Thursday, September 29, 2022

The Ultimate Cozy Color Palettes & Complementary Finishes

Copper sink in a white kitchen.

One of the first words that springs to mind when describing your ideal living space would probably be “cozy” or “homey.” After a long work day or weekend trip, there is nothing better than coming home and cozying up in an environment that makes you instantly relaxed. 

Of course, the furnishings or materials in your living space are a huge factor in how comfortable you can get – from the soft lighting of your lamps to the blankets or pillows on your favorite chair. But did you realize that the color combinations in your home also have a major impact on the cozy factor?

Choosing a color palette that reflects cozy colors will set the tone for your entire space, so it’s important to think about the hues that are most inviting and complement the room’s finishes. 

As you look to refresh one of your rooms and make it as warm as possible, here are some of the most undeniably cozy colors and the finishes that pair best with them.

Rustic Ruby + Champagne Bronze

If the room you’re looking to revamp has a generally neutral color palette like khaki, ivory, or taupe, you can immediately make it feel cozier by adding in a pop of color like rustic ruby. Shades of ruby or red are definitely saturated but still have a brown undertone that will keep things cozy and complement the rest of the monochromatic colors in the room. 

You can jazz up the overall palette by focusing on the room’s finishes, such as cabinet knobs or door handles, and incorporate a finish like champagne bronze. In combination, the ruby color, bronze finishes, and neutral palette will look homey and warm.

Mood board featuring red and bronze color palette.

Sage Green + Italian Brass

Sage is this year’s most popular shade of green according to Google Trends. Thanks to its serene and calming effect, sage is a great choice for a cozy space and it pairs extremely well with an elegant finish like Italian brass. 

This particular color combination is perfect for a bathroom update, as it will give off the effect of a spa or even outdoor garden setting with refined, European finishes. For example, adding this premium sink faucet in Italian brass in a bathroom that’s painted sage green and is dotted with quaint house plants will make the space appear lived-in and cozy.

Mood board featuring green and brass color palette.

Deep Aqua + Polished Nickel

If you’re looking for cozy colors that evoke a beach or seaside setting, you really can’t go wrong with deep aqua and a sandy neutral. To add a bit of depth or interest to the space, integrating a gorgeous finish like polished nickel light fixtures can do the trick. 

This color combination of blue and silver might not seem like the coziest palette at first, but if you stick to a nautical theme in the furnishings and decor, you can create a space with a beach-house feel – and what’s more relaxing than imagining you’re at the beach!?

Mood board featuring aqua and nickel color palette.

Warm Yellow + Pearl White

A final example of cozy colors that can take any space from cold and uninviting to warm and welcoming is the combination of warm yellow and pearl white. Just like a soft daisy, yellow and white give off a friendly vibe, making it a great choice for a happy, cozy space. 

In recent years, warm yellow has been a popular choice for kitchens, as it is a bright and cheery color that inspires joy and comfort. Paired with white finishes (such as white cabinetry or a white-wood table and chairs), this color palette has a clean, springtime sentiment. Depending on the yellow tone you go with, this combination of colors can feel like the start of a brand new day with the sun softly shining!

Mood board featuring yellow and white color palette.

Lighting is also a huge factor in how cozy a space appears, so be sure to check out our list of top lighting products that can elevate any room in the house.

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