Thursday, November 17, 2022

4 Genius Bathroom Organization Hacks

Bathroom accessories for a well appointed, modern bathroom.

Bathrooms are one of those high-traffic spaces (like closets and pantries) that just never seem to have enough storage. Oftentimes, bathrooms are the smallest room in the house, making it especially challenging to maximize its limited footprint in a way that allows for tidiness and organization.  

Between getting ready for work in the morning to unwinding in the evening in your nightly bath, your bathroom has many different functions that all align with helping you feel and look your best. Wouldn’t it make sense, then, to make this space feel and look its best, too?  

By keeping your bathroom organized, even the smallest space can feel luxurious, enticing you to spend more time primping and pampering yourself. Say goodbye to the mess of toiletries that’s littering your vanity and the towels strewn about the floor. Here are our top bathroom organization hacks that are useful for spaces of all shapes and sizes. 

Make the most of your walls with hanging accessory sets

Rather than relying solely on cabinets and closets for storage, why not capitalize on the extra space offered by your bathroom walls? You can hang a series of organizational features from your walls that will free up space on your vanity and give certain items a dedicated home.  

For example, this modern accessory set includes five useful features, such as a robe hook, soap dish, toilet paper holder, towel bar, and towel ring, which can all be mounted on your walls. This way, all of these classic bathroom items will have their own space and won’t infringe on other areas that you’d like to keep clean.  

Freestanding triple shelf for extra bathroom storage.

Add a freestanding bathroom shelf for extra storage

If the storage areas you do have in your bathroom feel overcrowded and slightly chaotic, a great solution is to add a new item of furniture that’s purely for organizing. Freestanding bathroom shelves are not only practical and functional, but they are quaint and can usually fit perfectly in tight areas (like next to the toilet or near the shower). 

With many different designs available, freestanding shelves can also be finished in various colors and styles, meaning they will work well in virtually any bathroom. Now, you’ll have a dedicated shelf for all your toiletries and personal care items, making it essential to the overall organization of your space.

Wall mounted modern style single vanity for the bathroom. 

Rethink your sink and go for a modern model

Another bathroom organization hack is to take another look at the features that are currently crowding your space – like the sink or vanity. Perhaps the present model is inordinately bigger than it needs to be. In this case, choosing a modern, wall-hung model will free up space on the floor and give the space new means for storage. 

Choosing a model like this modern bathroom vanity will look fresh, provide cabinet storage, and allow for baskets or additional shelving to be placed beneath the vanity for further organization. You could also choose a model like this traditional vanity, which has a narrow build that makes it ideal for a smaller bathroom while still offering dedicated under-the-sink storage.  

Large bathroom mirror with medicine cabinet behind for extra storage.

Give your mirror more purpose with a medicine cabinet

A final idea for better bathroom organization is to install a medicine cabinet in place of your mirror. Since every bathroom has a mirror, it only makes sense to give it a dual purpose! 

By integrating a classic medicine cabinet, you’ll create more convenient storage for things like your electric shaver, toothbrush, medications, and other smaller toiletries. Some high-end medicine cabinets even include innovations like defogging technology, dimmable LED task lights, and USB/electrical ports.  

In addition to adding these organizational hacks, you may be thinking about other trends to incorporate into your bathroom to take it from drab to fab. Here are some of the leading bathroom design trends.

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