Thursday, March 9, 2023

Rub-a-Dub-Dub, a Roundup of the Best Tubs

White freestanding soaker tub with sloping sides.

Is there a bad time for a little self-care? Not really. All you need is some scented bath salts and a beautiful tub you can sink up to your nose in. Here are a few of our most spectacular tubs.

Bain Ultra Evanescense

This freestanding bathtub can be customized with various therapy options. The Hydro-Thermo Massage system offers air jets, heating zones (backrest, headrest), and chromatherapy.  It has thin walls so it’s easier to get in and out of as well. Control all the perks effortlessly with DOT control.

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White, rectangualr soaking tub with wide lip all the way around the outside edge.

Neptune Ametys

Comfort comes first in this bathtub’s design. Minimalist but premium, it offers elegant angles, electronic controls, and adjustable jet direction. The combination of Active-Air and Mass-Air systems provide champagne-like bubbles and aerated currents that make for a complete massage experience. 

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Rectangular tiered freestanding tub in a bathroom with natural wood and white tile.

Hydro Systems Designer Donatello

Classic looks with all the modern trimmings, this tub stands out among its peers. Acrylic construction and freestanding style on the outside with Hydrozone ozone water purification system under the hood, you’ll never have to worry about the quality of the water or any by-products.

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Oval freestanding white bathtub in an upscale bathroom.

Laufin Ilbagno Alessi One

Molded in one piece, this organic-shaped bathtub is a standout design element for the bathroom. Because of the single piece construction, the tub comes with a pre-installed lifting system that moves the bathtub so maintenance and repairs can be done.

Ilbagno Alessi One 

Drop in soaker tub with unique design features on the exposed side.

Neptune Daphne

Get all the luxury of  a customizable therapy in your alcove tub space. Ergonomic design makes this an exceptionally comfortable tub. Add on perks like your choice of jet system, chromotherapy lights, and accessories. Tonic therapy (jetted water and warm air jets) makes bath time a dream come true. 

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Large, oval jetted tub in a light bathroom.

Bain Ultra Essencia

Not only does this tub have ThermoMasseur technology that provides warm, even massage, it also has aromatherapy. Create the ultimate in relaxation involving all the senses. Also has top-of-the-line ergonomic design and functional perks like grab bars, footrest and armrests.


Undermount bathtub with aromatherapy by Bain Ultra.

Bain Ultra Meridian

This undermount tub allows for some unique design in an application that still offers all the therapy additions you want: jets, aromatherapy, heating zones, chromatherapy, etc. Customize the flange, drain position, and finish for the perfect tub for your design.

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Hammered copper clawfoot tub in an upscale bathroom

Barclay Naples

A showstopper, this hammered copper soaker tub offers all the ambiance you need for a relaxing evening and style that keeps on giving every day all day. Select freestanding tub filler and accessories to match the vintage vibe. 


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