Thursday, November 3, 2022

Simple Steps to Prep Your Home for Holiday Guests

Bathroom with small mirror and other daily implements.

When you were at the peak of enjoying easy-breezy summertime in June, it seemed like a fabulous idea to offer your house for Thanksgiving dinner, the company holiday party, and the family gathering on New Year’s Day. Now that the clock is ticking and all of those fall and winter holidays are fast approaching, you may be kicking yourself for saying that you’d host, wondering where to even begin.  

The good news is this: getting your house ready for guests doesn’t have to be a gigantic, stress-laden ordeal that keeps you up at night. In fact, prepping for guests can even be fun! You’ll get to make a series of simple updates that will transform your home into an inviting and cozy haven for your guests – updates that will last long after they leave.  

By starting now and tackling the task early, you can ensure that your home or apartment will be holiday ready so all of your guests feel heartily welcomed. Here are our simple steps to prep for holiday guests:  

Open medicine cabinet filled with supplies.

Start with a quick-and-easy sweep of any clutter 

The very first step in getting your house ready for guests is to declutter the rooms where they will be spending time. Spaces like the foyer, kitchen, dining room, and living room should be your main targets, as well as any guest bedrooms or rooms where they might be staying overnight. 

Remove anything that’s unnecessary from coffee tables, countertops, and ottomans. You can round up any clutter into storage bags or bins, and place them in your garage, shed, or basement until after the holidays so that your home is clean and tidy. 

Stock the guest room and make sure it’s updated 

If your guests plan to spend a night or two at your house, you’ll want to give extra care and attention to their sleeping quarters. Start by stocking their guest bedroom with things like extra towels and blankets, which can be placed on the end of the bed, as well as toiletries they might have forgotten to pack like lotions, toothpaste, or hair ties. You could even place a small basket with some holiday snacks or treats in their room.  

Finally, evaluate the overall look and layout of your guest bedroom. Could it use a new rug? Does the bedding feel outdated and worn? Is the lighting in need of an update? Making small updates like adding a new freestanding lamp to the bedside table will give the space more charm. 

Small bathroom with vanity and separate tall storage cabinet.

Freshen up the bathroom so that it’s spotless 

There is nothing worse than a dirty bathroom, so now it’s time to focus on making sure yours is squeaky clean for your guests. In addition to sanitizing the toilet, sinks, and tub or shower, you should go the extra mile to achieve a spotless space by doing things like dusting the light fixtures, buffing the mirrors, and vacuuming the floorboards.  

You can also make it easy for your guests to find hygiene supplies they may need (like soap, tissues, or towels) by incorporating a new linen tower.  

Complete any ongoing DIY projects you’ve been intending to do 

Last but not least, this period of preparation is the perfect opportunity to finally tackle any DIY task you’ve been meaning to complete. For example, if your kitchen has been plagued with a leaky faucet, now is the time to replace it with a state-of-the-art kitchen faucet that will freely flow without a hitch.  

If you’re like most homeowners, there’s probably a sprawling list of projects that you just haven’t had the free afternoon to address – like hanging framed photos or repainting a scratched wall. Use your guests’ arrival date as the definitive deadline for these low-priority DIY projects, and get them done once and for all! 

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