Friday, April 20, 2012

Are Shower Panels Worth It?

If you're about to embark upon a full-scale bathroom remodeling project, having a clear idea of which major fixtures will be included is vital to select the components and other hardware that will bring the space together. 

If you're mulling the thought of installing a large shower in your space, a shower panel should be at the top of your list of priorities. This is one of the most cutting-edge bathroom accessories on the market that will streamline the look of your washroom and allow you to enjoy a new era of luxury in your home. But are shower panels worth it? Here are a few benefits that could convince you to incorporate one into your space.

1. Versatility. Instead of using a single shower head, many shower panels are available with multiple water outputs, such as swiveling water jets, an overhead rainfall faucet and a handheld sprayer. Some are even fitted with a spout at the bottom for those who would like to install the device over a bathtub. The sleek surface of these devices is also extremely easy-to-clean, which will increase its overall lifespan and limit the amount of extensive cleaning regimens you'll have to perform on the device.

2. Economical. Compared with the investment in a large bathtub, shower curtains and other accessories, a shower panel can be a great bargain for bathroom remodelers. These devices are available at just about every price point, so homeowners will be able to find the ideal mixture of features that works with their space constraints. Many of these products are made from durable materials like stainless steel, so they will be a long-lasting investment that will continue to pay dividends.

3. Space-saving. Since most shower panels are mounted directly to the wall of a bathroom and connected to the room's plumbing, they can dramatically open up the interior design of a washroom. There is barely any need to allot space for the panel and it will only take up a small amount of space on your wall. When coupled with glass shower doors and an influx of light in the space, these devices can make a bathroom feel much larger than it actually is.

Are shower panels worth it? Yes. Your bathroom remodeling project will be filled with tough decisions, so make this an easy one. 

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