Thursday, June 15, 2023

What Are Console Bathroom Sinks?

A console sink in white porcelain with silver legs and supports.

There are many choices when it comes to adding a sink or vanity to your bathroom. A unique option is a console sink. It brings built in style and makes a definite statement for a distinctive design. They produce a custom feeling without the custom price.  

Here’s a little about console sinks and why one might be a perfect fit for your space. 

White integrated bathroom sink with white carved wood console.

What are Console Bathroom Sinks? 

A console bathroom sink, also known as a console sink or a console vanity sink, is a type of sink fixture commonly found in bathrooms. It usually consists of a basin supported by a structure called a console. Very similar to a console table in design, the console sink has legs rather than a cabinet and often includes features such as exposed storage shelves or towel bars beneath the sink. 

Styles & Applications 

The console is a must have for a minimalist aesthetic. The open space beneath the basin gives it an airier look compared to traditional pedestal sinks or vanity cabinets. Console sinks offer different styles from modern to industrial. They are statement makers in bathroom design—often creating the visual focal point in the space. 

Console bathroom sinks are available in different sizes and shapes to suit various bathroom layouts. A favorite for small bathrooms or powder rooms, they are often chosen for their sleek appearance, as well as their space-saving qualities.  

Console sink with wooden legs in a modern bathroom.

Materials & Finishes 

The console sink itself can be made of various materials with porcelain and composites being the favorite. The console stand can be wood or metal, but metal is most often associated with console sink styles. Nickel, brass, and black are the most common finishes.  

Sizes & Shapes 

Console sinks are generally on the smaller side, which is why they are a favorite for small bathrooms. The smallest can be just 24 inches wide and the largest, 60+ inches.  

Most console bathroom sinks are square or rectangular, but oval basins are popular too. Some sinks include some countertop space and a backsplash. 

White console sink with gold fixtures and console beneath.

Pros & Cons of Console Bathroom Sinks 

There are both upsides and downsides to console sinks depending on your tastes and needs. Here are a few things to consider.  


  • The spare design of a console sink makes it perfect for small bathrooms or powder rooms 
  • The bottom of the console sink is open, which is ideal for styles that lean toward the minimal or need an airier look and feel 
  • The style of a console sink is, by its nature, a vintage look. It’s a great choice for industrial or rustic styles too. 
  • They are easily accessible and make cleaning and maintenance a snap 

Curved front console sink with white sink and black legs.


The open nature of the bottom half of the console sink doesn’t provide any storage 

  • The open bottom of the console sink is exposed so pipes and anything you place on a shelf or rack will be visible 
  • Most designs have no counter space 
  • Read about how to get more storage space despite having little countertop space. 

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