe the water is too hot or too cold and you can’t reach the faucet to adjust it. This is where the temperature controlled hand shower comes in handy. You can adjust the temperature easily so you can always have the perfect temperature. 

Flooring Dance

Besides selecting a water-safe flooring, you should also take into consideration a few other factors for a pet-friendly bathroom.

Ceramic tile is an ideal choice for the bathroom floor, but it can also be slippery to little paws. Select surfaces on which your pet can move easily, and safely. A ceramic tile with a bit of texture does the trick.

Also consider durability when selecting a floor. One that will stand up to water and the demands of a pet. 

Hidden Litter Box

What better place to put the litter box than in the bathroom? You don’t run the risk of a mess that’s difficult to clean up. You can simply close a door against smells. Everyone can do their business in the privacy of the bathroom.

Hide the litter box inside a cabinet then add a door so your cat can have his own private space and you can keep it all behind closed doors until you’re ready to change out that litter. 

Make your bathroom a haven for your pet, as well as yourself. A few modifications and it can be a space that functions equally well for every member of your family.

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What Is a Wet Room?

Wet room with small divider between shower and vanity.

Apart from being one of the trendiest bathroom designs today, the wet room is one of the most functional and beautiful. If you’re considering an update to your bathroom, you should definitely consider it.

What is a wet room? Simply put it’s a bathroom that is completely waterproof—everything in the room can get wet without getting damaged. It is generally covered in hard surfaces like tile or stone that slough off the water quickly. 

Wet rooms look different from a traditional bathroom. They are very open and have few, if any walls or other barriers. That’s because in an entirely waterproof room, there is no reason to keep water in designated areas. 

You won’t find showers with curbs. The shower head can go anywhere and take up as much space as you want it to. Freestanding bathtubs occupy the same space as the shower. The new look might take some getting used to, but it’s well worth it. 

Now that you have the basic idea, let’s talk about the details. Why are wet rooms so great?

Design Freedom

Aside from being the hottest trend in bathroom design today, the wet room is a favorite of designers for a plethora of reasons. 

Functionally, the entire space can be a wet room or just a portion of the space. The room can be open or partitioned off with glass or d├ęcor. There are lots of options for showers and baths like rain shower heads, body jets, steam features, and more. 

Design-wise, wet rooms are a dream for designers. The open format and need for waterproof materials often results in stunning style. Floor to ceiling stone or tile looks exquisite. Skylights or windows near the ceiling let in lots of natural light. Multiple showerheads can be installed for a luxurious and functional experience. 

Designers can also make wet rooms much more comfortable to navigate and use. Picture, built in shower benches, heat lamps, etc. More on that in a moment. 

Space Efficiency

The wet room is the most efficient bathroom design. Without the limitations of enclosed showers or poky shower/tub combos, designers are free to make the most of the space. 

A wet room tends to make smaller bathrooms feel larger and actually give more room to the most important aspects of the bathroom.

Many people opt to get rid of the bathtub entirely and go for an expansive wet room with shower only. Even in larger bathrooms, if you’re not a bather, it’s completely ok to get rid of the shower. 

Wet room bathroom with freestanding tub and shower.


Wet rooms are a shoe-in for accessibility design. Whether for a member of the family who is disabled or an elderly member of the family, the single-level bathroom removes potential difficulty and danger. 

A wet room needs no modification for wheelchair access. It has no curbs for the elderly to navigate. It bestows independence on its users. 

Wet rooms are also excellent for bidets or washlet toilet seats. These are excellent additions for accessibility and the waterproof room ensures they are safe to use.


The wet room is an attractive feature with staying power. Long after their trend status has worn off, wet rooms will continue to be a functional feature that anyone can appreciate. Remodeling Magazine reports that a wet room is a “high-end addition” and that you might be able to recoup up to 65% of what you spend on a wet room when you sell the house.

A wet room is always a stunning design that makes the bathroom one of the best rooms of the house and a future selling point. It’s a design that works for all ages and types of families from a bachelor to a young family to retirees wishing to age in place. 

You can count on the wet room to add value to your home. In the short term you get to enjoy everything a wet room has to offer and in the long term, it adds value to your property.


Maybe it’s obvious, but we’ll point it out anyway. The wet room is super easy to clean. 

You could bring your dog into the wet room for a bath. Even if he shakes sudsy water all over the place, you can just hose everything down afterward. You can use the same cleaner on every surface (all your surfaces are probably similar in a wet room). 

With so many hard surfaces, you might be able to use tools, like a squeegee, to keep things looking their best all the time. Instead of being more work, the wet room makes your job easier.

A wet room is well worth the investment. Whether you are updating your current bathroom, doing a full remodel, or building new, the wet room should be a serious consideration. 

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