Thursday, October 7, 2021

16 Top Rated Bathtubs You’ll Love

Neptune bathtub in a gray bathroom.

Whether you’re in the market for a luxurious soaker or want the health benefits of a whirlpool, the bathtub can be the center of your bathroom. Take a look at these top rated bathtubs to start your search for the perfect fit. 


BainUltra aims to transform the bathing experience from one of necessity to one of bliss. Shift your focus to relaxation and health in the bath. These bathtubs offer hydrotherapy, LED lighting, customizable features, and the ultimate in comfort. 

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Innovative and relevant, Neptune’s products spring from customer needs. The well thought out products give you the ability to create your own chic and enjoy a perfect balance of form and function. Expert’s at tucking luxury bathtubs into corners and alcoves, let a Neptune tub complete your design.

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Neptune Rouge

Practical, pure, and functional, this is design that complements your lifestyle. Transform your bathroom into a unique and exclusive living space with the elegant shapes of these freestanding bathtubs perfect for the well-appointed bath.

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Specialists in the design of high-end bathtubs, Fleurco relies on technology to bring top-quality products to you. Every detail matters on these freestanding tubs. The elegant arching lines of the soaking tubs are as beautiful on the outside as they are on the inside.

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A leading supplier of luxury for the bathroom, Cheviot is influenced by Victorian and Art Deco designs but they also have a selection of modern lines as well. Explore their clawfoot and cast iron bathtubs to add vintage chic to your design.

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Curator of beautiful bath products from around the world, Barclay takes the approach that innovation and design go hand in hand when creating a luxury bathroom. Barclay offers both vintage looks and clean modern bathtubs. 

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Cambridge Plumbing

Focused almost solely on clawfoot bathtubs, Cambridge Plumbing offers classic cast iron and lighter-weight acrylic tub designs. Affordable luxury is the name of the game for Cambridge Plumbing. Achieve a high-end look at a fraction of the price.

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Health and enjoyment are at the heart of Jason’s soaking, whirlpool, and hydrotherapy tubs. They have developed technologies like air jets, ergonomic design, and heaters that make the bath experience more than just hot water. 

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Soaker bathtub in a light-filled bathroom.


Made in America, Aquatic sets a benchmark for the industry worldwide. They specialize in customizable features that make the bath a luxury. There’s an Aquatic bathtub for everyone regardless of budget or project. 

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Premier Copper Products

Rustic yet elegant, these copper soaker tubs  introduce an enduring aesthetic that centers any bathroom design. Go with simple or opt for a highly detailed design to set your bathroom apart.

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Native Trails

With a combination of age-old artisan tradition and modern, sustainable materials, these sophisticated bathtubs are perfect for adding character to your bathroom. Available in copper and sustainable NativeStone (a blend of natural jute fiber and cement).

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The hallmarks of TOTO are sleek design and cutting-edge Japanese technology. Their motto is “perfection by design” and they blend efficiency alongside style for products that have been leaders in the industry for decades. Soaker bathtubs, air jets, and lighting round out TOTO’s offering.



Spearheading the manufacture of acrylic walk-in bathtubs since 2005, Ella offers exceptional craftsmanship and creative design that allows customers to maintain ultimate independence and elegance.

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Hydro Systems

Drop-ins, freestanding, and alcove whirlpool bathtubs come with all the perks at Hydro Systems. The strong belief that whirlpool bathtubs were for everyone has driven Hydro Systems and kept these high-quality tub affordable. 

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American Acrylic

Dedicated to old-fashioned standards, American Acrylic isn’t afraid to embrace technology and explore new materials that will make bathtubs better. These whirlpool tubs include luxuries like LED lighting and air massage systems. 

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American Standard

American Standard raises the bar for the industry. Their care and commitment is reflected in every product they create. American Standard has a huge assortment of jetted tubs of all shapes and sizes. There’s one to suit your luxurious bathroom.

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Start your search for the perfect tub with these top rated bathtubs. The dedication to quality and comfort plus the sheer amount of choices will help you create the perfect bathroom.

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