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Install a New Vanity in a Single Afternoon

Large double vanity with lots of storage with the doors open showing the plumbing.

A vanity is the central focus of the bathroom. A new vanity can be the breath of life your bathroom needs to feel and function completely differently. 

The best news? You can do it in an afternoon. Here’s how to install a bathroom vanity quickly and well. Ready? Set? Go!

Start with the Plumbing

Vanity projects can get messy quickly if you have to deal with water. Start by turning off water valves to the vanity sink, then turn faucets on to get rid of any remaining water. 

Next, remove the p-trap (that bend in the pipe at the bottom of the sink plumbing. You may want to have a bucket and towel on hand in case there is residual water in the pipe. 

Disconnect water lines from the sink using an adjustable wrench. These steps are pretty simple and very DIY-able but if you feel uncomfortable about it, get help from a plumber.

Blue single vanity installed in a white bathroom.

Disconnect the Vanity from the Wall

Your vanity is connected to the wall with screws inside the vanity and some caulk on the outside of the vanity. Cut the caulk that seals the top rim of the vanity or backsplash to the wall using a utility knife. Be careful not to damage the wall itself.

Next, unscrew the unit from walls/studs. Then simply pull the vanity away from the wall. It may be easier to remove the top of the vanity before pulling the cabinet away from the wall. If you plan to reuse the vanity top, this is a must. 

Removing an old vanity may result in a few dings. If there has been any damage to the wall, make any repairs needed before moving on. 

Wood grain single wall mounted vanity in a small bathroom with a patterned tile floor.

Choosing a New Vanity & Faucet

If you haven’t picked your new vanity yet, you’re in for a treat. DecorPlanet is the home of a wide selection of beautiful vanities from classic styling to clean-lined modern, pedestal to double vanity. You’ll find what you’re looking for here. 

Shop Vanities 

While you’re at it, think about selecting a new faucet too. Gold and Champagne colors are popular right now, but we’ve always got classics like polished chrome or brushed nickel in a variety of styles. 

Shop Faucets

Large wood double vanity with all the drawers open.

Prep for the New Vanity

With the old vanity removed, it’s time to get ready to put in the new one. Measure the vanity height and width then mark that height and width on the wall. Use a stud finder to locate where the wall studs are and mark them. Removing the doors on your new vanity will make things a bit easier, but it’s not necessary to get the job done. 

If your vanity has a solid back, measure where the pipes and water lines are on the wall then mark those same measurements on the back of the vanity. Drill a pilot hole in the center of where you need to make an opening then use a hole saw to cut out the right size circle to accommodate the pipe or water line.

Rerouting Plumbing

If you need to reroute any plumbing, such as if you’re moving the sink or going from a single to a double vanity, you’ll likely need a plumber. It may seem straightforward but any plumbing problems can quickly cause irreversible water damage.

Once you have the vanity removed from the wall and when you’re ready to install the new vanity, that’s the perfect time to get all your plumbing squared away. Call your plumber in advance to get on the schedule and keep your project moving.

Install the Vanity

With the proper holes cut in the back of the vanity, you’re ready to install. Line up pipes with the holes in the back of the vanity and gently slide it up against the wall. Check to see that it’s level across the width of the unit and the length of the unit. If it’s not level, use shims to adjust it. You can use a quarter round molding to finish off edges at the floor, especially if there are gaps from shims.

Using your stud marks, drill in pilot holes through the vanity and into the stud then screw it to the wall with 3-inch screws. If you don't have a stud, use a wall anchor with your screw. If you are screwing into alternative surfaces like tile or plaster, use the drill bits and wall anchors suitable for that type of surface.

A large wood double vanity with integrated sinks fully installed.

Top it Off

If your vanity doesn't come with a top, install it next by adding a bead of adhesive to the top edge of the vanity all the way around then place the top. You may want to ask for a little help placing a heavy vanity top to ensure you get it straight.

Caulk anywhere the vanity touches a wall to seal it up and stop water from leaking behind the vanity. Install the faucet using manufacturer instructions.

Finish with Plumbing

You’ll end where you began, with the plumbing. Reinstall the p-trap, reattach water lines (be sure to use teflon tape to decrease leaks), tighten down everything then turn the water back on. Test for leaks at every connection by turning the faucet on and letting the water run for a few minutes. 

Changing up the entire feel of the bathroom design can be as easy as installing a new vanity. It’s a simple project you can do in an afternoon but has a huge impact. If you ever need assistance, get in contact with your local plumber or talk with our customer service team.

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