Thursday, March 23, 2023

5 ‘TikTok Made Me Buy It’ Must-Haves from Decor Planet

Modern blue wall hung bathroom vanity with white countertops and silver fixtures.

We all know that there’s no shortage of items to purchase online – which is why several trends have emerged, mostly via social media, to help shoppers navigate the newest and most popular items more easily. 

One of these trends is #TikTokMadeMeBuyIt, a phenomenon where people share products that they discovered through TikTok and then decided to purchase. This trend started when users of the social media platform started sharing videos of themselves showing off items they bought after seeing them on TikTok, such as clothing, makeup, gadgets, and more.

From easy-pour spouts for cartons of milk to robotic gadgets for cleaning your pool, the products made popular by #TikTokMadeMeBuyIt are usually quite eclectic. In a similar fashion, we put together a complete list inspired by this fun social media trend to share our must-have items from Decor Planet. 

Whether you’re looking for a simple way to freshen up your vanity, or you’re undergoing a full-scale bathroom remodel, these are some of the best things on offer at Decor Planet that will have you saying: The Blog Made Me Buy It!

1. Blue Wall Hung Bathroom Vanity

Looking to incorporate the hottest color trend into your bathroom? This year, it’s all about blue. Keep things cool with this moody blue wall hung double bathroom vanity, which is perfect for any modern bathroom. Complete with beautiful quartz stone counters, this vanity will be the envy of all your friends, as it elicits an immediate sense of classic luxury. Show it off in your next TikTok video, but be sure to spruce it up first with some charming plants or chrome soap dispensers.

Single piece white toilet by Fresca with dual flush.

2. Fresca Dual Flush Toilet

Toilets are no longer meant to be boring. Instead, contemporary models like this Fresca dual flush toilet have a trendy aesthetic quality that makes them stand out! With its curvy lines and top button-style flusher, the shape of this toilet is inherently sleek. Plus, it’s more eco-friendly than your average toilet, making it a great investment for your monthly water bill – and for the planet. Who knew there was such a thing as toilet-envy!?

Tall bathroom mirror with LED lighting.

3. Tall Bathroom Mirror with LED Lighting

We can all agree that good lighting can make or break your bathroom selfie. If you’re getting ready to post on TikTok, this bathroom mirror with LED lighting will instantly up your amount of glow. Whether you’re shaving, putting on makeup, or styling your hair, having a mirror with built-in, high-output lighting is essential. Offering the perfect union of sleek design and modern technology, the magnificent halo of light this mirror expels will make getting ready so much easier – and extra glamorous! 

Wall mounted toothbrush holder in chrome with space for four toothbrushes.

4. Wall Mount Ellite Toothbrush Holder 

The last thing anyone wants to see in a makeup tutorial video on TikTok is a cluttered vanity. Our bathrooms should be clean and pristine, making items that are designed for organization (and style!) a must. Instead of crowding up your vanity with all the things you need to brush your teeth, get your toothbrush off the counter entirely with this wall mount Ellite toothbrush holder. Finished in a sleek and shiny chrome or brushed nickel, this toothbrush holder will easily hang on the wall, freeing up space on your vanity. In an immaculate space, everything should have a home – even your toothbrush!

Shower panel with massaging jets.

5. Pavia Shower Massage Panel

There’s no reason you can’t turn your bathroom into your dream spa retreat, especially with products like this luxurious Pavia shower massage panel. A shower panel can really take your morning cleaning routine to the next level. Instead of just having a basic shower head with one setting, this panel gives you four different outputs: a large shower head that creates a rainfall effect, a handheld shower wand for hard-to-reach places, four swiveling massage water jets, and a tub filling water spout on the bottom. Nothing says relaxation quite like a rain shower!

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