Thursday, December 15, 2022

5 Hacks for a Lack of Bathroom Counter Space

Double vanity in white in a modern style in a minimal bathroom.

From hair dryers and spare towels to hand lotions and flat irons, our bathrooms are home to scores of products that can leave a disorganized and unsightly mess on the countertops. Oftentimes, counter space in the bathroom is precious and limited, meaning it can therefore become cluttered quite quickly. 

If you’re looking to give your bathroom a spa-like feel that’s free from random toiletries and messy counters, here are 5 clever hacks for creating more bathroom counter space. 

1. Arrange toiletries on a pretty tray

If you have a double vanity, you probably have a dedicated space in the middle of the vanity’s two sinks for storage. This is a great spot for a beautiful tray, which can help you to organize miscellaneous items like cotton swabs, hairbrushes, make-up, and other smaller items. The best part about organization trays is they create boundaries, so things that wouldn’t otherwise have a dedicated home can be contained. 

Choose a tray that matches your fixtures and finishes. Finding one that’s easy to clean and moisture-proof is also a smart idea.

Wall mounted towel rack with beige towels on top.

2. Install wall-mounted holders

To free up space around your sink, opt for toothbrush holders and soap dispensers that attach to the wall. This will instantly give you back free space on your vanity counters while looking chic and stylish. There are even holders available that are specifically for hair-styling tools, which have individual sections for your hair dryer, comb, hairbrush, and curling iron. 

You can also install a wall-mounted holder for your water glass; just make sure you place it somewhere that you won’t knock into it while getting ready!

Three door medicine cabinet with mirror front and shelved inside.

3. Hang a medicine cabinet or wall shelf

Another way to capitalize on the available wall space that you have and free up your counters is to hang a storage solution like a medicine cabinet or shelf. Medicine cabinets can be particularly innovative, as some models come with dimmable LED lighting, handy electrical outlet hookups, and defogging technology. 

A shelf or medicine cabinet will simplify storage for taller items like diffusers or bottles of moisturizer, and they can also be helpful for organizing spare rolls of toilet paper, extra towels and washrags, and even small decorations.

Wood trimmed medicine cabinet and storage shelves in a robin egg blue bathroom.

4. Add a vertical layer to your vanity

A creative solution for messy counters is to create an all-new layer for storage. If you’ve ever seen the way that some people create over-the-toilet storage by building shelving that fits perfectly on top of the porcelain throne, this is the same idea – except on top of your vanity. 

You can easily DIY an over-top shelf for your sink or double sinks that will give you much-needed storage above your vanity. You can use materials like salvaged wood or wood planks for a rustic look, or find a U-shape plastic shelf online that will also do the trick. 

5. Integrate a new linen tower 

A final hack that will help you better organize your bathroom counter space is to incorporate a new piece of furniture in the form of a linen tower. Linen towers come in a variety of shapes, styles, and heights to fit in hard-to-place bathroom corners. They can act as points of focus in your bathroom, as well as allow you to keep all your linens, or whatever else you want to store, in one place. 

You can dedicate two of the shelves for towels and washrags and use the rest of the tower for items that you don’t want clogging up your counters!

Ready to free up more counter space and declutter your bathroom vanity? Shop for other storage solutions to help make your bathroom more organized and tidy here.