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8 of the Hottest Bathroom Design Trends for 2022

Gooseneck faucet in the bathroom.

Bathroom trends of 2022 center around a blend of luxury and simplicity. These trends are understated on the outside but filled to the brim with perks.

If there’s a new bathroom on your horizon in 2022, start with these trends to begin your planning. We’ve turned to cutting-edge design experts and the staying power of the trends of the last few years to curate the eight hottest bathroom trends you can expect to see in 2022 and beyond. 

1. Minimalism

Bathrooms in 2022 and beyond will continue to keep things simple and minimal. You can expect bathrooms in the next several years to continue to add more and more smart technology. You’ll be able to control just about everything in the bathroom using your voice or your phone.

Minimal design’s love of clean lines continues with an even more linear aesthetic. Geometric patterns, angular faucets, and fine-grained woods all add more lines to the bathroom design. Select statement lighting that leans toward straighter lines. Tile lends itself perfectly to this trend as its grout lines make it geometric.

Bathroom trends in 2022 will also feature organic curves especially in vessel sinks and soaker tubs. It won’t be unusual to see straight lines and curves appearing in the same design. 

2. Oak & Walnut Vanities

Oak and walnut have fine linear grain so they are the favorite for bathroom vanities in 2022. This isn’t the oak you saw in the 90s. It’s stained gray so the lines pop out and the color stays neutral. Walnut naturally has a deep brown background with darker lines so it’s well suited to the aesthetic. 

Stick to flat front cabinets on the vanity to further enhance the minimalist style. Medium brown woods or neutral colors are also among the top choices for vanities in 2022.  

Colorful sinks for the bathroom.

3. Bolder Colors In the Front Seat

The bolder colors have been taking a backseat and acting as the accents for a long time. Now color is coming forward in the more permanent features of the bathroom. More permanent bold color is a risk because tastes in color can change quickly rendering them dated. 

Look for bolder, brighter colors on everything from the faucet to the bathtub. Metallics will play a big role here with copper, brass, and other gold tones becoming popular for fixtures. Look for colorful sinks to step forward as the focal point of the bathroom.

4. Biophilic Bathtubs & Sinks

Biophilia is the cross-section between nature and human where the undulations of nature take on form and function in design. Organic curves and the concept of the amoeba chair of the mid-century make their way into 2022 bathroom trends in sinks and bathtubs. 

Undefined shapes that flow freely are perfectly suited to these bathroom vessels. Look for vessel sinks with irregular shapes and curvy asymmetrical bathtubs. 

5. Lighting in the Showerhead

Layering lighting in the bathroom with ambient, task, and accent lighting provide mood and function. Did you ever consider layering that same lighting in the shower? A big trend in 2022 suggests showerheads with lights. They double for task and accent lighting and add that luxury that sets your bathroom apart. 

Try a ceiling-mounted rain or multi showerhead with integrated lighting. Or go with a showerhead attachment for minimal installation and maximum wow-factor. 

6. Layer Pattern & Texture

Layering is a favorite with designers. You can layer anything from color to lighting and there are many ways to achieve layering. One of the hottest bathroom trends in 2022 is layering patterns and textures together. 

Look for tile that has a visual pattern and a touchable texture and you’re all set. You can also use different textured materials and use them in the same pattern (a herringbone pattern on the floor and wall in different materials).

Gold-toned gooseneck bathroom sink faucet.

7. Statement Fixtures

Another hot bathroom trend in 2022 is statement faucets. Not only are these the centerpoint of functionality in your bathroom, they also attract a lot of attention visually. Those are both good reasons to make sure they perform optimally in every sense.

Making a statement with your faucets may be about introducing top-of-the-line technology like voice activation or touch activation. It might also be about how they look. Opt for clean-lined, angular designs or tall curving goose-neck style faucets. Of particular note in 2022 is the spout style faucet.

Soft shag rugs in the bathroom.

8. Mixing Materials

2022 bathroom trends include the mixture of colors, metals, textures, and more. It also marks the emergence of softer materials finding a place alongside the otherwise hard-surfaced bathroom. 

An easy way to achieve this is to bring furniture into the bathroom. We’re talking cushy chairs, upholstered benches, and thick shag rugs. It seems like the opposite of what should be in a bathroom, but therein lies the heart of a good trend: unexpected and delightful. Look for water-resistant fabrics for any pieces that will be near running water. 

Bathroom design trends of 2022 introduce luxury without being fussy and simplicity without being spare. Let your bathroom benefit from these trends that will add value to your home and panache to your everyday life. 

Need more ideas for your bathroom remodel? Here are more tips. Or go to our blog to find the perfect aesthetic and products for your remodel. 

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Thursday, October 14, 2021

How to Keep the Bathroom Warm this Winter without Running Up the Bill

Woman preparing to take a hot bath.

The struggle between keeping the house warm and not overdoing it on the utility bill is never ending. One place you really feel it is in the bathroom where it’s always a shock to step out of the warm water and into the cold. 

Traditionally covered with hard surfaces that tend to be cold anyway, the bathroom falls prey to the winter unlike any other room in the house. Either your bill is astronomical or you suffer the cold in silence. But it doesn’t have to be that way. 

What if there was some middle ground where you could achieve some warmth in the bathroom without destroying your utilities budget? Good news, there is a way to do just that. Ready to learn how to keep a bathroom warm in the winter? Here are 12 ideas to get you started.


Cover those bare floors with some rugs. Not only does it cover the cold floor, but it adds a layer of insulation between the floor and the rest of the room. Cold is kept under the rug so ambient room temperature stays higher. 

Rugs also visually make the space warmer. Enhance that effect by selecting warm colors to trick your brain into thinking it’s warmer.

Large bathroom with a towel warming rack.

Heated Towel Rack

Combat the shock of getting out of the shower on a winter morning with a warm towel. The best way to achieve this is a heated towel rack. Simply flip it on before you climb into the shower and by the time you’re done, your towel will be toasty.

Easy Access

If you have to go across the room to get a towel or bathrobe, you’ve defeated the purpose. Install hooks and racks where they’re only an arm’s reach away. The key to how to keep the bathroom warm in winter without spending a dime is to maintain what heat you already have. You waste hard-earned warmth when you have to traipse across a cold room.

Heated Floor

Radiant heat installed under the bathroom tile is an excellent way to keep the bathroom warm. It’s the perfect combination to create and keep warmth. 

Installing a heated floor is a big (and costly) renovation job. However, it’s an addition that pays for itself over the years because it’s based on sound scientific principles. Heat rises so warmth originating from the floor will move up and heat the whole room. Additionally, tile, a popular bathroom floor material, is excellent at holding heat. The floor will continue to be warm and warm the room long after the heat cycle turns off. 

Wide, round shower head in a gray tiled shower.

Bigger Showerhead

A larger, or wider showerhead has a larger spray that covers more of your body at once. This keeps you warmer while showering and decreasing your need to make the bathroom warmer. Add a few other perks like heated towels and a bathrobe and you won’t even notice that it’s winter.

Heat Bulbs

Install a heat lamp in your bathroom for some added warmth. These can be turned on when needed and off when you’re away, saving you money. 

If you’re not outfitted with the capability for a heat lamp, you can install heat bulbs into regular light fixtures (check manufacturer instructions for proper specs and safety). Voila! You have some heat right at the point it’s needed most.

Decrease Circulation

Usually circulation is a good thing but if you’re trying to get the bathroom warm and keep it that way, it might serve you better to isolate it. Close doors to keep the warmth you’ve generated inside the bathroom instead of mixing it with air in other rooms.

While you’re using the bathroom, turn fans off to decrease drafts. Worried about a foggy mirror without the fans running? Try an anti-fog mirror, which generates its own heat to stay mist free. 

Weatherstrip Windows

Older windows can become a highway for warm air to go out and cold air to go in. Seal them up with some new caulk and weatherstripping. Windows and doors are a big culprit for adding dollars to the monthly energy bill so regular attention to them is important all over the house. 

Luxury Shower Features

As you race from your bed to the warm shower on a cold winter morning, imagine how much better it would be if you had some fancy shower features to look forward to.

Steam showers and shower jets give you more warmth in all the right places. No more rotating in the shower to keep all your parts toasty.

Heated Bathtub

The worst thing about a bath is when the water starts to go cold. What if you never had to worry about that again? Install a bathtub with temperature control and heaters so your water stays at the temperature you started with until you turn all prune-y.


A fireplace in the bathroom? Yes! There are so many options for fireplaces now that it’s easy to install an electric one that gives you a little heat right where it counts. Plus there’s the ambiance factor. There’s nothing better than a fireplace to make you feel all cozy.

Bathroom with a large skylight.

Natural Light

The cheapest way to warm your bathroom is to let the sunlight in. You may want to cover up windows to keep cold air out, but resist the urge. Weatherstip those windows instead and let the sunlight do its thing. 

Skylights are an excellent way to let a little more light in. If there’s a bathroom remodel in your future, consider adding a skylight to your bathroom.

How to keep your bathroom warm this winter without blowing the budget is really a matter of a few, simple adjustments you can make quickly. Use your resources to find ways to make and keep heat in your bathroom and you’ll stay toasty all winter long. 

Ready to remodel your bathroom without breaking the bank? Here are some ideas to get you started. 

Cheap Ways to Remodel Your Bathroom

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16 Top Rated Bathtubs You’ll Love

Neptune bathtub in a gray bathroom.

Whether you’re in the market for a luxurious soaker or want the health benefits of a whirlpool, the bathtub can be the center of your bathroom. Take a look at these top rated bathtubs to start your search for the perfect fit. 


BainUltra aims to transform the bathing experience from one of necessity to one of bliss. Shift your focus to relaxation and health in the bath. These bathtubs offer hydrotherapy, LED lighting, customizable features, and the ultimate in comfort. 

Shop BainUltra 


Innovative and relevant, Neptune’s products spring from customer needs. The well thought out products give you the ability to create your own chic and enjoy a perfect balance of form and function. Expert’s at tucking luxury bathtubs into corners and alcoves, let a Neptune tub complete your design.

Shop Neptune

Neptune Rouge

Practical, pure, and functional, this is design that complements your lifestyle. Transform your bathroom into a unique and exclusive living space with the elegant shapes of these freestanding bathtubs perfect for the well-appointed bath.

Shop Neptune Rouge


Specialists in the design of high-end bathtubs, Fleurco relies on technology to bring top-quality products to you. Every detail matters on these freestanding tubs. The elegant arching lines of the soaking tubs are as beautiful on the outside as they are on the inside.

Shop Fleurco


A leading supplier of luxury for the bathroom, Cheviot is influenced by Victorian and Art Deco designs but they also have a selection of modern lines as well. Explore their clawfoot and cast iron bathtubs to add vintage chic to your design.

Shop Cheviot


Curator of beautiful bath products from around the world, Barclay takes the approach that innovation and design go hand in hand when creating a luxury bathroom. Barclay offers both vintage looks and clean modern bathtubs. 

Shop Barclay

Cambridge Plumbing

Focused almost solely on clawfoot bathtubs, Cambridge Plumbing offers classic cast iron and lighter-weight acrylic tub designs. Affordable luxury is the name of the game for Cambridge Plumbing. Achieve a high-end look at a fraction of the price.

Shop Cambridge Plumbing


Health and enjoyment are at the heart of Jason’s soaking, whirlpool, and hydrotherapy tubs. They have developed technologies like air jets, ergonomic design, and heaters that make the bath experience more than just hot water. 

Shop Jason

Soaker bathtub in a light-filled bathroom.


Made in America, Aquatic sets a benchmark for the industry worldwide. They specialize in customizable features that make the bath a luxury. There’s an Aquatic bathtub for everyone regardless of budget or project. 

Shop Aquatic

Premier Copper Products

Rustic yet elegant, these copper soaker tubs  introduce an enduring aesthetic that centers any bathroom design. Go with simple or opt for a highly detailed design to set your bathroom apart.

Shop Premier Copper

Native Trails

With a combination of age-old artisan tradition and modern, sustainable materials, these sophisticated bathtubs are perfect for adding character to your bathroom. Available in copper and sustainable NativeStone (a blend of natural jute fiber and cement).

Shop Native Trails


The hallmarks of TOTO are sleek design and cutting-edge Japanese technology. Their motto is “perfection by design” and they blend efficiency alongside style for products that have been leaders in the industry for decades. Soaker bathtubs, air jets, and lighting round out TOTO’s offering.



Spearheading the manufacture of acrylic walk-in bathtubs since 2005, Ella offers exceptional craftsmanship and creative design that allows customers to maintain ultimate independence and elegance.

Shop Ella

Hydro Systems

Drop-ins, freestanding, and alcove whirlpool bathtubs come with all the perks at Hydro Systems. The strong belief that whirlpool bathtubs were for everyone has driven Hydro Systems and kept these high-quality tub affordable. 

Shop Hydro Systems

American Acrylic

Dedicated to old-fashioned standards, American Acrylic isn’t afraid to embrace technology and explore new materials that will make bathtubs better. These whirlpool tubs include luxuries like LED lighting and air massage systems. 

Shop American Acrylic

American Standard

American Standard raises the bar for the industry. Their care and commitment is reflected in every product they create. American Standard has a huge assortment of jetted tubs of all shapes and sizes. There’s one to suit your luxurious bathroom.

Shop American Standard

Start your search for the perfect tub with these top rated bathtubs. The dedication to quality and comfort plus the sheer amount of choices will help you create the perfect bathroom.

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More than Just a Handicap Accessible Bathroom

White bathroom with a zero entry shower for ultimate accessibility.

Designing a handicap accessible bathroom ensures that anyone with a disability can easily and safely make full use of the space. Out of accessibility design was born aging in place design, which aims to do the same for the elderly. 

New retirees who downsized into homes they planned on staying in for the remainder of their lives quickly spotted a problem. They didn’t need a handicap accessible bathroom, but weren’t sure whether or not they would in the future. 

Thus, universal design was born. The theory of universal design makes bathrooms accessible to everyone regardless of ability, age, size, etc. Universal design creates spaces that are comfortable, functional, and look good enough that anyone would want one.

9 Necessities for Universal Design in the Bathroom

The bathroom can be one of the most dangerous rooms in the house for anyone, let alone the handicapped, aged, or children.  The CDC says that about 235,000 people over the age of 15 visit emergency rooms for bathroom-related injuries every year. 

Making the bathroom safer is a main priority for universal design in the bathroom. Functionality is the other big player. Many people worry that a functionally accessible bathroom doesn’t look as good as a traditional one. While it needs to incorporate certain specifications, creative architects and designers have made a universal bathroom cosmetically indistinguishable from any other bathroom.

Let’s take a dive into the minds of the makers of a universal design bathroom. Here are 12 things they think about and how they make it look good.

#1 No-Drama Doorway

You can’t enjoy that bathroom unless you can easily get into it. The hallway outside the door should have a width of at least 36 inches to ensure enough space to get a wheelchair turned to face the door. The doorway itself should be at least 32 inches wide. Doors that swing out instead of in leave more space inside the bathroom.

There are many handsome options for doors. A simple way to get a gorgeous doorway with plenty of clearance is double doors like French doors. Pocket doors are a great option too since they move completely out of the way.

#2 Main Floor Living

One-level homes are all the rage for aging in place and universal designs. You have everything you need all on one level and don’t have to worry about the dangers of stairs. Most multi-level homes have half bathrooms on the main level that have to be converted  at great expense to make them accessible. 

Full bathrooms on the main level are becoming much more common. The spa bathroom trend is also helpful, introducing luxurious elements into the bathroom that go hand in hand with universal design: think wet rooms, grand entries, roomy square footage, etc. 

#3 Expand the Bathroom Real Estate

You’ll need an open area of about five feet in order to achieve the right turning radius for a wheelchair, but this can also end up looking out of place unless you’re creating a luxurious bathroom with a generous amount of space.

These large bathrooms can be dressed up with spa-like features that make the space feel less empty but maintain the area you need.

#4 Light It Up

Take something that’s already potentially dangerous like the bathroom and you’ll multiply that danger exponentially if it’s dark. Lighting is one of the easiest ways to make a bathroom safer. Another trick is to use contrasting colors so that things like edges of countertops and freestanding tubs pop out of the design so they are more visible.

Employ general lighting across the room, vanity lighting, sconces, and lights over the tub and shower. Include some accent lighting too. It not only gives the room some mood but brings additional lighting and safety.

#5 Hardware Matters Too

Knobs and pulls on the cabinets, handles on the doors, and faucets all play a huge role in accessibility in the bathroom. Small knobs or ornate pulls can be hard to grasp and sometimes make it more difficult to get things done in the bathroom.

Long d-shaped pulls, one-handed or touchless faucets, and lever door knobs make it easier to get full use of the bathroom.

White floating vanity in a white bathroom providing better bathroom accessibility.

#6 Floating Vanity

A wall-mounted or floating vanity is a must-have in an accessible bathroom. They provide clearance under the sink for wheelchair access and can allow for you to sit while you use the space. They can also be placed at any height (since they’re not dependent on the floor).

Floating vanities are right on trend. Choose from dozens of options in all styles to create a bathroom that’s easy to use and looks great. 

#7 Zero-Entry Bathing

Any raised areas on the floor are a potential hazard. Transitions between one room and another should never have a raised edge. The same goes for the shower and bath. Having to climb into a bathtub or step/wheel over a shower pan decreases accessibility significantly. 

You can get around this with walk-in bathtubs but a favorite trend that fits right in with this is the walk-in shower/zero-entry shower/wet room. Spa-like wet rooms are essentially expanded showers or shower/bathtub combinations that are a waterproof room within a room. They are ideal for universal design bathrooms.

Hand held shower attachment at the perfect height for universal design.

#8 Hand-Held Shower Attachments

Once upon a time, a handshower was a tell-tale sign of an accessible design. But these days, no luxurious spa shower is complete without one. The functionality of the handshower has moved beyond necessity and become an item of luxury. 

In fact, the latest in shower technology not only has accessible attachments, but panels that come much lower in the shower for an experience everyone can enjoy. Think, body jets, steam showers, and more. 

#9 Inconspicuous Toilet

It’s hard to get around those taller toilets made for accessibility. They stick out like a sore thumb. But there’s one very good way to skip the whole dilemma. Wall-mounted toilets.

A wall-mounted toilet removes the taller toilet completely from the equation. You can mount it at any height for the ultimate in universality and style. Some well-placed and discreet grab bars can add support that anyone can appreciate.

Include universal design in your bathroom plans. Ensure that your bathroom is fully functional today and into the future for everyone.

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9 Cheap Ways to Remodel Your Bathroom . . .

. . . But Still Look High-End

Blueprints for a bathroom remodel.

An Instagram-worthy bathroom remodel is the envy of every homeowner. But at some point, reality kicks in. High-end remodels full of marble, custom tile, gorgeous fixtures, and luxe spa features can break the budget in a hurry.

Do you have to give up on your dream bathroom? Never. There are plenty of ways to get a gorgeous and luxurious bathroom on a budget. In fact, here are 10 ways to upgrade your bathroom for cheap.

1. Repair Instead of Replace

You can save a lot of money by doing some repairs on existing items in your bathroom instead of replacing them. This works best for cosmetic and minor issues. For major items, be sure to consult an expert.

A leaky faucet may just need a gasket replacement. An endlessly running toilet probably needs a new flapper. A single cracked floor tile doesn’t mean the whole floor needs replacing. 

If the bathtub looks a little aged, you might consider giving it a thorough scrubbing or even bringing in a professional cleaner. A good cleaning is an excellent way to give new life to your bathroom. You can fix superficial damage to many bathtubs and sinks with a refinishing kit.

Composite marble on a countertop with toothbrushes and soap.

2. Lookalike Products

If you have your heart set on a marble vanity top you can save money by opting for a marble look-alike. Engineered or cultured marble and marble-look granite has the same look but at a much nicer price. Or trim even more from the budget by going with an epoxy-topped concrete countertop. 

Wood look tile or vinyl on the floor offers the look you want at a fraction of the price. Instead of hardwood cabinets on the vanity, try a high-density fiberboard cabinet finished to look like hardwood (or veneered). 

Sometimes, as is the case with wood look tile and HDF cabinetry, these lookalike materials have better durability than their counterparts adding value to your bathroom remodel.

3. Refresh with Hardware

That old shower surround or dated vanity can be spruced up with some new hardware. New drawer pulls or knobs can transform the look and feel of your bathroom. A good cleaning and a new spa shower may be all it takes to amp up the shower.

A new sink faucet may make you forget that the sink itself is a holdover from the past. Consider something flashy or edgy that draws attention to itself and away from the plainness of other elements that you’d rather replace.

4. DIY

A huge amount of your bathroom remodel budget goes to labor. The craftspeople who work on your remodel do excellent work and can be worth every penny for things you know nothing about. However, if there are things you have some skill in (or could easily learn), do it yourself. 

Painting, installing a toilet, replacing knobs, even tiling are great projects for the skilled adventurous. Be realistic about what you actually have the skill and time for and you’ll achieve a cheap bathroom remodel with some DIY.

5. Keep the Footprint

Some of the costliest items in the budget come when you change the layout of your bathroom. Moving the toilet from one wall to another may seem pretty simple but it requires a shift in the plumbing and that can be involved. 

Keeping the same footprint in your remodel will save you a bundle. If you really feel that your layout must change, ask the experts how to change things up with the least impact. Slightly adjusting the layout will cost less than completely stripping it back and starting over. 

6. Recycle

There’s nothing better to save money than to buy used or repurpose something you already have. If you saved a sink from another remodel or you can move a bathtub from one bathroom to another, that’s money you don’t have to spend. 

Check out  websites like Craigslist or shop stores like ReStore that sell used bathroom items. You may just find a gem that makes your bathroom unique. Lighting is an excellent item to buy used. The technology hasn’t changed much so it remains compatible with your electrical. 

7. Don’t Change Your Mind

One of the most costly, and avoidable, things that can happen in a remodel is deviating from the plan. During a remodel when you’re finalizing materials and colors, you’re bound to see some must-have that you can’t live without. But resist that temptation. 

Changing things once you’re already in motion is very expensive. Even if it looks like nothing is happening yet, all the behind the scenes work is well under way and any changes waste what’s already been done. Plan ahead and stick to the plan. Focus your energies on finding the very best price for what you’ve already decided on. 

Bathtub with water-saving faucet.

8. Do Your Research

What you don’t know can hurt you. For instance, did you know that round toilets and elongated ones are generally priced differently? Or that it costs more to install a wall mounted vanity than a traditional one? What about the fact that water-saving fixtures can save upwards of 700 gallons of water per year (big money savings!).

Research can help you determine what you can do yourself versus what you need to hire out. DIY can save you big money, but only if you have the skills. DIY projects gone wrong can actually end up costing you. Bottom line, find out before you start a project if you’re equipped to do it. 

9. Shop Sales

If you know a bathroom remodel is in your future, start watching for the sales. Getting a discount on your bathroom products can help offset and pad the budget a bit. 

Labor Day and Presidents Day are traditionally some of the best sales you’ll get on home products. But look for other offers as well. You may also find extra savings from exclusive sales if you subscribe to emails and newsletters from your favorite online retailers.

Upgrade your bathroom for cheap and still get the space of your dreams with a few tricks. From DIY to being a savvy shopper, you can trim up your budget and keep that money in your pocket for your next project. Kitchen remodel anyone?

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10 Top-Rated Toilet Brands

Find the Best Toilet Brand for You 

DecorPlanet top rated toilet brand in an expansive bathroom.

The toilet is one of the most complicated fixtures in the bathroom. Its function and design has changed little over the years. However, some high-tech features on the toilet can make it easier to clean, conserve water, stop pesky clogs and other unsightly issues. 

When it comes to the toilet, there’s no messing around. You need it to be functional first. But a little style, if it doesn’t interrupt the functionality, can go a long way to making your water closet a bit more interesting to look at. 

Here are 10 top rated toilets you should have a look at in your search for the best toilet brand to add to your bathroom.


The hallmarks of TOTO are sleek design and cutting-edge Japanese technology. Their motto is “perfection by design” and they blend efficiency alongside style for products that have been leaders in the industry for decades. Their toilets and bidets feature dual flush technology, programmable functions, water conservation, and the ultimate in comfort.



Fresca believes that the bathroom is the most important room in the house. That is reflected in the quality, durability, and cutting-edge designs they produce. They feature stylish toilets with nice perks like soft close seats and high-tech flushing mechanisms that increase flush power and decrease water consumption.

Shop Fresca


Large sanitary manufacturer, EAGO specializes in ceramics for the bathroom that are eco friendly and comfortable to use. The one piece units feature soft close seats and high efficiency design and construction.



A Swiss brand, Laufen employs design, quality, and function to produce practical products that respect your way of life and the environment. The selection available offers unique shapes and minimalist design that still packs a punch for functionality. 

Shop Laufen


Icera’s aim is to improve the quality of life with luxury bathroom design, ecological efficiency, and practical performance. Their industry-leading toilet fixtures help you complete a suite that results in a unified experience. Look for their EcoQuattro flushing technology that allows for max water force without extra water.

Shop Icera

American Standard

American Standard raises the bar for the industry. Their care and commitment is reflected in every product they create. Look for quiet yet powerful units that keep things cleaner longer. Some toilets can handle high traffic and larger masses with ease and that means no clogs.

Shop American Standard


A leading supplier of bathroom ceramic, bathroom furniture, accessories, bathtubs, and more, Duravit makes the bathroom simple and functional.  The one-piece configuration keeps the focus on precision in design and functionality. “WonderGliss” treatment on the ceramic helps make cleaning easy and sanitation simple.

Shop Duravit


Grohe sees design as more than simple aesthetics. Design also incorporates quality. That means the perfect synthesis of form and function. Grohe’s motto and their products exude “smart looks, smart technology, and smart price”. These elongated seat toilets are minimalist but get the job done with style.

Shop Grohe


Innovative and relevant, Neptune’s products spring from customer needs. The well thought out products give you the ability to create your own chic and enjoy a perfect balance of form and function. Contemporary in design and forward thinking in their technology, these toilets deserve a look.

Shop Neptune


Quality products born from concepts from around the world, Barclay toilets aim to bring the best to your bathroom. They aren’t afraid to travel through time either, where they find the styles and technologies that bring you unique bathroom products. 

Shop Barclay

Ready to find the toilet that’s perfect for you? Start now at DecorPlanet. Our selection is sure to offer you something different.

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10 Must-Haves for the Smart Bathroom

The bathroom is a place you spend a lot of time. It’s where you begin and end the day. It’s a place of practicality and luxury where you seek daily basics and occasional pampering. Now it’s also a place of technology. 

It’s about time to get your bathroom caught up with the rest of the house. You have kitchen appliances you can control from your phone and smart connectivity throughout the rest of the house, so why not the bathroom?

A high-tech bathroom offers you a variety of functional and lavish features. Everything from tracking your BMI to getting the latest traffic update can be at your fingertips in a smart bathroom. Explore these 10 smart features you should consider for your bathroom.

Small towel warming rack mounted to a bathroom wall.

1. Warming Towel Racks & Drawers

The only thing not to love about a nice hot shower is when it’s over. You can make that better by providing a warm towel to wrap up in as soon as the hot water stops flowing. These come in a couple of different versions, both of which blend right into your bathroom layout seamlessly. 

Warming drawers can be incorporated into your vanity and let you store and warm towels. They were originally designed for kitchen use, but they do a great job in the bathroom as well. Just switch it on before you get in the shower and you can enjoy pampering every day.

The warming towel rack is available either mounted to the wall or freestanding. You can get electric or hydronic versions in several configurations. They come in the usual bathroom finishes so your fixtures can coordinate.

2. Smart Showers

You’ve heard of the spa shower, smart showers go beyond even that. You can set water temperature, flow rate, and even how long your shower lasts. Many can be controlled by app or voice command. You could get the shower going even before you get out of bed!

Add to that some spa features like rain shower heads, steam features, and body jets, and you’ll never want to leave your morning shower. 

Smart toilet in a gray bathroom.

3. Smart Toilets

Japan has been perfecting the art of the toilet for many years. Automatic opening and closing lids, seat warming, auto-flush, night lights, and cleaning features are just a few of the perks of the smart toilet.

Cleaning, both the toilet itself and you, are at the forefront of the smart toilet world. Some have redesigned flushing features that aim to reduce splashing all while cleaning the toilet bowl better than conventional toilets. They also have touchless flush and touchless lids so the whole experience is more hygienic.

Part bidet and part toilet, the washlet toilet offers an array of cleaning features that are so good you’ll be able to eliminate toilet paper altogether. Remote controlled water temperature, angle of spray, and water pressure leave you fresh and clean. Top it all off with a warm air dryer and you’ll be sitting pretty.

4. Heated Floors

Heated floors have been more of a system for heating the house rather than a luxury item. But what better place to include a little more luxury than the bathroom? The harder, water resistant surfaces of the bathroom tend to be colder, and that’s not a good thing when you’re ready to step out of a nice warm shower. 

Heated floors are basically a radiant heat system that uses either electricity or hot water beneath the floor to heat the room. They make cold tile warm and eliminate vents blowing air on you when you’re dripping wet. 

A smart bathroom mirror on the wall of a gray bathroom.

5. Smart Bathroom Mirror

The smart bathroom mirror is far more than a reflective surface. It can also give you the time, weather, traffic, display emails and messages, and play music and video. It’s the ultimate multi-tasking tool of the bathroom. 

You can also get models that have built-in lighting that can be dimmed or brightened according to what works best for you. Medicine cabinet versions offer storage so everything you need is close. Many smart mirrors also have anti-fogging technology so you don’t have to worry about condensation on the mirror after your shower. 

6. Home Assistant

Your best thinking often happens in the shower. You remember things, have great light-bulb moments, and solve problems there. As often as you have an epiphany in the shower, you probably also forget it the moment you walk out of the bathroom. Time to invite Siri or Alexa into the bathroom!

Now you can record your great ideas so you won’t forget, order more as soon as you run out, and keep lists of things to do. You’ll also be able to play your favorite podcasts or music in the morning. Be sure to protect your device from direct contact with water and you’re ready to go.

Touchless faucet at a bathroom sink.

7. Touchless Faucet

Touchless faucets have been around for several years, but their popularity soared as we all tried to be a bit more vigilant about hygiene in 2020. It senses motion and turns the water on and off automatically. Touchless faucets are not only more hygienic, but also more water efficient. They come in all shapes and finishes to suit your bathroom style. 

If you’ve not been particularly impressed with touchless faucets in the past, the new high-tech versions have smarter sensors and even use their own water flow to power their batteries so you don’t end up with less responsive sensors.

8. Water Efficiency

One benefit of ever-advancing technology is better efficiency and more earth-friendly features. Many faucets and toilets, even showers use technology to limit water flow without sacrificing water pressure. Look for WaterSense certified products, which are certified by the EPA.

Toilets that use 1.6 gallons of water per flush or less are considered water conserving. However, WaterSense toilets use only 1.28 gallons of water per flush. That adds up to 13,000 gallons of water saved every year for a typical family. 

WaterSense bathroom faucets use no more than 1.5 gallons of water per minute and provide 60 psi of water pressure. You won’t notice any difference in these WaterSense products, except when your water bill comes. 

Chromatherapy bathtub with specialized lighting.

9. Chromatherapy Bathtubs

Chromatherapy or color therapy uses colored lights in a bath or shower and is meant to create a soothing, therapeutic environment. It is much like essential oil therapies that tout specific herbs that produce specific results.

White light is for purifying, yellow is stimulating, red brings courage, green creates balance, orange invigorates, etc. Chromatherapy bathtubs are large soaking tubs with customizable LED lights in and around the tub. 

Many of these bathtubs also incorporate additional therapies like massage and heating—all controlled by app or remote. You can also program the settings for the exact experience you desire. 

10. Smart Scales

Smart scales measure all sorts of body composition metrics (BMI, BMR, body fat, muscle mass) in addition to your weight. They use a technology called bioelectrical impedance, which sends a mild electrical current through your body.

Connect to your favorite app and fitness tracker to keep track of your progress. Most can track several users. It’s a good idea to find a model that you can disable the impedance features since it isn’t approved for people who are pregnant or have implanted health devices like a pacemaker.

Amp up your bathroom game and add some high-tech features. It’ll make your daily routines easier, more sustainable, and luxurious beyond belief. 

See More Bathroom Must-Haves 

Wednesday, August 25, 2021

Bathroom Trends 2021

Bathroom trends in 2021 center on personalized spaces that combine luxury and functionality. This extends into design as well with minimalism with pops of the ornate in a single design. Here are the details on the big trends in bathroom design this year.

Spa shower wet room in a white and gray bathroom.

Spa Sanctuary

The tendency toward spa-like bathrooms continued into 2021 and is only gaining momentum. Spa elements can be as simple as a rain showerhead or as ornate as steam and jet showers. It’s a concept that can scale up or down depending on your space and budget. 

One of the hottest 2021 bathroom trends is called cocooning. It’s the idea that the bathroom envelopes you in comfort. Everything from the design to the features is all about creating the ultimate sanctuary for body and mind. 

Bold Design

Bathroom design took a turn for the bold in 2021. Demure, minimal, white bathrooms gave way to elaborately designed spaces with rich colors and patterns. Size of the bathroom has no bearing on a bold design. Even powder bathrooms got in on the action. Everywhere you look, you’ll see something interesting. 

Large patterned wallpapers, dark colors, and rich textures are on trend. Big faucets in any metallic color draw attention. Bold elements shouldn’t compete so be sure there’s a golden thread that ties everything together. 

Dark fixtures at a white wall-mounted vanity in the bathroom.

Dark Fixtures

Chrome has been the favorite for bathroom faucets, showerheads, and handles. But 2021 saw a turn toward darker fixtures. Going right along with the penchant for bolder design in the bathroom, darker fixtures make a statement.

Black is an excellent go-to, but also consider colors like bronze, graphite, and pewter, all of which add the drama of dark coloring. Brushed or matte brass and copper can also have the same effect if you desire a little more warmth in your fixture color. 

Integrated Lighting & Statement Lighting

Lighting for 2021 bathroom trends went for either high visibility or no visibility at all. Integrated lighting provides plenty of light but the fixtures themselves are hidden. You’ll see this in backlit mirrors or LED bar lighting tucked behind a soffit.

In complete opposition, statement lighting aims to draw attention to itself and takes a leading role in the bathroom’s design. You’ll see this in the bathroom with chandeliers or unique sconces. Which direction you decide to go rests largely on the overall design of your bathroom. Integrated lighting is better for a minimal design, while statement lighting is better suited to bolder design.

Floral wallpaper on the wall behind the vanity in a beige bathroom.

Wet Room

A wet room is a space in the bathroom designed to be wet. Instead of an enclosed shower or bath/shower combo, a small waterproof room is created. This allows for a larger shower space that may include multiple shower heads or a spa shower system. It can take up the entire bathroom or be a separate enclosure within the bathroom.

This year in bathroom trends, you’ll see more wet rooms that enclose a luxury shower and a statement freestanding bathtub. The idea is that it keeps the moisture and the heat in a separate space for a more enjoyable experience.

Natural Elements

Inviting natural elements into the bathroom is a hallmark of 2021 bathroom trends. More live plants are making their way into the bathroom. These create a sense of bringing the outdoors in and the wellbeing that comes along with that. 

Natural color palettes and textures are another way to bring this trend into your bathroom. They instantly introduce calm and comfort. Try a light colored and simple grained wood for the vanity and plush beige towels and rugs. 

Freestanding copper bathtub in a rustic bathroom.

Luxury Bathtubs

What spa bathroom is complete without a luxury bathtub? Look for something that is both visually beautiful and offers a luxurious experience. Freestanding tubs are popular and come in many different styles from Victorian clawfoot to modern, clean-lined soaker tubs.

Bathtubs like this are meant to be a main feature of the room so don’t be modest in your selection. Go for something with ornate details, a splash of color, or an interesting shape.

Wall-Mounted Vanities

Sleek and clean, a wall-mounted vanity keeps the design fresh without sacrificing on storage. The wall-mounted, or floating vanity gives the space a more open and light feel. They come in many designs and materials and their simplicity is well suited to many styles. 

Wall-mounted vanities are great for small bathrooms because they come in the smallest sizes. However, they are also available in double vanity sizes for larger bathrooms. They do a good job of hiding plumbing and look great while doing it. They are the perfect selection for an on-trend bathroom in 2021.

Smart Toilets

Another luxury item finding its way into bathroom design in 2021 is the smart toilet. Luxurious and technologically advanced, these toilets offer things like automatic close, no-touch flushing, lighting, remote controls, and bidet settings.

You can achieve some smart features with very little effort with a washlet toilet seat. High-tech toilets also are a great way to increase the eco-friendliness of your bathroom. Select a toilet with dual flush (two different settings for ultimate water efficiency). Some can even be set up to use reclaimed water.

A well-designed bathroom can be a haven and a place of functional efficiency and that’s what 2021’s bathroom trends are all about. Consider a reno for your bathroom this year. 

Get Ready for a Bathroom Remodel

Wednesday, August 18, 2021

Why Remodel Your Bathroom?

10 Good Reasons to Remodel

Is it worth it to remodel a bathroom? We think so. Remodeling isn’t just about making repairs or updating the design so your home will sell better. Investing in the bathroom is investing in yourself literally and figuratively. There are many reasons why remodeling your bathroom is beneficial. Here are several.

1. Add a Bathroom

You can’t go wrong when you add a bathroom. Whether you install a powder bath in your main living area or create an en suite in an upstairs bedroom, it adds value now and into the future. Your family, guests, and potential buyers can definitely get behind additional bathrooms.

2. Expand a Bathroom

Small bathrooms have a charm all their own [link to small bathrooms post]. But that charm wears off when you find yourself doing battle for some functionality or trying to share space with your significant other. Enlarging a powder bath to a full or ¾ bath adds value to your home and a more workable solution for you now. 

3. Increase Accessibility

If you or a member of your family has special needs, bumping up the accessibility can be as simple as adding a few features like grip bars or lowering countertops. Or it can be a more involved project that transforms the entire bathroom into an oasis that anyone can use easily. Design features like zero-entry showers allow for full accessibility and yet, are a design that is on-trend, even in demand. 

4. Update the Design

If your bathroom is still sporting pink tile, gold fixtures, and other outdated design, you might need a little update. Retro design like pink tile may be on-trend, right now, but you’ll get more mileage (and potential buyer appreciation) if your design leans toward more neutral rather than eclectic.  Stick to neutral colors and classic materials and your bathroom will look great and maintain value for decades.

Luxury freestanding tub.

5. Update Functionality

If you and your significant other have been trying to share a sink or make do with a bathtub/shower combo it may be time for a functionality update. Take stock of your needs and design a bathroom around that. Go for the double vanity. Create a spa-like bathtub experience or skip it altogether and put in a spa shower.

6. Repair Plumbing

Have you ever watched the plumber cut holes in the wall to repair plumbing and wonder if while you’re at it you should just replace the whole vanity? Plumbing problems are often the catalyst for further projects. Or if you’re doing a cosmetic remodel, take the opportunity to invest in the little-seen but absolutely necessary inner workings of the bathroom too.

7. Save Water

If you have an older bathroom, consider adding some water saving features to your remodel. Most of your household’s water usage comes from the bathroom. Look for the WaterSense label to decrease your water consumption on faucets, showers, toilets, etc. 

8. Become More Energy Efficient

Another great behind-the-scenes update in the bathroom remodel is for its electrical components. Any investment in your electrical will pay you back multiple times over and increase the sustainability and value of your home.

9. Boost Resale Value

Is it worth it to remodel your bathroom? Smart improvements to your bathroom will give a boost to the value of your home. If you remodel the bathroom with potential buyers in mind, you’ll broaden your design appeal and the longevity of your bathroom and entire home. 

Luxury shower in gray stone bathroom.

10. Add Tech

Add a little luxury to your bathroom with some technology upgrades. We’re talking water heaters right at the faucet, toilets you can program, towel warmers, and more. Technology in the bathroom adds value and convenience that make everyday tasks easy and even enjoyable. It can also be healthy for you since it can decrease touchpoints and increase cleanliness. 

Why remodel your bathroom? We hope you found a few reasons to take the plunge. It’s an investment that gives back now and into the future. The next step is deciding how to begin. Learn more about the next steps for your bathroom remodel.

Next Steps for a Remodel

Wednesday, August 11, 2021

Bath or Shower?

A Discussion on Health, Hygiene, Conservation, and Property Value

Clawfoot bathtub with faucet and hand shower.

In the battle between bath vs shower there are no clear winners. Each has its positives and negatives. What you decide to do will be based on your priorities. Here are four perspectives on the bath vs shower debate to help you decide the best course of action.

The Water Conservation Perspective

If you are concerned about conserving water, your primary question is “does a shower or bath use more water?”. A standard showerhead uses about 2.5 gallons of water per minute. So a 10 minute shower uses 25 gallons of water. Standard bathtubs can use up to 70 gallons of water per bath. Showers nearly always use less water than baths. 

If you enjoy an occasional soak, there are things you can do to reduce your water usage. Instead of filling the tub all the way up, just fill it halfway. You can also save water by plugging it right away instead of waiting for the water to warm up then adjusting water temperature as you fill the tub. 

Showers not only use less water than baths, but you can easily decrease water consumption even further. Consider taking a shorter shower. You can also upgrade your showerhead to a WaterSense labeled product. The EPA WaterSense label certifies that a showerhead doesn’t use more than 2 gallons of water per minute with the same experience of a 2.5 gallon or greater showerhead. 

The Hygiene Perspective

If cleanliness is your priority, you’re probably asking yourself, “what is more hygienic, a bath or shower?”.  You probably already guessed that the shower is more hygienic. Fresh water continuously comes out of the faucet and contaminated water washes down the drain. Baths are still effective at cleaning your body but the shower does it a bit better. 

Showers are generally better for your skin too. A long soaking bath tends to remove needed skin oils and can actually leave your skin dryer after your bath than a shower does. 

The Health Perspective

Water and water therapies have been used for health for millennia. So in the bath vs shower health debate, there are really no losers. 

Showers, especially cold showers, reduce tension and improve circulation. Warm showers relieve sore muscles and get rid of headaches. A 2016 study found that a hot-to-cold shower (start with hot and decrease temperature over the course of the shower) resulted in adults needing fewer sick days in a year. It’s also possible that this type of shower can help with depression: stimulating your nervous system and increasing endorphins. 

Different types of baths have been used over hundreds of years to treat eczema, psoriasis, sore muscles, colds and flu, inflammation, and are often prescribed for hemorrhoids and after giving birth. A 2019 study showed that people who took daily immersion baths in warm water had less fatigue, stress, and depression. Additionally, baths are home remedies for a good night of sleep and better circulation and blood pressure. 

The Property Value Perspective

If you’re considering a bathroom remodel you may wonder about the influence a bath vs shower has on your property value. Any bathroom remodel produces a good return on investment but what you include or exclude in that bathroom can have an impact on property value. 

There is a huge trend toward luxury showers over bathtubs with many opting to get rid of the tub entirely. Technically, this downgrades the bathroom from a full bath to a three-quarter bath but that doesn’t necessarily spell a decrease in value. Be sure that at least one bath in your home has a tub and you shouldn’t see a decrease in value. If you put that full bath on the main level, it’s even more enticing. According to a 2013 National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) study, 81% of home buyers want a full bath on the main level.

If you are getting rid of a bathtub but amping up the shower with luxury features (like a spa shower or walk-in shower design), you might even see an increase in value. If you’re remodeling the master bathroom, the NAHB study found that 51% of home buyers prefer a bathtub in the master bath.

Bath or shower is purely about what’s most important to you. Find your best bathing experience right here at DecorPlanet.

Luxury Bathrooms

Wednesday, August 4, 2021

Top Shower Faucet Brands

Spa shower in a white and blue bathroom.

If you love the luxury of the spa at home but aren’t sure you have much time for relaxation, think again. These top shower brands offer deluxe shower experiences like body sprays, shower systems, and design that gives you the pampering you deserve. Take a closer look at what these distinctive brands have to offer. 


Because our days begin and end in the bathroom, it is important that it is a peaceful and private sanctuary. They pair high quality, durable materials, and cutting edge design to achieve excellence for the most important room of the house. Check out their shower massage panels for the ultimate in shower luxury.

Shop Fresca


Premium-quality bathroom fixtures that satisfy the most refined tastes. Each piece reaches a harmonious balance between form and function. Be sure to take a look at their distinctive body sprays, hand showers, and shower panels.

Shop Graff


Vigo aspires to increase value with products that fit seamlessly into your life. They reflect your style while simultaneously improving each day. Case in point, their all-in-one shower panels combine a spa experience with everyday functionality.

Shop Vigo


Proposing better ways to experience water, Delta is dedicated to design that incorporates smart thinking and anticipates needs. Enhance your shower experience with body spray that soothes, comforts, and revitalizes all while using less water than a standard body jet.

Shop Delta

Rain shower head.


Crafted in the small villages of Western Europe, North America, and New Zealand, ROHL reflects the charm and craftsmanship of the places that inspired them. Fine quality and authentic production produce a product with an experience all its own. We offer a wide selection of showerheads and shower fixtures. Don’t miss the complete shower systems that offer luxurious design and all the elements you need for a better shower.



For over 50 years, Phylrich had been creating luxurious bathrooms in elegant homes and hotels all over the world. Made in the USA, you can count on Phylrich continuing to influence trends in decorative plumbing into the future. Experience the assortment of showerheads, hand showers, and body sprays that will make your shower the best part of your day.

Shop Phylrich


Grohe sees designs as more than simple aesthetics. It is also a quality feature that is the perfect synthesis of form and function. Their motto and their products exude “smart looks, smart technology, and smart price”.  Their collection of showerheads offers you comfort born of technology. Take a look.

Shop Grohe


Bathroom and kitchen solutions that offer discerning buyers exceptional quality. Aquabrass’s expertise and craftsmanship are second to none. But the flair they add to functionality is what truly sets them apart. Peruse shower arms, showerheads, and body sprays.

Shop Aquabrass

Shower with hand shower attachment in modern bathroom


High-fashion Brizio purports that fashion isn’t just about what you wear, but your whole lifestyle. Explore hand showers, faucets, and showerheads that prove that form and function can be one in the same.

Shop Brizo


Santec blends equals parts art and technology to deliver innovative bath products that meet the highest quality, design, and functionality standards. They invite you to explore the crossroads between the bathroom and your imagination. Body sprays, hand showers, and showerheads are just the beginning. 

Shop Santec

California Faucets

Nurturing a culture of “yes”, California Faucets gives you the go ahead to embrace your unique sensibilities. Enjoy hand-finishes, custom assembly, and artisan pride in every product, including adjustable body sprays and showerheads.

Shop California Faucets


Customer needs and insights drive the development of delightful, innovative Moen products that help to make every day tasks just a little bit easier and more enjoyable. Deluxe shower fixtures, body sprays and hand showers make every shower an experience. 

Shop Moen

Explore more top brands at DecorPlanet for the bathroom and kitchen.

More Top Brands