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Gold Bathroom Fixtures Are Back!

5 Ways to Bring Gold into the Bathroom

Gold bathroom sink fixture on a white sink.

Gold bathroom fixtures are back on trend! Gold and silver are classics that always look good in the bathroom. They take turns in the limelight but you really can’t go wrong with either. The metallic hue of the moment is gold but don’t expect it to go anywhere soon.

Quarantining in your home in 2020 and 2021 likely had you looking a little closer at your interiors and inspired at least one project. All that time spent at home significantly influenced trends in color, shape, and texture. In a time of uncertainty, many craved the warmth of softer textures, curvier shapes, and warmer colors. Thus gold started showing up more frequently.

The bathroom, especially the luxury bathroom, is a place filled with metallics. Faucets in the sink, bathtub, and shower mean there's a lot of opportunity for warm metals that put your bathroom ahead of the trend. 

These aren’t the gold fixtures you remember from the 90s, though. You’ll see a softer side of gold and its cousins emerge and take over the bathroom over the next several years. Take a look at these five contemporary gold bathroom fixture ideas and start imagining your new bathroom design.

Gold sink fixture with a basin sink.

1. Brushed Gold & Matte

Brushed gold is all over Pinterest right now. It retains the metallic color but tones down the reflective quality for a softer gold look. It pairs well with just about every color, including pastels, which a shiny gold might not. 

It also harmonizes a design that favors mattes. Matte paint and matte metallics create a thematic texture in the room. That softer texture makes the space feel relaxed—exactly what you want in a luxury bathroom.

Check out this unique style sink faucet in brushed gold by Brizo. Add brushed gold shower and tub fixtures to complete the look

2. Brass

Want a brighter gold look? Brass is just the thing. Brass is less yellow than gold and tends to look brighter because it is a less saturated color. This is especially useful if you like the shiny finish instead of the more matte finishes. It keeps to the warmer color palette but remains one of the shiniest metallic finishes. 

Brass is an excellent choice for dramatic designs. Set these fixtures in contrast to a darker color and they’ll pop even more. Black and gold is a particularly popular color scheme. They set each other off in a high-contrast design that’s perfect for the luxury bathroom. 

You might like this classic design in Brass by Delta. Look at all the offerings in brass to find the perfect style for your design. 

Gold sink fixtures in a marble bathroom with gold framed mirrors.

3. Vintage Looks

Another up-and-coming trend is vintage. The patina of vintage and comfort of the well known and loved plays right into the warmth that so many are adding to their designs. Some brushed gold can have that vintage charm, but antiqued brass is even better. It retains the gold color with a darker patina and variations that make it vintage. 

Further enhance the vintage theme with a gold bathroom fixture design that harkens from an earlier era. Choose curvier patterns or knobs that turn. If you like a Steampunk style, try a rustic pipe fixture like this one from Watermark

4. Mix Metals

Some worry that gold bathroom fixtures are a trend with a deadline. If you think that the gold trend won’t last, or there’s a possibility that you might get tired of it, try mixing it in with other metallics instead of committing to it 100%

Mixing metals is also on trend and has the benefit of blending into any future trend with ease. Harmonize your mixed metals with a common theme like matte finish or the same style to bring purpose to your choices. 

This simple, modern faucet by Toto comes in five metallic colors and is easy to match with shower and tub fixtures. 

Marble bathroom with gold fixtures.

5. Rose Gold

The love of rose gold continues! It has even made its way into bathroom fixtures and other home accessories. Its rosy warmth is perfectly suited to the gold fixtures trend but offers something unique. What better way to add luxury to your bathroom than with this one-of-a-kind gold tone?

Rose gold is a different metallic that plays well with all colors, warms up the coolness of metallic, and stands out as a centerpiece of the design. It speaks for itself so simple faucet designs are enough.

This minimal faucet by Phylrich in Rose Gold is an ideal addition to the luxury bathroom. It has just the right level of shine without being overpowering. It lets the rosy tone be the star. 

Ready to try some gold in your bathroom? Take a closer look at the selection of gold bathroom fixtures and find your perfect match. 

Want to get caught up on the latest bathroom trends? Read on. 

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Thursday, January 20, 2022

The Best Modern Kitchen Faucets for Every Design Style

Mid century modern kitchen with black marble and modern faucet.

Once you’ve narrowed down your interior design style, there are endless ways to support it. You probably already know what shapes, textures, and colors work best for your chosen design but after that things get a little more complicated. 

For instance, what light fixtures should you get for your MidMod? Is there a particular cabinet knob that will work better than another? What about faucets? Each of those elements will add to or detract from the style in your space. Picking the right stuff will seal the deal on your design.

Without further ado, let’s take a look at the best modern kitchen faucets for some of the trendiest design styles.


Mid-century modern style has been popular in one form or another for decades. It’s been enjoying an especially big heyday for the last decade. Finding a kitchen faucet to suit your MidMod sensibilities is pretty easy. 

Mid-century modern loves clean lines as much as it loves curving organic ones. Reach for a simple, streamlined gooseneck kitchen faucet design without embellishment. The Brizo Litze Single Handle Arc Spout faucet is straightforward without being spare—a perfect match for MidMod design.

Or go with something a bit more angular with the Brizo Litze Single Handle Angled Spout faucet. It’s lines are just as clean but with the addition of some elegant, modern angles.

Modern kitchen in light colors with mid century modern faucet.


Bohemian design is relaxed, personal, and founded on layering. Layer colors, patterns, and textures in a carefree, way that places creativity above all else. Boho also includes a handmade type feel with lots of natural materials. Finding the right modern faucet for this style can be a bit tricky, as the clean, shiny faucet you see so much of probably won’t work in a Boho setting. 

Dark finishes are a good choice, as well as unique faucet features. Pot fillers often have the feel you’re going for in Boho design. Moen’s Double Handle Wall Mount Pot Filler  in black has the right vibes. Blanco’s Empressa Double Handle Bridge faucet in Oil Rubbed Bronze is another great option for Boho style. 

Art Deco

Characterized by geometrics, high polish, high-contrast colors, and lots of metallics, Art Deco style hails from the 1920s and 30s. Think Great Gatsby and you’ll be in the right frame of mind. It’s a refined style preoccupied with opulence. You really can’t go wrong with any modern faucet that’s high-polish gold.

This Brizo Rook faucet features details that set it apart from the rest. Go with the bright gold color to draw further attention to the faucet. Continue the gold accents throughout the kitchen to amp up the drama in your Art Deco kitchen.

Mid century modern kitchen with flat front cabinets and modern faucet.


Scandinavian style is sleek, clean lined, and minimalist. Yet at the same time, it’s comfortable and warm. It’s filled with natural elements on their best behavior. Neutral color palettes and cozy design make finding a modern faucet simple. Just stick to clean shapes and matte colors and you’re in business.

Graff’s Sospiro kitchen faucet is perfect. The long arching neck and straightforward design in Brushed Nickel perfectly suits the Scandinavian style. 


Cousin to Scandinavian design, Japandi is a blend of elegant Japanese style and Scandinavian simplicity. The result is an uncomplicated and comfortable design that brings the tranquility of nature right into the home. 

A modern faucet in matte metal finish like this Delta DST square base faucet is just the ticket. It stands out with unique, minimalist design but blends into its surroundings as well. The Franke Active Neo faucet is another option for simple Japandi design.

Mid century modern kitchen with modern faucet.

California Chic

Cali Chic is related to Boho style in that they are both relaxed and focused on naturals. Cali Chic takes it a step further and often takes on a Southwest feel. It’s earthy in a high desert or So Cal beach sort of way. Its pastel and neutral color palette embraces matte finishes and a variety of textures.

This Franke Orca faucet offers interesting curves and simple details plus a matte metallic that help you work a Cali Chic vibe. 


This style embraces the raw and refines it for an urban rustic type feel. Exposed beams, bricks, ductwork are all trademarks of industrial style. It can also carry a bit of a commercial overtone in your kitchen with restaurant style appliances and fixtures. 

Go with a toggle or pull down sprayer faucet reminiscent of commercial dish rooms. The Grohe Toggle Sprayer faucet gives you just the right vibe for an industrial kitchen design. 

Find the best modern kitchen faucet for your design style from our broad selection of modern faucets.

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Thursday, January 13, 2022

Making a Statement: Interior Door Trends 2023

Modern French door with frosted glass.

Interior doors are, at heart, functional. They provide privacy. They block noise. They assist with maintaining climate control. They provide barriers to fire danger. The list goes on. But interior doors are also very visible. The way they look should be a big part of the selection process. 

Standard doors get the job done and look nice, but a door has the potential to make a statement and set the tone for the design in the space. Designers are definitely taking advantage of the style a door can bring to a room. 

Here’s what you need to know about what’s trending in interior door styles in 2023.

The Modern French Door

You probably think of a French door as a patio door that is mostly glass with simple square/rectangular framing. You’re not wrong, but the definition has broadened in recent years to include many more options. 

The modern French door is still mostly glass but can be arranged in many different configurations. Frosted glass is on-trend, as well as wood frames or steel frames. They can be used anywhere, including interiors.

For instance, a modern French door with a long panel of frosted glass separated by narrow horizontal strips. The natural wood veneer makes an excellent addition to any space. It can be configured in many different ways including, pocket, sliding barn, bypass, and more. 

The Full-Height Door

Standard doors are 80 inches. That’s a little over six and a half feet tall. Most ceilings are eight to nine feet tall. Most people have no issue using standard height doors, but we’re talking about style here and taller doors are on-trend. 

Interior doors that go all the way to the ceiling and have no upper frame. Taller doors that don’t extend all the way to the ceiling do have an upper frame. Both visually expand the height of the room and make a style statement. The contemporary look fits right in with the minimalist design trends so popular now (Scandi, Japandi, Hygge, etc.). 

DecorPlant offers doors in heights of 84, 92, and 96 inches. They are available in several modern styles from a classic paneled look to a minimalist light wood. Take a look at your options.

The Crittall Door

The Crittall door is basically glass in a steel frame. They were originally interior partitions that helped maintain the airyness of an open floor plan. Similar in design, the sliding or pivoting glass patio-type door uses the same principle. 

Crittall doors focus on letting light pass through a larger space with as little structure as possible. The less interruptive they are, the better. Many of the sliding glass doors are one large sheet of glass with no lathing—basically a glass wall that slides back. They are a favorite for spaces that open into the outdoors.

Modern wood doors in a large, light room.

The Wood Door

Wood doors of all types are an excellent choice for making the door stand out. Light, warm woods are on-trend in 2023. They can be simple flush style or have some design elements like paneling or glass accents. 

Oak finishes are especially popular lately. The soft, easy linear grain is hard to beat. It can be stained to suit your color palette. Be sure to add a lacquered finish to your wood door to protect it and keep it looking great for many years. 

A modern gray oak finish door with unique aluminum details. It’s perfect for distinctive minimalist design. 

The Colorful Door

Even a simple door can become something special when it adds some color to the space. Some doors can be purchased in a color, but your best bet is to paint the door to suit your color scheme. 

Popular colors in 2023 include pastels, bold saturated colors, and darker shades. Lighter pastels like blush, almond, barely-there blue or green stand out from the wall but don’t become the focal point of the space. Darker colors and saturated colors like, red, yellow, navy blue, or emerald are meant to draw attention. 

There are other ways to help the door stand apart from the wall without adding color. A gloss finish reflects light and sets the door apart just as well as a little color would. 

Make a statement with your interior doors and let your design stand out with one of these interior door trends. Want to know what else is trending in interior design in 2023? Check out our blog.

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