Thursday, March 14, 2024

2024’s Top Colors to Transform Your Space

Two tone pedestal sink against a green bathroom wall.

2024 bursts onto the scene with a vibrant array of hues, ushering in an era of warmth, comfort, and individual expression. Farewell to the days of stark minimalism in grayscale and sterile whites; this year, coziness and color take center stage, defining the palettes of homes everywhere. 

Embracing the trend towards boldness and confidence, the year 2024 introduces a captivating spectrum of colors, breathing new life into familiar favorites. From soothing neutrals to striking accents, the emphasis is on revitalizing interiors with unique twists on timeless classics. 

Let's delve into the must-have interior design color trends for 2024, promising enduring appeal year after year. 

Collage of light olive green paint and furnishings in room scenes.

Choosing Green Over Gray 

The reign of gray fades away as 2024 embraces green-gray neutrals with gusto. Leading the charge, Graham & Brown selects "Viridis" as their color of the year, blending light sage and olive tones to craft a charming yet neutral shade. Similarly, Dutch Boy Paints introduces "Ironside," a rich olive green tinged with warm gray undertones, perfect for those seeking adventurous neutrals without veering into darkness. 

Terracotta color used on walls and furnishings.

Rosy Outlook 

Terracotta and its rose-inspired hues continue to captivate in 2024, but with a fresh perspective. Sherwin-Williams crowns "Persimmon" as its color of the year, a subtly peachy beige that transcends traditional neutrals to infuse spaces with vitality and character. 

Collage of muted metals being used in bathrooms.

“Soft” Metals 

Hardware and finishes have shifted from silver tones to gold in the last couple of years. Now they may be shifting back to silver again but with a softer presence. Warmth and softness dominated all interior design trends and now that’s evolving to embrace more than just warm colors. Choose matte metals for a softer appearance. Softer shapes in any tone are also a great bet.  

Three different colors of blue in a colorful collage.

Singing the Blues 

Blue reigns supreme as three industry giants unveil blue shades as their colors of the year. C2 Paint introduces "Thermal," a breezy blue reminiscent of clear skies, while Valspar opts for "Renew Blue," radiating both serenity and vibrancy. Minwax's choice, "Bay Blue," adds a daring pop of blue-green as a captivating accent, enhancing natural wood grains with its vivid allure. 

Butter yellow color on walls and cabinets in a collage of room scenes.

Dignified Yellows 

Glidden introduces "Limitless," a remarkable beige-yellow hue defying categorization. With elements of cream, yellow, and beige harmoniously intertwined, it emerges as a versatile and contemporary neutral, outshining traditional grays to command attention. 

Collage of room scenes using warm black paint.

Warm Black 

Even black experiences a resurgence in 2024, as Behr Paint Company unveils "Cracked Pepper," a subdued yet inviting black exuding newfound enthusiasm. No longer confined to the shadows, black emerges as a dynamic shade capable of rejuvenating spaces with its captivating allure. 

With an unparalleled array of standout colors, 2024's interior design trends promise to infuse spaces with warmth, energy, and irresistible charm. Discover the transformative power of a refreshed color palette and make your living environment a place where you'll want to linger endlessly. 

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