Friday, July 16, 2021

Summer Wedding Gift Guide For the DIY Couple

Summer wedding gift guide.

Forget china and kitchen appliances. This is a wedding gift guide like no other. Sure, kitchen appliances are important for setting up house together, but have you ever considered a gift of a different kind? A gift for home renovation? A gift for the DIY couple?

If the couple you’re shopping for have some updating to do on their home, this is the perfect wedding gift guide for you. Here are some ideas for gifts that the happy couple can appreciate. 

A towel warmer hung on the bathroom wall.

Bathroom Gifts

We spend a lot of time in the bathroom. We’re in there multiple times every day. We start and end our day there. Gifts for the bathroom help the couple create an environment they can enjoy for years to come.


Whether the couple is used to sharing their space or not, who wouldn’t welcome a little more mirror real estate? 

A mirror medicine cabinet that features lighting both inside and out, USB outlet, defogger, and a digital clock is a sure winner. Try a more streamlined frameless mirror that has Bluetooth audio. Or go for something smaller and simpler with a modern flair, especially good for smaller bathrooms.

Shelves & Linen Cabinets

Adding some storage to the bathroom boosts organization and makes way for two people to share the space. Freestanding linen cabinets offer a good amount of storage space. Doors can be closed for an instantly tidy appearance. Wall mounted cabinets have the same functionality on a smaller scale.

Freestanding or wall mounted shelves add storage and offer a bit of sleek modern style to the room. Shelves can go anywhere from the corner of the shower to the side of the vanity for easy access. 

Bath Accessories

Bathroom accessories may already be on the couple’s registry, but there may be a few items they didn’t think to add. For instance, towel bars and rings, shower caddies, and soap dispensers. A wonderful gift that we guarantee no one else thought of is a towel warmer. It’s a luxury the couple will enjoy all winter long.

Circular lighted mirror in a white bathroom.

Lighting Gifts

It’s something a new home can always use more of. Lighting can help the happy couple turn the house into a home. Smallish lighting (think lamps, pendants, and sconces) makes a great gift because it’s flexible and mobile. That kind of flexibility allows them to take the light to where they need it most. 

Wall Mounted Lights

Consider wall mounted sconces or swing arm lighting. They are great for adding accessible lighting in the living room or bedroom. They are easy to install and add a touch of atmosphere, killing two birds with one stone. 


Traditional freestanding table or floor lamps, especially in sets, make some of the best housewarming gifts. Go with neutral colors and designs that fit with most styles. Unless, of course, you know the couple’s tastes. Then you can select something that fits their aesthetic. 

Utensil drawer organizer in the kitchen drawer.

Kitchen Gifts

Traditional gifts for the kitchen like crockpots and knives are all well and good, but this wedding gift guide thinks outside the norm for gifts that spruce up the kitchen itself.

Cabinet Knobs & Pulls

 Little details can go a long way to changing the look and feel of an outdated kitchen. If the happy couple has a less-than-ideal kitchen, new knobs may be just the ticket. They come in all sorts of styles and can transform a boring cabinet into a statement piece. 

Same goes for cabinet pulls. Though a different style entirely, pulls can dress up a kitchen with one simple and easy-to-do project.


The happy couple is going to need some kitchen accessories to get all their kitchen utensils organized. Head over to our sister brand, RTA Cabinet Store and check out the drawer organizers, pull-out cabinet drawers, and more.

Dress up the kitchen look and experience with items like trash cans, cutting boards, and garbage disposals. Even something as utilitarian as sink drains and strainers are a necessity that no one will think to gift the couple. 

Wedding season is in full swing. Give a gift that the DIY couple can use to update their home together. For more gift guides, check out what we recommend for dads.

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