Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Water-resistant Wainscoting Ideas for Bathroom

Installing wainscoting in a bathroom is an ideal way to add style and character to the space. However, some people worry that the wood will not hold up well in the moist, humid environment of the bathroom. Never fear, there are plenty of water-resistant options that will help you keep your wainscoting ideas for the bathroom on track.

Wainscot Bathroom Issues

Problems with mold and mildew abound in high-moisture areas of the home, such as the bathroom. Traditional wainscoting made of wood could become a mess before too long. Get around the problem by going with a water-resistant wainscot material that will protect walls from water, as well as looking great for years to come. Here are a few options.


One alternative to wood wainscoting is vinyl look-alikes. They mimic the painted wood aesthetic but don't have any of the downsides of wood. "For contractors, architects and homeowners looking for a simple way to enhance and protect walls, installing vinyl wainscoting is an effective solution," said Franco An, president of Plastpro, Inc. "Our advanced technology has allowed us to manufacture a unique wainscoting that's not only strong and affordable, but looks fabulous."


Another option for a durable material for a bathroom wainscot wall is MDF or medium density fiberboard. Made of wood products, this material is far more durable in wet environments like the bathroom. It's easy to get and very affordable. MDF gives you the flexibility to create the exact wall you want, whereas vinyl might only come in prefabricated sizes.

Whether or not homeowners are planning an entire bathroom renovation that includes installing a new bathroom vanity, bathtub, toilet and faucets, installing wainscoting can be a great addition to a space. Go ahead and dream big! Don't let a little humidity and splashing deter your wainscoting ideas for the bathroom.

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