Thursday, September 8, 2022

Tips for Mixing & Matching Metals in the Bathroom

Wall mounted bathroom vanity in gray with matte silver hardware.

Looking for a quick and easy bathroom upgrade that you can do in just one day? Instead of taking on a huge renovation project, start small with a simple task like changing up your bathroom’s cabinet knobs & handles. 

Though it may not be the first thing you notice about a bathroom, the hardware on your vanities, drawers, and cabinets can make the space feel outdated. Luckily, there’s a way to update cabinet knobs and handles that will infuse a modern, polished look to any bathroom—by mixing and matching metals.

Who said you have to stick to one metal when it comes to your bathroom’s finishes? It’s much trendier (and more fun!) to choose a few types of metals for your fixtures and hardware, so long as they complement each other and align with the rest of your home’s design.

To guide you in the process of mixing and matching metal hardware in your bathroom, here are our top tips for a seamless, well-balanced look.

Unique cabinet pull in brushed silver color.

Tip #1: Create Harmony, Not Competition

When choosing new cabinet knobs and handles, you’ll want to incorporate no more than three types of metals. After all, the goal of any interior design is to ensure all of the elements work together beautifully and form a balanced whole. 

This is why you should avoid choosing two metals from the same color family – like light copper and shiny brass. Oftentimes, metalware from the same color family will look similar but won’t quite match, making it seem like a mistake rather than an intentional choice. Instead, go for finishes that complement, rather than compete, with each other – like polished chrome and matte black.

Rubbed bronze cabinet pull.

Tip #2: Alternate the Handles on Doors and Drawers

A simple technique when mixing and matching metals is to choose one type of finish for the handles on your vanity’s doors and a different finish for the vanity’s drawers. For example, your vanity might have two doors and two drawers. You can select sleek, horizontal bar pulls for the drawers, while installing round knobs to the doors. 

It may be enough to mix up only the shapes of the cabinet handles and leave the finishes the same. The fun thing is that you have endless options when it comes to alternating the styles and finishes of the metalware in your bathroom, so you can make it as unique or as monochrome as you want.

Tip #3: Experiment with Different Textures

With so many interesting textures now available in cabinet knobs & handles, why not mix and match the actual feel of your new hardware? Beyond traditional finishes like matte or polished, modern metals can also be antiqued, brushed, burnished, hammered, hard-rubbed, or oiled to add dimension to your bathroom. 

Textured hardware is a fantastic way to add a distinct sensory experience to the hardware on your vanity or cabinetry that will not only feel good to touch, but will elevate the space from simple to sophisticated.

Unique cabinet pull with intricate details.

Tip #4: Make a Statement with an Accent Metal

Again, you want your hardware choices to create harmony in your bathroom, but there’s no reason why you can’t take this opportunity to make a bold statement! Once you’ve identified a classic base metal for a certain portion of your hardware, choose a more eccentric metal that can act as an accent for your favorite drawers. 

For example, nickel handles will brighten a traditional space, while matte black knobs will amplify the elegance of a modern bathroom. Or you can choose a single color and make a statement by combining a polished finish and matte finish, such as polished brass handles with brushed brass

Making upgrades like mixing and matching your hardware doesn’t have to break the bank. Here are several inexpensive ways to remodel your bathroom that will give it a high-end look: 

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