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9 Bathroom Organization Hacks You’ll Be Sorry You Didn’t Know Sooner

Bathroom drawer organizer.

Sometimes it seems no matter how big or small your bathroom is, you just can’t find a place for every item. A place for everything and everything in its place is more a matter of how you use your space than how much you have of it. 

These bathroom organization hacks will help you make the most of what you’ve got so you can finally enjoy a functional and beautiful bathroom.


In big cities real estate is scarce. That’s why they build skyrises. Use the same concept in your bathroom where space is at a premium. One way to do that is to invest in storage towers

A storage tower is a tall, slim portable cabinet unit you place in the bathroom to provide more storage. It has doors so you can conceal your unmentionables or simply keep a nice tidy look and feel.


If you think you don’t have enough storage space in your bathroom, you’re probably thinking only about the drawers, cabinets, and shelves you have. There are many other ways to create storage. Look to the vertical surfaces in your bathroom for more storage.

Hooks on the walls give you a place to keep anything that you can hang: robes, curling irons, towels, etc. Place a hanging shoe holder on a hook and, voila, you have more storage space.


Shelves are another way to use the vertical space in your bathroom to create more storage. They are great for stacking extra toilet paper rolls, towels, or keeping commonly used items on hand. 

Often, shelves can benefit from boxes, containers, and baskets to reign in items and make things look more tidy. This can also add some style if you get creative. Patterned boxes add color and design. A tiered stand can hold smaller items with panache. 


It’s one thing to get the bathroom organized, but keeping it that way is a whole different thing. That’s where labeling comes in. Everyone will know where things belong and maybe will be less tempted to put things back in the wrong places. 

Make sure your labels can be removed and won’t damage whatever you stick them to. You may find that you need to adjust where or how you store something and an easily removed label will make that job easier. A simple label maker or vinyl letter cutter are both excellent tools for the job.

Bathroom with shelves on the wall.


The bathroom becomes a landing pad for many tiny items. Earrings, bobby pins, tweezers, etc. get lost easily and tend to clutter up the bathroom. Magnets are a great way to keep smaller items in check. If it’s not already metal, you can add magnets or things you want to keep in place. 

Strips or button magnets can be placed on a wall or door to hold things vertically or they can be placed in the bottom of drawers to keep things in one spot. Magnetized dishes are excellent for the drawer or countertop.


Caddies are the original bathroom organizer. They come in all shapes and sizes and are made for many different places. The shower caddy, for example, hangs in the shower and helps you keep shampoo, conditioner, body wash, and other shower necessities organized.

Another style of caddy has a handle so you can easily move it from the cabinet to the countertop and back again. You can easily store and access things you use regularly and put them away easily to keep the vanity top clear of clutter. 

Niches are recessed cubbies in the shower and serve the same purpose as caddies. These have to be built into the shower wall so they may not be an immediate solution. If you’re planning a future renovation, be sure to include a niche in the shower.

Vanity Storage

The vanity is probably the biggest storage spot you have in the bathroom. Sometimes bigger doesn’t equal better though. There can be a lot of wasted space in a vanity cabinet or drawer. 

Make this storage space count by adding shelves, baskets, boxes, under sink caddies, etc. Separating the space into smaller units helps you maximize the space and find a spot for everything.

Add a new vanity to your bathroom to give your storage options a boost. There’s a vanity for even the smallest bathroom. 

Medicine Cabinets

Another bathroom organization hack you’ll love is to make use of spaces that are already occupied, like behind the mirror. Medicine cabinets have been around for a long time so you may have dismissed them a long time ago. But you’re missing out. 

Today’s medicine cabinets offer some high-tech solutions in addition to adding some storage space. You can get the time, weather, and calendar reminders from your mirror during your morning routine. You can get medicine cabinet mirrors that unfog themselves. You can get medicine cabinet mirrors that are lit to make applying makeup or shaving easier. 

As for storage, the medicine cabinet is the perfect place to store your most used necessities. Cotton swabs and balls, bandages, medicines and ointments, etc. all fit well in the medicine cabinet.  Learn more about the best stuff to store in the medicine cabinet. 

Take back your bathroom with these bathroom organizing hacks. You’ll be amazed just how much you can fit in your bathroom without feeling like it’s too cluttered or you can’t find anything. Next up, how to clean your bathroom better (and easier) than ever before. 

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