Thursday, January 27, 2022

Gold Bathroom Fixtures Are Back!

5 Ways to Bring Gold into the Bathroom

Gold bathroom sink fixture on a white sink.

Gold bathroom fixtures are back on trend! Gold and silver are classics that always look good in the bathroom. They take turns in the limelight but you really can’t go wrong with either. The metallic hue of the moment is gold but don’t expect it to go anywhere soon.

Quarantining in your home in 2020 and 2021 likely had you looking a little closer at your interiors and inspired at least one project. All that time spent at home significantly influenced trends in color, shape, and texture. In a time of uncertainty, many craved the warmth of softer textures, curvier shapes, and warmer colors. Thus gold started showing up more frequently.

The bathroom, especially the luxury bathroom, is a place filled with metallics. Faucets in the sink, bathtub, and shower mean there's a lot of opportunity for warm metals that put your bathroom ahead of the trend. 

These aren’t the gold fixtures you remember from the 90s, though. You’ll see a softer side of gold and its cousins emerge and take over the bathroom over the next several years. Take a look at these five contemporary gold bathroom fixture ideas and start imagining your new bathroom design.

Gold sink fixture with a basin sink.

1. Brushed Gold & Matte

Brushed gold is all over Pinterest right now. It retains the metallic color but tones down the reflective quality for a softer gold look. It pairs well with just about every color, including pastels, which a shiny gold might not. 

It also harmonizes a design that favors mattes. Matte paint and matte metallics create a thematic texture in the room. That softer texture makes the space feel relaxed—exactly what you want in a luxury bathroom.

Check out this unique style sink faucet in brushed gold by Brizo. Add brushed gold shower and tub fixtures to complete the look

2. Brass

Want a brighter gold look? Brass is just the thing. Brass is less yellow than gold and tends to look brighter because it is a less saturated color. This is especially useful if you like the shiny finish instead of the more matte finishes. It keeps to the warmer color palette but remains one of the shiniest metallic finishes. 

Brass is an excellent choice for dramatic designs. Set these fixtures in contrast to a darker color and they’ll pop even more. Black and gold is a particularly popular color scheme. They set each other off in a high-contrast design that’s perfect for the luxury bathroom. 

You might like this classic design in Brass by Delta. Look at all the offerings in brass to find the perfect style for your design. 

Gold sink fixtures in a marble bathroom with gold framed mirrors.

3. Vintage Looks

Another up-and-coming trend is vintage. The patina of vintage and comfort of the well known and loved plays right into the warmth that so many are adding to their designs. Some brushed gold can have that vintage charm, but antiqued brass is even better. It retains the gold color with a darker patina and variations that make it vintage. 

Further enhance the vintage theme with a gold bathroom fixture design that harkens from an earlier era. Choose curvier patterns or knobs that turn. If you like a Steampunk style, try a rustic pipe fixture like this one from Watermark

4. Mix Metals

Some worry that gold bathroom fixtures are a trend with a deadline. If you think that the gold trend won’t last, or there’s a possibility that you might get tired of it, try mixing it in with other metallics instead of committing to it 100%

Mixing metals is also on trend and has the benefit of blending into any future trend with ease. Harmonize your mixed metals with a common theme like matte finish or the same style to bring purpose to your choices. 

This simple, modern faucet by Toto comes in five metallic colors and is easy to match with shower and tub fixtures. 

Marble bathroom with gold fixtures.

5. Rose Gold

The love of rose gold continues! It has even made its way into bathroom fixtures and other home accessories. Its rosy warmth is perfectly suited to the gold fixtures trend but offers something unique. What better way to add luxury to your bathroom than with this one-of-a-kind gold tone?

Rose gold is a different metallic that plays well with all colors, warms up the coolness of metallic, and stands out as a centerpiece of the design. It speaks for itself so simple faucet designs are enough.

This minimal faucet by Phylrich in Rose Gold is an ideal addition to the luxury bathroom. It has just the right level of shine without being overpowering. It lets the rosy tone be the star. 

Ready to try some gold in your bathroom? Take a closer look at the selection of gold bathroom fixtures and find your perfect match. 

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