Thursday, January 19, 2023

5 Easy Ways to Make Your Bathroom Feel Calm and Cozy

Cozy bathroom in winter white with double vanity and decor on the countertop.

Are you tired of your cold, clinical bathroom and ready to transform it into a warm and inviting space? 

From warm and natural materials to comfortable seating and spa-like features, you'll find all the inspiration you need to turn your bathroom into a calming retreat. So grab a cup of tea, get comfortable, and let's get started on creating your dream cozy bathroom with these 5 design ideas!

Brass towel warmer in a cozy bathroom.

1. Add cozy textures like plush towels and bath mats

The first step in achieving a cozy bathroom design is to, of course, integrate materials and textiles that are luxuriously soft to touch. After all, what’s better than stepping out of the shower and having your toes warmed by a plush and fluffy bath mat? By thinking carefully about the quality of the materials in your bathroom and choosing towels, robes, slippers, or rugs that are made with only the coziest fabrics, your space will drive home the lush, comfortable vibe you’re aiming for. 

Minimal pedestal sink in glass and chrome.

2. Choose furnishings with extra charm like pedestal sinks

Features like the shower, sink, and toilet are essential to any bathroom – but who says you have to stick to traditional models? Opting for appliances and furnishings that make an eye-catching statement and align with a particular design style is a great way to make sure everything in the space complements a cozy look. For instance, pedestal sinks are largely seen as one of the most charming bathroom features, along with clawfoot tubs. Perfect for smaller spaces, pedestal sinks are inherently cozy by nature of their size, shape, and simplicity. 

Warm, brushed gold toned bathroom faucet.

3. Focus on fixtures and hardware with warm tones

Since it’s usually quite typical to have limited space in your bathroom, focusing on the small details is all the more important – starting with the fixtures and hardware. If your fixtures don’t feel cozy to you, you can easily swap them out for ones that are finished in warmer tones like brushed nickel. One idea is to install this curvy Virage Single Handle Faucet, which can be finished in several different warm colors. You really can’t go wrong with a faucet that’s finished in gold for the ultimate cozy (yet luxe) feel!

Small stool in chrome and black for the bathroom.

4. Create a dedicated seating area 

Similar to a window seat in a bedroom or a banquette in a kitchen, having a special area for seating in any room adds immediate charm and coziness. In the bathroom, incorporating comfortable seating like a plush bench or armchair will create a relaxing spot for you to unwind. You’ll be surprised how much you use this extra sitting area while waiting for your bubble bath to fill up or to make self care activities like painting nails or applying lotion much easier!

Strip vanity lighting with soft frosted glass shades.

5. Install soft lighting to set the mood

Last but not least, a final way to make your bathroom feel much cozier is to install soft and warm lighting that will help create a calming atmosphere. Candles, simple string lights, and floor lamps are all great options. Of course, you want to make sure that there is adequate lighting that makes it easy to get ready each morning, but you can still achieve this with soft white or even vintage bulbs. Accent lighting is generally softer than overhead lighting, especially if you add the option of dimming the bulbs for those middle-of-the-night bathroom trips. 

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