Thursday, February 2, 2023

How to Update Your Bathroom Hardware: 3 Fundamental Tips

Modern flat front gray bathroom vanity against a white subway tiled wall. Vessel sinks on the top of the vanity and chrome faucets.

Did you know remodeling your bathroom can add significant value to your home for resale? Some analysts claim that undergoing a bathroom remodel can boost a home’s value by as much as 53-58% of what is spent during the renovation.

Even if you aren’t planning a full-scale remodel, there are certain areas where you can focus your attention in the bathroom that will show potential buyers your good taste and modern sensibilities. After all, who doesn’t love a bathroom that’s been updated!? 

One of the main features that plays an important role in the overall look and feel of a bathroom is the hardware or fixtures. From sink faucets and towel bars to soap dispensers and cabinet hardware, these small details are not something to be overlooked. Giving your hardware an update and choosing fixtures that are high quality, stylish, and match the bathroom’s design scheme is essential to a high-end space.

Here are 3 fundamental tips for choosing the perfect bathroom hardware during a renovation.

Delta Trillian Single Lever Handle in brushed nickel bathroom fixture.

1. Opt for eco-friendly faucets

More and more homeowners are growing concerned with the environmental impact of the materials and furnishings in their living spaces – and this of course applies to the bathroom. A great way to make sure your bathroom sinks are sustainable is to opt for faucets that conserve water. According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), replacing old faucets can save homeowners nearly 700 gallons of water per year!

To ensure you’re choosing the most water-efficient option, look for WaterSense-labeled faucets, like this Delta model. The WaterSense label certifies the faucet uses at least 20% less water than the industry standard, all without compromising on performance. Additionally, it’s best if the faucet has a flow rate of under 1.5 gallons per minute, which you can confirm with the manufacturer.

Brizio Virage two handle bathroom sink fixture in chrome.

2. Choose the right faucet based on your vanity’s design

The design of your bathroom sink or vanity will help to immediately eliminate fixtures that are too high, too big, or are simply the wrong style. Depending on the layout and dimensions of your overall sink, you’ll need to make sure the new faucet not only fits the allotted space but also fits with the bathroom design you’re hoping to achieve.

For example, at Decor Planet, we offer faucets in several different categories including widespread vessel faucets, single hole faucets, wall mount faucets, and center set faucets for smaller vanities. If you’re planning on remodeling your vanity or sink entirely, you’ll have more freedom in choosing a faucet fixture that’s different from your current model – such as a wall mount faucet for a modernized design. However, if you’re sticking with your existing vanity, you should know straightaway which faucet category you’re limited to.

Wall mounted single hole spout style bathroom faucet in chrome.

3. Make sure all of the fixtures are cohesive

As we mentioned earlier, there are numerous fixtures that all play a part in creating a functional bathroom – including larger, more obvious features like towel racks and smaller intricacies like cabinet hardware. From an interior design perspective, it’s best to opt for the same type of finish for all of your bathroom hardware. Otherwise, you’ll run the risk of the space looking overly eclectic or even badly disjointed.

Some of the most popular finishes for bathrooms include brushed, satin, polished, antique, and satin metal. Whichever finish you choose is purely a matter of personal choice, but a good rule of thumb is to make sure the hardware matches with permanent fittings like the showerhead or toilet handle. Remember: harmony is the key to pulling the look together!

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