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How to Get Never-Ending Hot Water

Heated bathtub in a white bathroom.

As winter lingers a bit longer, you might also linger a bit longer in a hot shower . . . unless you run out of hot water. Or maybe you enjoy a soak in a hot bathtub . . . until the water edges toward tepid and the bath becomes less than relaxing.

If you pine for longer baths and wish for never-ending hot water, you’re in luck. There are ways to lengthen your hot water escapades. Take a look at these ideas and stay warm until the bitter end of the winter months.

In the Bathroom

The bathroom is probably the place you lament running out of hot water the most. Things become uncomfortable quickly without it. There are many ways to make the bathroom a toasty place with never-ending hot water.

Heated Tub

These miraculous tubs keep your bath water comfortable much longer, so go ahead and finish your book. Heated air jets infuse the bathwater with hot, humid air that keeps the bath water at the right temperature longer. 

Tests show that bathwater loses about five degrees after the first 20 minutes. That’s enough to start to make your bath feel less than comfortable. A bath with heated air jets loses only about 2.9 degrees after 20 minutes and maintains a proper bath temperature far longer than a soaker tub. 

Some tubs also employ heating zones to keep things toasty in the bath. These feature strategic zones with heaters beneath the surface of the tub. They are placed in areas that will come into contact with the body’s most temperature-sensitive spots resulting in a more comfortable bather. 

Heated Tubs

Heated Washing

You know about the bidet but have you heard of the washlet? It’s a toilet seat you can attach to any toilet that provides many of the features of a bidet. They are in nearly every water closet in Japan and are a cultural standard. 

The best thing about the washlet is that it heats its own water so washing the sensitive bits can be comfortable and effective. You can even adjust the temperature of the water to your preference. And the cherry on top is that the seat is heated too.

Heated Washlet Toilet

More Heat

In the bathroom you may feel colder because you are often wet. Adding more heat to the bathroom can decrease the chill and keep you warmer. Install an electric fireplace in the bathroom. Put a heat lamp over the bathtub. Place a towel warming rack close to the shower and bathtub.

In the Kitchen

The lack of hot water in the kitchen is probably something you experience rarely. It isn’t often you have so many dishes to wash that you run out of hot water. You have appliances, like the dishwasher, to do that sort of thing for you. 

Having hot water on hand comes in really handy on a cold winter day when you’d like a cup of tea or to mix up some instant soup on a quick lunch break. For that you need a hot water dispenser. We’re not talking about the unit with the five gallon water bottle perched on top of it upside down. We’re talking about an under-sink version that delivers hot water anytime you want it without sticking out like a sore thumb.

This Franke under-sink heat tank produces 60 cups of hot water per hour. You can adjust the temperature from anywhere between 176 and 208 degrees Fahrenheit with precision. It is easy to care for (with no mineral build up) and has an industry leading five-year warranty. 

Hot Water Dispenser

In the Whole House

Another simple fix to get more hot water is to take it on at the root: the water heater. You can turn up the thermostat to produce hotter water, which will last longer because you’ll mix it with cold water to get the right temperature. Or you can go with the endless hot water solution.

A tankless water heater produces hot water on-demand instead of heating in batches like traditional water heaters do. The tankless water heater uses a completely different method for heating water: it heats the water in the pipes so it gets heated on the way to wherever it’s needed. 

Stay warm even as the winter temperatures linger on with plenty of hot water. How to get more hot water is made simple with a few additions to your home. Get started today!

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Thursday, February 10, 2022

7 Indulgent Ensuite Bathroom Ideas

Large ensuite bathroom with freestanding tub and chandelier.

The ensuite bathroom (aka master bathroom) is more than just a convenient bathroom. It is an oasis of luxury and style where you can pamper yourself. No matter the size or layout, every ensuite bathroom should be possessed of a few key things that create an indulgent experience you’ll look forward to.

Read on for ensuite bathroom design that will take your bathroom to the next level. 

1. Create Luxury

Part of the definition of the ensuite bathroom includes luxury. The very idea of a bathroom set aside specifically for the occupants of the largest bedroom makes it a special room that deserves some extra attention. 

Luxury doesn’t require a large space or opulent materials (although it might include these). Luxury is simply adding something special to the space that increases the comfort and atmosphere of the room. For instance, a large jetted bathtub is both visually stunning and an invitation to a spa-like experience.

Luxury might mean a towel warmer, marble countertop, or specialty wallpaper. It’s really up to you. Personalize your ensuite with things that feel luxurious to you.

2. Make a Statement

The ensuite bathroom should make a statement. A first glance should set the tone and remind inhabitants that this is an extraordinary space. Start with a statement-making visual design element. Choose functional items that carry dramatic design with them like a clawfoot bathtub

Pendant lights or a chandelier set the space apart with an exclusive feel. Go for a functional statement with a smart mirror that tells the time, temperature, and traffic report. Or make a statement with eye-catching hardware. Gold-tone faucets or wall mounted faucets stand out as unique in the ensuite bathroom.

Ensuite bathroom with double vanity.

3. Size Up

Sufficient space is crucial for an ensuite bathroom to ensure comfortable movement and functionality. Aim for a layout that allows for easy access to key fixtures and enough room for maneuvering.

Adding space will not only benefit the functionality of your bathroom, but also give you room to add features that up its luxury as well. More room will give you the ability to add a steam or jet shower plus a soaker tub. You can have a double vanity plus plenty of countertop surface to work on.

A bigger bathroom also adds more space behind the scenes. You can make space for a linen closet for towels, soaps, and other luxurious necessities.

4. Add a Wet Room

The wet room (a watertight space in your bathroom for showering and bathing) is a must for the ensuite. It allows you to create luxury and make a statement all at once. A wet room is a luxe room within a room that stands on its own. 

Start by covering the floors and walls with a beautiful tile or other waterproof material. Take these materials all the way up the wall to the ceiling. Add an oversized soaking tub or rain showerhead, or shower panel. Double shower heads are popular for those who share the ensuite with a significant other. 

5. On the Double

The ensuite bathroom is often a space shared by a couple, so design your bathroom with that in mind. Add double showerheads to the wet room. Install a double vanity. Get the larger bathtub. 

Put a door on the water closet. There are many ways to make the ensuite comfortable for two people at a time. 

Take into account how much storage space two people need. Behind the doors and drawers is just as important as what they look like from the outside. Be sure you have enough counter space as well. A large mirror or two small mirrors ensures there’s enough for two to complete their morning routine without getting in each other’s way.

6. Divide and Conquer

Depending on the layout of your ensuite bathroom, you may want to consider dividing up the space a bit. Separating the bedroom from the bathroom is a must. A door to separate the toilet from the rest of the space is appreciated. Enclosing the wet room is optional but can be useful for privacy and retaining heat.

Curtains and folding dividers are the simplest way to section off the space. More permanent dividers like glass walls/doors are important too. If your closet is part of the ensuite, you’ll definitely want to protect clothing from humidity with a door. 

7. Posh Fixtures

Invest in high-quality fixtures that not only look stylish but also offer durability and functionality. Choose fixtures made from materials that are resistant to water damage and wear, such as ceramic or porcelain for sinks and toilets, water-saving faucets.

Good lighting is essential in a bathroom. Incorporate a combination of ambient, task, and accent lighting to create a well-lit space. Consider natural lighting options, such as windows or skylights, as they can enhance the overall ambiance. 

Invest in some statement lighting like a chandelier over the tub or some elegant sconces on the sides of the mirror to up your luxe factor.

Of all the ensuite bathroom ideas, the most important one is personalization. The ensuite is meant to be your personal haven. Make sure you add some things that bring peace and luxury to you.

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Thursday, February 3, 2022

Top James Martin Bathroom Vanities

James Martin vanities have the distinct reputation of being at the forefront of innovation and quality. Each piece is designed to be durable, beautiful, and meets superior quality standards. It’s no wonder James Martin vanities are always in demand. carries hundreds of James Martin vanities so you can choose the one that perfectly suits your bathroom’s size and style. Here are the top picks for a variety of different styles. 

For an Ornate Design

James Martin vanity, Balmoral.

James Martin Balmoral Double Vanity in Antique Walnut 

For an Architectural Element

James Martin vanity, Brittany.

James Martin Brittany 46” Single Vanity in Bright White 

For Scandi or Japandi Design

James Martin vanity, Portland.

James Martin Portland 48” Single Vanity in Whitewashed Walnut

For a Rustic Style

James Martin vanity, Malibu.

James Martin Malibu 72” Freestanding Double Vanity in Honey Alder

For MidMod Design

James Martin vanity, Metropolitan.

James Martin Metropolitan 59 ⅞” Freestanding Double Vanity in Silver Oak

For a Furniture Look

James Martin vanity, Castilian.

James Martin Castilian 33” Single Vanity with Backsplash in Aged Cognac

For Small Bathrooms

James Martin vanity, Chianti.

James Martin Chianti 16” Single Vanity in Whitewashed Walnut with White Glossy Resin Countertop

For Large Bathrooms

James Martin vanity, Copper Cove.

James Martin Copper Cove Encore 122” Freestanding Double Vanity Set in Silver Gray 

For Wall Mounted

James Martin vanity, Mercer Island.

James Martin Mercer Island 72 ½” Double Vanity in Latte Oak

For an Open Concept

James Martin vanity, Como.

James Martin Como 27 ½” Single Console Vanity with Open Bottom in Matte Black

For a Minimalist Design

James Martin vanity, Milan.

James Martin Milan 31 ½” Single Vanity with Rectangular Sink in Mader Gray Glossy

For Texture

James Martin vanity, Linden.

James Martin Linden 24” Single Vanity in Navy Blue

For Contemporary Style

James Martin vanity, Columbia.

James Martin Columbia 72 ½” Freestanding Single Vanity in Glossy White

For Color

James Martin vanity, Alicante.

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