Monday, June 14, 2021

The Practical Father’s Day Gift Guide

A dad enjoying a luxurious bathtub.

 He’s always there when the car breaks down. He’s always got a dumb joke up his sleeve. He’s happy to spot you a $20 (or $50) whenever you need it. Dad is worth celebrating but if you are tired of getting him a tie or another golf shirt, then it’s time to think outside the box. If you’re looking for a gift he can really appreciate, one he can use, we have some ideas. 

Robe Hook

A stylish, well-placed robe hook is something Dad can use and appreciate every day. Bathroom robe hooks in brushed nickel are popular and go with most existing hardware and faucets in the bathroom. Select one with clean lines and substantial design for a style your dad will love.

Packing Cubes

They may be ultra practical, but for the traveling Dad, packing cubes allow him to pack more efficiently, and you know how he is about efficiency. These little packages let him pack clothes or other soft items then shrink them down using vacuum air removal or a series of zippers. The result is a compressed cube that frees up space in his suitcase.

A fog-free, lit mirror in a white bathroom.

Fog Free Bathroom Wall Mirrors

If your dad loves a steamy shower or bath, a fog-free mirror may be just what he needs. These aren’t your regular bathroom mirrors. They are heated so moisture won’t condense on them when the bathroom gets steamed-up. You can also find them with built-in LED lighting. Available in all sizes for any bathroom.

Beard Balm

Beards are in, so if you have a hip dad, a beard balm could be just the thing he needs. Beard balms are essentially leave-in conditioners that moisturize, soften, and style a beard. Some types can promote growth. Help your dad keep his beard healthy and looking fabulous.

A heated towel rack in a large bathroom.

Heated Towel Rack - Wall Mounted

A towel warmer is the pinnacle of luxury in the bathroom. Give some of that luxury to Dad with a heated towel rack. Wall mounted versions are pretty much plug and play. You can select either electrically heated or water heated, but electric options heat faster and more efficiently.


We’re not talking about your usual Swiss Army Knife here. Look for a multi-tool that has several knives (straight edge and serrated), pliers, wire cutters, metal/wood files, and screwdrivers. They also come in different finishes like wood or carbon fiber.

A shower spa in a large glass shower.

Shower Spa

It’s a jetted tub, steam room, and rain shower all in one. The shower spa gives Dad all the perks of a spa right in his own bathroom. These aren’t just shower heads, but panels with body jets, pivoting shower arm, adjustable massaging sprays, temperature controls, and more. It’s perfect for a little relaxing hydrotherapy. 

BBQ Grill Tool Set

Every grill master needs a good set of tools. The long handled spatulas, tongs, and specialty tools let your dad do his thing whether he’s grilling burgers or smoking salmon.

Luxury Bathtub

A fancy bathtub is more than just a deep tub with some water jets. These high-tech tubs offer luxuries like air jets, heating zones, acupressure massage, consistent water temperature throughout a bath, electronic controls, even chromatherapy (calming colored lighting).

Car Care Kit

If your dad is a car lover, he’ll enjoy a care kit that helps him clean, polish, and perfect his car. Find a set that includes cleaning products and implements for paint, wheels, bumpers, and interior.

High-Tech Washlet

The washlet offers the experience of a bidet without adding one to the bathroom. All you have to do is replace the toilet seat. These Japanese toilet seats not only wash and dry, but they can also heat the water, light the toilet bowl, and clean/deodorize the toilet. Electronic controls and remote controls allow Dad to get the treatment he wants or even program it for his specifications.

Head Lamp

A head lamp is the perfect gift for the dad who doesn’t stop for anything—even darkness. They come in several types, including hat mounted lights or headband types. Especially fun, is the ball cap light that has lights under the brim.

Game Lighting

Whether your dad likes to spend leisure time playing poker or pool, a little mood lighting makes a great practical gift for Father’s Day. Get billiard lighting or track lighting to go over the pool table. Or try a pendant or sleek chandelier to go over the poker table.

If All Else Fails . . .

If none of the above strike your fancy, you can go somewhat less practical and try an item of the month club. Dad might enjoy a beer, cigar, jerky, jam, sirloin, cheese, bacon, pizza, ice cream, cake, coffee, or even necktie of the month subscription.

Treat your dad to something practical this Father’s Day. Practical gifts keep giving month after month and year after year. They say “I love you, dad” every time he uses them. 

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