Friday, May 7, 2021

What Mom Really Wants: 12 Tips for a Stunningly Clean Bathroom

Cleaning implements like a scrub brush and dust pan and towel hanging on hooks.

Flowers and chocolates are all fine and good on Mother’s Day, but if you’re looking for something that will really wow her this year, read on.

Want to do something that will really impress your mom? Try cleaning the bathroom. We’re not talking a 10 minute basic cleaning. We’re talking a deep clean that she can appreciate for months to come. Here are some tips and tricks for cleaning the bathroom that will help you do something spectacular for Mom this year.

1. Top to Bottom, Left to Right

A thorough cleaning job uses a system that ensures you don’t miss anything nor do you have to clean anything twice. For instance, if you clean the vanity top then notice cobwebs in the ceiling corners, you’ll probably have to wipe down the counters again after you brush out those cobwebs. By starting at the top and working your way down, you avoid this, plus you do a more thorough job. You get the same effect when you work from one side to the other as well. 

2. The Dark Underbelly

Clean the places that are easily overlooked. Take that dive under the vanity cabinet and give it a good scrub. Give some attention to the window above the shower. Haul the trash cans outside and give them the once over. Take a toothbrush to the nooks and crannies of the bathtub faucet. Don’t take any shortcuts by cleaning around items; if they are moveable, move them and clean under them.

3.  High-Touch Polishing

Any areas that are frequently touched in the bathroom deserve some extra attention. Whether it’s the flush handle on the toilet that needs disinfecting, the light switches that need a wipe down, or the glass shower door, any areas that get fingerprint-y are things that Mom will surely notice. It’s not a bad idea to clean towel racks, toilet paper holders, and other items that aren’t necessarily high-touch, but high visibility.

Bathroom floor with gray, fuzzy bath mats.

4. Bath Mats & Rugs

Especially in the bathroom, mats and rugs can get really dirty and nobody notices. Give bath mats a good scrub, top and bottom. Use a brush with a disinfectant to get all the little hard-to-reach spots. Vacuum rugs or take them outside and give them a good shake/beating. If you detect a musty or otherwise unpleasant odor, throw smaller rugs into the washer on the delicate cycle then dry outside in the sun.

5.  Shower Woes

It takes nothing short of elbow grease to get that build-up off the shower. Once you’re done with that, don’t forget the shower curtain or door. Use glass cleaner and squeegee to make glass spotless. Remove shower curtains and throw them in the washing machine with a few old towels on a delicate cycle then air dry.

 6. Shower Head Maintenance

Mom might give the shower head a wipe down occasionally, but build up (especially if you have hard water) may require some maintenance. Fill a plastic zipper bag halfway up with white vinegar then submerge the shower head in it and secure. Let it sit overnight. In the morning remove the bag and run hot water through the showerhead to rinse. The vinegar will break down buildup and leave the shower head bright and shiny.

Shower wall with white subway tile an dark grout.

7. Nasty Grout

Another area that mom might be avoiding is the tile grout. It’s a big, nasty job but you’re really trying to impress your mom, right? Use a tile/mildew cleaner specifically made for cleaning grout, or make your own with 1 cup baking soda, ½ cup hydrogen peroxide, and 1 teaspoon of dish soap. Place directly on the grout and let sit for 10 minutes. Give it a thorough scrub and rinse. 

8. ”Sitting” on the Toilet

Toilets are something Mom cleans all. the. time. But you can do a really good job with just one simple tip: let it sit. Spray the cleaner over the whole toilet, scrub the inside of the toilet (don’t forget up under the edge), then let it sit. You can wipe down the outside parts of the toilet while you wait, but give it a good 10 minutes for the cleaner to do its magic. Flush afterward and you’ll have a fresh, clean toilet that Mom can appreciate.

9. A Single Command Center

You’ll find yourself needing to rinse rags, brushes, and the like as you clean the bathroom. Choose one sink as your cleaning station instead of switching between faucets throughout the bathroom. In the end, you’ll only have one sink to clean up instead of leaving dirt behind where you’ve already cleaned.

Bathroom double vanity with white cabinets and sinks with gold fixtures.

10. Towel Dry

Even after you clean and rinse, you leave behind water spots. Water spots aren’t dirty, but they also don’t leave the bathroom looking its best. Use a clean towel to dry things after you clean them to leave faucets polished and sinks and showers sparkling.  You can even dry the floor after mopping so you don’t leave behind streaks. 

11. Back Yourself Out of the Room

The very last thing you’ll do is the floors. The key to a truly clean floor is to back yourself out of the room. Start on the far side from the door and work your way to the door. You won’t miss anything, nor will you track dirt around or leave anything behind. Same for mopping. Don’t leave tracks on the wet floor by going back over where you’ve already cleaned.

12. Repairs for the Win

While you give the bathroom a deep clean, you might notice a few needed repairs or updates. Take initiative and add those to your checklist to complete before Mother’s Day arrives. Maybe you go big with a new faucet or shower door. Or you can keep it simple and install a  towel warmer or new toilet paper dispenser. Just make sure you clean up after yourself!

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