Thursday, April 28, 2022

Welcome to Joie Inn

Updating a Beach Vibe for a New Generation

The Sage Room bathroom at Joie Inn.

When the Petrone family ventured off on their vacation on Anna Maria Island in Florida, they never would have guessed that it would end up shifting their trajectory. Ashley and Dino Petrone, already well known on Instagram for their RV renovation (@arrowsandbow), fell in love with the nostalgic, laid back vibe of the island. It wasn't long before properties for sale started catching their attention.

A four-suite motel in need of a serious overhaul got Ashley’s creative juices flowing and their offer on it was accepted before their vacation was over. Two months later, the remodel began, and six months after that, Joie Inn was born.

“Joie” is French for joy and it was the perfect name for this inn. Between the whole family getting involved in the project and all the love that went into every detail of the space, it has become a source of happiness for everyone.

Delta faucet in Champagne Bronze at Joie Inn.

Updating the Beachy Vibe

The Island of Anna Maria is a unique place to visit. Not only is it filled with vibrant colors and the laid back feeling you would expect of a beach community, but it also embraces an earlier era. It’s like stepping back in time. That was something that Ashley loved about the island and wanted to make a part of Joie Inn’s new look. But she also wanted it to feel relevant to a whole new generation of visitors. 

Ashley took her inspiration from color. The natural colors of the island, to be specific. Sunsets, waves washing up on shore, warm sunlight, and fertile soil. 

Driven by Color

Inspired by her natural surroundings on the island, Ashley picked one feature color for each of the suites: Sun, Terracotta, Sage, and Blush. These colors also happen to be on trend and that has made the inn feel fresh and relevant. Each of these colors is a softer, warmer version of the colors that are already all over the island’s buildings. 

Ashley started with a backdrop of bright white then accented the space with the feature color in the bedding, tile, decor, etc. Each suite is modern and comfortable but is still true to the heart of the island. 

Creature Comforts

In addition to the welcoming color palette, the Petrone family has striven to make Joie Inn feel like a home away from home. Every detail is handpicked with love. Ashley often selected the same products for the inn as she used in her own home. Notably, the bedding (in the feature colors) is on every bed in Ashley and Dino’s home.

They also used the same kitchen and bathroom fixtures. Ashley selected beautiful and modern Delta  fixtures in Champagne Bronze, which further added to the warmth of the design. Crisp white TOTO Aquia toilets emphasize the simple lifestyle Joie Inn promotes.

A stay at Joie Inn is all about the experience. Ashley made it a priority to provide everything a guest could want and make family central. Beach chairs, outdoor speakers, high chairs, electric bikes, games, and much more come standard with every stay. As a guest’s booking date approaches, Ashley finds out favorite beverages then stocks the fridge. 

Family, especially the Petrone family, is built into Joie Inn. That is reflected in the experience and environment at the inn. 

Bathroom in Joie Inn with terra-cotta shower tile and Delta fixtures in Champagne Bronze.

DecorPlanet & Joie Inn

DecorPlanet was pleased to partner with the Petrones on the Joie Inn project. Bathroom vanities, faucets, showers, sinks, toilets, and more were exclusively provided by DecorPlanet. 

Ashley's Selections

Making this dream come to life and giving color to Ashley’s vision is just one example of how the broad selection of products at DecorPlanet can help bring any project to fruition. 

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