Tuesday, March 14, 2023

Modern Bathroom Vanity 101

Blue vanity with  modern styling and white countertop.

Your bathroom has many important features, but your vanity might be the most underrated. While the toilet, shower, and sink are the central pieces, a modern bathroom vanity is essential for storage, style, and the tone of your bathroom’s interior.  

The right vanity transforms your bathroom, and thanks to Décor Planet, it’s incredibly easy to pick the right one. Match your interior design with one of these modern vanities. 


Over the last decade or two, minimalism has exploded in popularity, defining the interior looks of residential and commercial spaces alike. With its emphasis on the calm and decluttered, a minimalist space is free of distracting colors, textures, and features. You’ll instead find many grays, blacks, and other similar colors elevated to a feature role. 

The bathroom is a spot that naturally needs calm and comfort, so a minimalistic vanity is a perfect fit here. Two excellent choices to consider include: 

Fresca Lucera vanity in gray with silver hardware.

Fresca Lucera 48" Gray Wall Hung Modern Bathroom Cabinet with Top & Undermount Sink: This sophisticated vanity features a marble or quartz stone countertop, solid wood cabinets, and a chic gray finish for a sleek, modern look.   


Fresca Allier vanity in gray with long nickel handles.

Fresca Allier 72" Gray Oak Modern Double Sink Bathroom Cabinet with Top & Sinks: Combining elegant form with casual function, this modern double sink bathroom vanity adds a slight touch of warmth to complement its sophisticated design. 

Both vanities are slightly different, but you’ll still stay on trend while adding more amenities to your bathroom. 

Natural Aesthetic 

Another trending look is the natural aesthetic. Like minimalism, a natural look emphasizes calm and comfort through decorative elements. Unlike minimalism, natural interiors make use of light, earth tones like blue and green, and outdoor materials like stone and wood. 

Bringing the outdoors into your bathroom begins with your vanity. To get you started, here are two vanities that fit a natural design scheme: 

Blue modern vanity by Fresca with white countertop and sink.

Fresca Lucera 72" Blue Wall Hung Double Undermount Sink Modern Bathroom Vanity with Medicine Cabinets: With a classically simple construction, plenty of storage space, a quartz stone countertop, and a dark blue finish, you’ll add a touch of nature that’s completely comfortable. 


Natural wood modern vanity with shelf at the floor by Native Trails.

Native Trails Solace 49" Freestanding Single Bathroom Vanity Base with NativeStone Shelf in Sunrise Oak: This special, standalone vanity combines light wood, sold wood, and concrete materials for a touch of nature. 

Many of our vanities feature natural colors or materials, so you’re you’ll have a broad choice if the natural look is what you crave.  

Coastal Interiors 

A coastal interior is a variation of both minimalism and a natural aesthetic. Blending bright whites and blues and mostly neutral textures, coastal designs are a timeless choice that never go out of style. 

Whether you’re renovating a beach house or your suburban home, these special vanities are the right choice for coastal bathrooms: 

Sleek white modern vanity with silver faucet by Fresca.

Fresca Mezzo 59" White Wall Hung Single Sink Modern Bathroom Vanity with Medicine Cabinet: Combining smooth lines and a sleek white finish, this special vanity adds a modern touch to any coastal bathroom. 


Wall hung single vanity with modern industrial look by Robern.

Robern Cartesian 30 1/8" Wall Mount Bathroom Vanity with Single Glass Drawer: This simple, single-drawer vanity comes in a variety of blues, whites, and other coastal colors. 

Check out our full list of vanities for even more styles to choose from. 

Mid Century Modern 

Mid-century modern dominated the 50’s and 60’s, but it’s coming back into style. With simple, uncomplicated features and made from natural materials like wood and copper, mid-century modern furniture is perfectly retro and on-trend, finding new life among Millennials in particular. 

If you love the mid-century look, you’ll love these wooden bathroom vanities: 

Dark wood double vanity with plank styling by James Martin.

James Martin Linear 58 3/4" Freestanding Double Bathroom Vanity in Mid-Century Walnut: With spacious storage options and a timeless birch and poplar wood construction, take a trip back in time with this classic vanity that’s also fully modern. 


Dark wood single vanity with drawers on two sides by James Martin.

James Martin Addison 45" Freestanding Single Bathroom Vanity Set in Mid-Century Acacia with Eternal Jasmine Pearl Quartz Top: This single-sink vanity set features three drawers with a brushed aluminum finish, English dovetail joinery, a slim and simple silhouette, and other retro/modern features for a full mid-century look and feel.  

No matter what design style you choose, these modern vanities—and anything from the Fresca Torino line—will elevate your vanity to a key bathroom feature. Want even more bathroom vanities to look through? 

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