Thursday, August 25, 2022

4 Fatal Bathroom Trends That Will Slash Your Home’s Resale Value

Large blue bathroom with soaking tub and towel warmer.

Bathrooms are not cheap to renovate, but they are one of the most important rooms in the house that can immediately attract or repel potential buyers. Nobody wants to walk into a bathroom that has dirt in the grout or cracks in the bathtub; in essence, a bathroom that looks and feels a little too lived-in is going to turn buyers off. 

But beyond an unclean bathroom, there are actually quite a few bathroom design trends that will instantly slash your home’s resale value. Though they might’ve been popular at one stage, the following list of design mistakes can make your home seem outdated and really decrease interest in your home. 

Large, open bathroom with bathtub and shower combo.

1. Carpeted Floors

That’s right – people are still putting carpet in the bathroom, and buyers are still absolutely hating it. While this design mistake was most popular in the 1970’s, the comfort it may give your bare feet when hopping out of the tub or shower is not enough to outweigh how much a carpeted bathroom will hinder your home’s resale value. In a room that’s humid and regularly wet, carpet will only stimulate mold growth and mildew – a fact that will definitely make buyers’ skin crawl.

Try this instead: Depending on your budget, there are plenty of bathroom flooring options that can be easily installed. If you want the nicest-looking but cheapest solution, peel-and-stick vinyl flooring is a great way to go. If you have more to spend, porcelain tile is largely considered the most pristine bathroom flooring (and is also incredibly water-resistant and durable). 

Unique pedestal sink that hides plumbing without having to put it behind the wall.

2. Hidden Plumbing

Any plumbing set up that puts your pipes behind the wall may be a red flag for potential homebuyers. When plumbing issues arise and those pipes are behind drywall, you can guarantee the repairs will be expensive and messy. 

Try this instead: So that you (and future owners) have easy access to all bathroom piping and plumbing, ensure plumbing is accessible with an opening that exposes pipes. Cover it with a door to keep out dust. Or choose fixtures that keep plumbing in the open like TOTO's Promenade. You could also go for a modern option that makes a real statement, like this funky pedestal sink by Fresca shaped like the number seven, or this Modern Glass Bathroom Pedestal Sink.

Unique freestanding sink in glass and chrome.

3. Extreme Colors (like avocado)

Another bathroom remodeling trend to avoid is painting the space an overly bold color. While this design mistake really applies to every room in the house, a bathroom is supposed to be serene and calming – think seafoam green or soft beige. 

Repainting your bathroom bright red or mustard yellow will only shock potential buyers – and not in a good way. Interestingly, a survey found that 62% of people deemed an avocado-colored bathroom as the biggest turn-off in a home. 

Neutral colored bathroom with combo tub shower and vessel sink vanity.

4. Badly Designed No-threshold Showers

Again, another seemingly luxurious design element that’s found in many hotel bathrooms is the no-threshold or curbless shower. While they are extremely functional for family members of all ages and easy to clean, some may feel that they deliver too-little privacy. Also, if it isn’t designed correctly, water will end up all over the bathroom each time you shower. What may seem spa-like will likely lead to messes, which buyers will probably recognize.

Try this instead: There are ways to make your shower more open concept that still includes a threshold. For instance, you can create an open, inviting feel with this Frameless Hinged Tub Door, which keeps water in without compromising on style.

If you’re only wanting to make one change to your bathroom that will have a big impact on potential buyers, focus on redoing the vanity. Here are several tips to successfully update your vanity.

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