Thursday, May 27, 2021

A Buy Guide for the Bathroom Vanity

How to Guarantee Success When You Buy a Bathroom Vanity Online

You can buy anything online. That doesn’t necessarily mean you should. Cars, prescription drugs, and houses probably fit in this category. But many other items, even ones that seem like you shouldn’t, like furniture or plants are perfectly safe and even rewarding to buy online. 

One item you can confidently  buy online is a bathroom vanity. All you need to guarantee your success when you buy a bathroom vanity online is a little smart thinking and some measurements. Follow this buy guide for bathroom vanity and you’ll end up with a bathroom vanity that fits perfectly in every way.

 Measure for a Bathroom Vanity

You need three measurements before you buy a bathroom vanity online. 

  • Width
  • Height
  • Depth
Measure taking into account where doors swing, where plumbing is located, and any other clearance you might need. Then you’re ready to start thinking about the details.

The width of your vanity will rely mostly on the size of your bathroom. If you like a demure little vanity you can get them as small as 16”. If you want a monster double vanity, you’ll look for something 72” or more. There’s a huge selection of vanity widths in between.

Standard vanity height is 32”. But most people find these a bit low and are more comfortable with a 36” vanity. A 36” height is what you’re used to in the kitchen. If you’re partial to a vessel sink, the vanities generally have a max height of 30”. 

Vanity depths range from 14” to 26”. Once again, the depth will rely mostly on the size of your bathroom. A shallow vanity doesn't mean that it is also narrow. You can get oversized double vanities that are fairly shallow. Remember that depth will have an impact on how much drawer storage space you have. 

Consider Types and Styles

Deciding on a single or double vanity is only the first step in picking the right type and style vanity for your bathroom. For instance, do you want one that comes with a countertop or a topless type so you can hand select your countertop? Do you want an integrated or undermount sink, or maybe a vessel sink? Do you want a freestanding vanity, pedestal, or a wall mounted vanity?

Then there’s the question of styles, colors, finishes, and more. Do you want to buy a modern bathroom vanity online? Rustic, traditional, or country? Have you decided on natural wood finishes or a sleek painted look? Would light neutrals or dark neutrals suit you better? What about a color?

While you don’t have to know exactly what you want before you start shopping online, it helps to narrow down your ideas so you don’t get overwhelmed. Have a general idea of the design style and finishes that would work best with your bathroom and use that as a launching point to find the perfect vanity.

Thinking about Sinks

The sink is a key part of your vanity. There are five types of sinks available for the bathroom.

  • Drop-in/self-rimming
  • Farmhouse
  • Integrated
  • Undermount
  • Vessel

A drop-in or self-rimming sink has edges that sit on top of the counter. It is secured then sealed to the countertop with caulk. This is one of the most common types of sinks and probably the most basic.

A farmhouse sink, also known as an apron front sink, has an exposed front edge sticking out the front of the vanity. These are very popular in the kitchen but might be just the design aesthetic you want for the bathroom as well.

An integrated sink is a single piece on top of the vanity  that includes the sink and countertop. There is no sealing or caulk to worry about. It’s all one material in a smooth piece. 

The undermount sink places the sink under the countertop. The sink doesn’t rise above the level of the countertop. It has an integrated feel but keeps the two elements separate.

A vessel sink has a solid countertop all the way across the vanity then adds the sink on top. These are usually bowl-shaped, require a tall faucet, and can be made of stone, glass, or porcelain.

Solving for Storage

Though the way a vanity looks will be at the forefront of your mind, don’t forget to think functionally as well. If you don’t have much storage in your bathroom, a large vanity with plenty of storage might be something you need to consider. 

On the other hand, if you have a generous linen closet in the bathroom, then you have the wiggle room to explore smaller, statement vanities. Remember that some of the space in your vanity will be taken up by plumbing, decreasing your storage capacity.  Any drawers in front of the sink are false fronts. There is no storage where the sink has to go (unless you have a vessel sink).

Dig for More Info

You’ll read product descriptions and look at all the pictures while you’re shopping, but there are other ways to get good information that you might have overlooked. 

Read product reviews. These often contain customer’s experiences with products and details that might not be included in the product descriptions. It will give you a broader perspective and maybe even help you make a better decision.

Take full advantage of search, refine results, and filters. Websites have thousands of products and narrowing that down can ensure you don’t miss the perfect vanity. 

Turn to social media to learn more about potential bathroom vanities. Pinterest is a great resource to get ideas and start narrowing down your options. You can even search for specific brands and products there.

Ready to buy a bathroom vanity online? Start shopping today.

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