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Top 8 Walk In Shower Ideas

Large walk in shower with step up entry.

A walk in shower is the ultimate in good bathroom design. It suits everything from the small basic bathroom to a large opulent bathroom and everything in between. It offers straightforward functionality and the chance to create a visual centerpiece. 

Check out these walk in shower ideas to find the perfect fit for your bathroom, no matter what your bathroom layout looks like.

What Is a Walk In Shower Exactly?

A walk in shower is an independent shower space in a bathroom. It is not combined with a bathtub and can be open or enclosed with glass. Most commonly it has no curtains, screens, or doors and functions like a small shower room.

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#1 Walk In Shower for Small Bathrooms

The idea of a shower room may cause you to high tail it if you have a smaller bathroom, but walk-in showers come in all shapes and sizes so don’t discount it quite yet. 

In fact, a walk in shower is ideal for a small bathroom where there may not be enough space for swinging shower doors or even a bathtub. Adjust the size of your shower to fit your bathroom. 

Though most walk-in showers are about 60 x 30 inches, you can get away with 42 x 42 inches or even smaller. Designers recommend going no smaller than 36 x 36 inches. Any smaller than that and you’ll have trouble moving around in your shower comfortably.

Large walk in shower with clear glass and pony wall.

#2 Walk In Shower with no Tub

Homeowners are getting rid of their bathtubs in droves. It’s a bit of a trend in bathroom design to ditch the shower in favor of an opulent, spacious walk in shower. 

With no tub you have room to create a walk in shower oasis complete with double shower heads, body sprays, and steam.  Even bath lovers can’t deny the luxury of a walk in shower with all the perks of a spa experience. Add additional luxuries like towel warmers, rain shower head, or a high tech shower panel.

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#3 Walk In Shower with Bench

One of the benefits of the walk in shower is that it’s accessibility-friendly. Adding a bench only makes your shower even more accessible. 

Benches often become places of storage for shampoos and shower gel or places to perch while doing everyday maintenance. The purposes of your bench will help you determine size placement of your shower bench. 

Go for a larger bench if you foresee the need for seated showers, or select a smaller one for convenience. Place it closer to the shower head for seated showers and on the opposite side for things that don’t need a constant flow of water. 

Corner walk in shower with pony wall and glass door.

#4 Zero Entry Walk In Shower

Zero entry style walk in showers are another accessible perk. Essentially, they are showers that have an entry that’s level with the surrounding floor. Having no barrier or lip between the shower and the rest of the bathroom makes it easy for wheelchair users to shower. It also decreases trip risk for elderly users. 

Having zero entry might make you wonder about keeping water out of the rest of the bathroom. It’s true that water tends to get outside the shower area in a zero entry shower, however, with the right installation and slope to the drain, excess water can be minimized. 

#5 Walk In Shower with Shield

Most walk in shower designs have swinging, sliding, or even folding doors, but consider the shield as an alternative walk in shower idea.

The shield is a large piece of glass that can cover from one third to one half of the shower area and is stationary. There is no messing with curtains or doors and if you like to keep things simple, this is the way to go. It keeps water from getting out into the rest of the room and has a minimal vibe.

Choose from clear glass, window pane style, frosted, or rainwater texture for varying levels of privacy and style.

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White a blue bathroom with walk in shower with steam.

#6 Walk In Showers & Privacy

A more open format shower might also feel a little more exposed to you, but there are plenty of ways to give it the right level of privacy for your preferences. 

Adding a frosted or textured glass door or shield can provide more privacy without enclosing the walk in shower too much. Check out textured glass as an option instead of frosted glass. It looks like it has water droplets that obscure the view without blocking light.

Pony walls, or half walls, are another good option for privacy. They block the view halfway up but still allow for an openness for the other half. 

#7 Walk In Shower Storage

Adding niche storage to a walk-in shower is a practical and stylish way to keep your shower essentials organized and easily accessible. A shower niche is a recessed shelf or compartment built into the shower wall, usually made of the same material as the surrounding tiles. 

Niche storage helps keep your shower area tidy and organized by providing a designated spot for your shampoo, conditioner, body wash, soap, and other bathing essentials. Having your toiletries within arm's reach eliminates the need for shower caddies or hanging storage, making your bathing experience more convenient. Plus the in-wall design keeps the floor clear.

The open format walk in shower is the perfect addition to your bathroom. Whatever style suits you, these walk in shower ideas will get you started on your journey to shower bliss. 

Walk in shower with lots of natural elements like stone and wood.

#8 Natural Walk In Shower

Create your own spa-like oasis by adding details that invite relaxation. Incorporate soft and waterproof accent lighting inside the shower area to create a soothing ambiance. Use natural materials like stone or wood for a spa-like and calming atmosphere. Install a waterfall showerhead for a luxurious and invigorating bathing experience.

If your bathroom receives sufficient natural light, consider creating a small vertical garden or incorporating plants into the shower area to bring a touch of nature indoors.

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