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10 Most Frequently Asked Questions about Wall Mounted Vanities

White bathroom in a modern style with black accents.

A wall-mounted vanity, aka, wall-hung or floating vanity is a staple of modern design. It is a bathroom fixture that is mounted directly to the wall without touching the floor. It typically consists of a cabinet with drawers or doors, a countertop, and sink.  

Beyond the basics, there are a lot of questions about the wall-hung vanity. If you’re considering one, you’ve probably asked a few questions yourself.  

We’ve gathered our top asked questions and expert answers, so you’re fully equipped to make the right decisions about your bathroom remodel.  

Small wall hung vanity with minimal storage for linens.


What are the advantages of a floating vanity? What are the disadvantages? 

Wall-mounted vanities save space, are easy to clean, can be installed at various heights, and allow you to see more of the floor. They are also a top choice for modern and minimalist design styles. They are the go-to for accessibility and for small bathrooms. 

On the other hand, wall-mounted vanities require more expertise to install, and have less storage. Planning prior to installation to ensure the wall can bear the load is required. 


Are wall hung vanities more expensive? How much does it cost to install a wall hung vanity? 

Wall-hung vanities, especially high-quality ones made with durable materials, can be more expensive than standard floor-sitting vanities. There might be added costs due to the need for strong wall supports and higher-quality construction. If you don’t have experience, it may be a good idea to spend the money for professional installation. 

Floating vanity on a tiled wall in an airy and modern bathroom.


Do you tile behind a wall hung vanity? 

The decision to tile behind a wall-hung vanity depends on personal preference, the design of the bathroom, and the specific installation of the vanity.  

Tiling behind a wall-hung vanity can create a more finished and cohesive look for your bathroom. Tile behind the vanity also helps protect against water damage should there be a problem in the future. That said, if you need to access pipes behind the wall, tile will make that a more difficult undertaking.  


How do you hide plumbing for a wall hung vanity?  

A wall-hung vanity may leave your plumbing exposed. If that’s not the look you desire, there are plenty of ways to hide the plumbing to maintain that minimalist, clean look. Keep the plumbing behind the wall or create a false wall in front of the plumbing. You can add a fabric skirt to the vanity or opt for a sink shroud (metal box that goes over the plumbing). 


How sturdy is a floating vanity? Are wall mounted vanities safe? How heavy is a wall hung vanity? 

The weight of the vanity itself varies based on its size and the materials it is made of. A moderately sized vanity weighs in at about 220 pounds. How much weight the vanity can hold after installation also varies depending on how and what it is attached to. On average a vanity can hold an additional 100-300 pounds. 

When a floating vanity is installed correctly and used correctly, it is sturdy and safe for everyday use.  

A unique wood wall hung vanity placed lower on the wall for accessibility.


How high should a wall mounted vanity be? 

One of the best features of the wall-mounted vanity is the ability to adjust the height. Standard bathroom vanities are installed at 32”. Most wall-hung vanities are placed at either 34” or 36” (countertop height), which adds to the drama of a floating cabinet. 

If you opt for a basin style sink that sits on top of the counter, you may want to lower the height of your vanity so the top of the sink hits at 32-34". 

Many designers use floating vanities to create better accessibility. They can be hung lower to accommodate a wheelchair or higher for someone who is very tall.  


How to mount a floating vanity? 

Begin installation of your wall-mounted vanity by locating and marking the wall studs. Attaching your vanity to the studs is absolutely necessary for successful and safe installation.  

Next mark a level line at the height you want your vanity to be. You could also place a temporary bracing board where the bottom of the vanity will be so it’s easier to place and balance the vanity while you attach it to the wall. 

Many floating vanity styles use mounting brackets or cleats to attach the vanity to the wall. Always follow the manufacturer’s instructions for installation and use. 


Small wall hung vanity with round mirror placed over it.

Where should a vanity mirror be placed? Where should vanity lights be placed? 

The placement of a vanity mirror depends on several factors, including the size and layout of your bathroom, the size of the mirror, and personal preferences. Be sure to install the mirror at a comfortable height for your use. Center mirrors over the sinks/s for a balanced and symmetrical look.  

For lighting, vanity lights should be placed strategically to provide even and flattering illumination for grooming tasks, such as applying makeup, shaving, or washing your face. Proper placement of vanity lights helps minimize shadows and ensures you can see yourself clearly in the mirror. A good rule of thumb is to place vanity lights at eye level and at equal distances from the mirror. 


What are the best wall mounted vanities?  

Here’s a handful of our bestsellers for your consideration.  

Fresca Cantania wall mounted double vanity in gray.

Fresca Catania 

This single flat front gray wood cabinet vanity is sleek yet warm. It comes with white countertop and integrated sink. Get it quick with our Quick Ship program.  

Fresca Catania 

Deep blue wall mounted single vanity with white countertop.

Fresca Lucera 

Chic and modern in midnight blue, this vanity comes with great drawer storage. It comes with white countertop and vessel sink. Opt for the sink on either the right or left side depending on your preferences and bathroom layout. Also available on our Quick Ship program. 

Fresca Lucera

Sleek black wall mounted double vanity with white countertop in a white bathroom.

Fresca Mezzo 

Double vanity in modern styling and black color, Mezzo is a versatile choice. You can order it with integrated countertop and sink, faucets, and mirror/medicine cabinet, or order it as a stand-alone vanity. Available in various colors 

Fresca Mezzo


Large white double vanity mounted on the wall with large black framed mirror over the top.

James Martin Mercer Island 

This huge vanity (72.5”) provides plenty of storage in a modern minimalist style. The glossy white finish offers a clean and crisp design. Comes with or without the countertop so you can customize your look. Available in additional colors. 

James Martin Mercer Island

Compact double wall mounted vanity in yellow with flat front cabinets.

Laufen Kartell 

For a truly modern style, go with Laufen. The Kartell model is streamlined yet offers stand-out looks. Ideal for smaller bathrooms with distinctive style. Comes in unique colors from Ochre to baby blue. Single or double vanity available in 39” width.  

Laufen Kartell


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