Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Use a Shower Niche to Boost Storage and Design

As you approach the process of installing a shower panel or other bathroom accessories, you may look into small storage options that can hang from your showerhead or attach to the wall. However, these products don't last and do nothing to improve the look of your shower. 

Think about creating a small shower niche inside of your shower that will blend in perfectly with your d├ęcor and give you that bit of storage you need in the shower 

This shower niche is a chance for you to improve the room's storage capacity and boost the design of the shower. When installing your shower, instruct your contractor to leave a small indentation in the wall - you can then use the area inside to decorate with mosaic tile to infuse the area with a pop of color.

After installing a small shelf, you can keep your shampoo, washcloths and sponges within reach. This is one of the most unobtrusive ways to improve the storage capacity of your shower and will jazz up the look of your space.

Storage space is always at a premium in bathrooms, but thankfully there are ingenious ways to pack more into your washroom without inhibiting traffic flow. A shower niche is one of the easiest ways to do that. Make it a part of your shower plan!