Friday, December 17, 2021

Bathroom Trends 2022

Large bathroom with wet room and natural materials.

Bathroom trends in 2022 center on personalized spaces that combine luxury and functionality. This extends into design as well with minimalism with pops of the ornate in a single design. Here are the details on the big trends in bathroom design this year.

Spa Sanctuary

The tendency toward spa-like bathrooms continues into 2022 and is only gaining momentum. Spa elements can be as simple as a rain showerhead or as ornate as steam and jet showers. It’s a concept that can scale up or down depending on your space and budget. 

One of the hottest 2022 bathroom trends is called cocooning. It’s the idea that the bathroom envelopes you in comfort. Everything from the design to the features is all about creating the ultimate sanctuary for body and mind. 

Statement Design

Bathroom design took a turn for the bold in 2022. Demure, minimal, white bathrooms gave way to elaborately designed spaces with rich colors and patterns. Size of the bathroom has no bearing on a bold design. Even powder bathrooms got in on the action. Everywhere you look, you’ll see something interesting. 

Large patterned wallpapers, bold colors, and rich textures are on trend. Big faucets in any metallic color draw attention. Bold elements shouldn’t compete so be sure there’s a golden thread that ties everything together. 

Dark fixtures at a white wall-mounted vanity in the bathroom.

Whimsical Fixtures

Chrome has been the favorite for bathroom faucets, showerheads, and handles. But 2022 made a turn toward something different in fixtures. Going right along with the penchant for bolder design in the bathroom, gold or dark fixtures make a statement. Likewise, unexpected shapes and lines stand out.

Black is an excellent go-to, but also consider colors like bronze, graphite, and pewter, all of which add the drama. Brushed or matte brass and copper can also have the same effect if you desire a little more warmth in your fixture color. 

Integrated Lighting & Statement Lighting

Lighting for 2022 bathroom trends goes for either high visibility or no visibility at all. Integrated lighting provides plenty of light but the fixtures themselves are hidden. You’ll see this in backlit mirrors or LED bar lighting tucked behind a soffit.

In complete opposition, statement lighting aims to draw attention to itself and takes a leading role in the bathroom’s design. You’ll see this in the bathroom with chandeliers or unique sconces. Which direction you decide to go rests largely on the overall design of your bathroom. Integrated lighting is better for a minimal design, while statement lighting is better suited to bolder design.

Floral wallpaper on the wall behind the vanity in a beige bathroom.

Wet Room

A wet room is a space in the bathroom designed to be wet. Instead of an enclosed shower or bath/shower combo, a small waterproof room is created. This allows for a larger shower space that may include multiple shower heads or a spa shower system. It can take up the entire bathroom or be a separate enclosure within the bathroom.

This year in bathroom trends, you’ll see more wet rooms that enclose a luxury shower and a statement freestanding bathtub. The idea is that it keeps the moisture and the heat in a separate space for a more enjoyable experience.

Natural Elements

Inviting natural elements into the bathroom is a hallmark of 2022 bathroom trends. More live plants are making their way into the bathroom. These create a sense of bringing the outdoors in and the wellbeing that comes along with that. 

Natural color palettes, materials, and textures are another way to bring this trend into your bathroom. They instantly introduce calm and comfort. Try a light colored and simple grained wood for the vanity, lots of stone, and plush beige towels and rugs. 

Freestanding copper bathtub in a rustic bathroom.

Luxury Bathtubs

What spa bathroom is complete without a luxury bathtub? Look for something that is both visually beautiful and offers a luxurious experience. Freestanding tubs are popular and come in many different styles from Victorian clawfoot to modern, clean-lined soaker tubs.

Bathtubs like this are meant to be a main feature of the room so don’t be modest in your selection. Go for something with ornate details, a splash of color, or an interesting shape.

Wall-Mounted Vanities

Sleek and clean, a wall-mounted vanity keeps the design fresh without sacrificing on storage. The wall-mounted, or floating vanity gives the space a more open and light feel. They come in many designs and materials and their simplicity is well suited to many styles. 

Wall-mounted vanities are great for small bathrooms because they come in the smallest sizes. However, they are also available in double vanity sizes for larger bathrooms. They do a good job of hiding plumbing and look great while doing it. They are the perfect selection for an on-trend bathroom in 2022.


Other luxury items finding their way into bathroom design in 2022 include tech. From smart toilets to time-telling mirrors, no modern bathroom is complete without tech. 

You can achieve some smart features with very little effort with a washlet toilet seat. High-tech toilets also are a great way to increase the eco-friendliness of your bathroom. Select a toilet with dual flush (two different settings for ultimate water efficiency). Some can even be set up to use reclaimed water.

A well-designed bathroom can be a haven and a place of functional efficiency and that’s what 2022’s bathroom trends are all about. Consider a reno for your bathroom this year. 

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