Tuesday, November 16, 2021

Guests Coming? You’ll Need This Medicine Cabinet Supply List

Medicine cabinet in white bathroom.

Guests snooping through the contents of the medicine cabinet is the simultaneous joke and fear of every host. 

Beat your guests to the punch and turn the medicine cabinet into a guest’s dream come true. You’ll deprive them of some intrigue, but your guests will be amazed to find everything they could need right at their fingertips. 

Transform your medicine cabinet before your guests arrive with this medicine cabinet supply list.

Medicine Cabinet Supplies

First things first. Take all the stuff out of your medicine cabinet and give it a good cleaning. Don’t put your items back in. That’s exactly what you’re trying to avoid. Instead, opt to supply your cabinet with everything your guests could possibly need during their stay. 

Make your guests feel more at home by communicating to them that they are welcome to peruse and use the medicine cabinet and everything in it. 


Your guests probably only brought their prescription medications with them. But it’s likely that they’ll need additional meds during their stay. Rich, late-night dinners often result in a little indigestion. When family drama erupts, it’s likely somebody will have a headache. 

Stock up with these meds for your guests.

Allergy, antihistamine
Antibacterial ointment
Pain reliever

Some medicines your guests may hesitate to ask for, so think ahead and make sure you have some remedies to common maladies where they can get to them without bothering you.  

Anti-itch cream, hydrocortisone
Eye drops
Burn gel
Cough medicine

First Aid Supplies

From a band-aid to a cotton swab there are a few things guests often need but don’t often pack. These supplies are great to put in the medicine cabinet in small quantities.

Fingernail clippers
Cotton balls (a handful in a small jar)
Cotton swabs (a handful in a small jar)
Rubbing alcohol (travel size container or pre packaged wipes)
Hydrogen peroxide (travel size)

Extra Perks

Besides a well-stocked medicine cabinet, there are a few other things that your guests will appreciate. Whether it’s a personal item they forgot to pack like a toothbrush or an extra towel cause they dropped one in the sink, these items make their stay comfortable. 

Toothbrushes (in the box)
Bathroom cups
Extra soap
Facial tissues
Extra toilet paper
Feminine hygiene products
Extra towels

With this medicine cabinet supply list, your bathroom will be all set to receive guests. They’ll quickly and easily find everything they need and you can rest easy knowing they are comfortable. 

With a tidy and well-stocked medicine cabinet, your guests might be reduced to snooping elsewhere. You might want to give the linen closet a once over before they arrive just in case.