Thursday, February 9, 2012

White and Gray Bathroom Scheme for a Modern Apartment

While you may be sifting through your many options and other accents, your color scheme is quite possibly the most important facet of the room. Gray and white go together far easier than you may expect and the combination will give you an opportunity to incorporate plenty of contemporary additions. Here are some ideas to achieve a white and gray bathroom scheme successfully.

Statement Vanity

Select a moody gray vanity to be the centerpiece of your design. The vanity is generally the visual focus of the space and pretty much the only piece of furniture in the bathroom. Let it stand out!

Distribute Evenly

Wainscoting is one of the easiest ways to provide equal proportions of color throughout the space. Whether you're using wood or marble, white wainscoting around the room will allow you to paint the rest of the walls gray and improve the use of light in the space.

Neutral Colors

One of the greatest advantages of this color scheme is that both are neutrals. Each colorful accent will be doubly impressive against a gray and white bathroom scheme. Your artwork and line choices will look far more attractive against the neutral backdrop. 

Metallic Finishes

Finish the look of the space by using brushed nickel or chrome fixtures - this will help balance the crisp white and matte gray with a dose of metallic shine.

A neutral color palette like a white and gray bathroom can dramatically open up your style choices and create a bathroom that's adaptable to any season. 

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