Thursday, March 3, 2022

The 6 Best Toilets of 2024

Large, open bathroom with high tech toilet.

The toilet may seem like a purely functional bathroom item, but 2024’s toilets go far beyond basic and allow you to make the toilet an item to be admired. 

To some extent, what makes the best toilet depends on preference and specific needs. However, there are several factors to consider to ensure you get a high-quality, "best" category toilet. 

What to Look for in a Best Toilet . . . 

Water Efficiency

Water conservation is important, so look for toilets that are WaterSense certified or have a low gallon-per-flush (GPF) rating. Water-efficient toilets help reduce water consumption and utility bills.


Comfort features like seat height, shape, and design are important. The toilet seat should be at a comfortable height for users, and the overall design should be ergonomic.

Easy to Clean

A toilet with a sleek and streamlined design is easier to clean and maintain. Features like glazed trapways and smooth surfaces can prevent debris and stains from sticking.


Choose a toilet made from durable materials that can withstand regular use and cleaning without chipping or scratching.

Noise Level

Some flushing mechanisms can be noisy. If noise is a concern, look for toilets with quiet flushing technology.

Size & Installation

Ensure that the toilet's dimensions fit your bathroom space and that it's compatible with your existing plumbing setup. Consider whether you need a round-front or elongated bowl shape based on your space and preference.

Flushing Mechanism

An efficient and powerful flushing system is essential for effective waste removal and to prevent clogs. Some popular flushing mechanisms include gravity flush, pressure-assisted flush, and dual-flush systems.

Additional Features

Some toilets come with extra features like soft-closing seats, built-in bidets, night lights, and antimicrobial surfaces. These features can enhance the overall user experience.

These six models are the best toilets of 2024 because of their stand out functionality and stylish appeal. They are the top toilets in the industry and the best 2024 has to offer. Take a closer look.

Modern style toilet by Fresca in a sleek bathroom.

Fresca Delphinus is a one-piece design with a sculptural modern look. It features dual flush with powerful siphon jet technology and a soft close seat. It’s WaterSense certified and uses less than 1.6 gallons of water per flush, which saves more than 10,000 gallons of water per year. 

Fresca Delphinus

Organically curved modern toilet by Laufen Alessi.

Laufen Alessi’s seamless rounded design is sleek European styling at its finest. It features Clean Coat glaze and a siphonic dual flush system, which uses 1.6 and 1.1 gallon flush to save you thousands of gallons of water per year. It takes up minimal space and is ADA compliant. 

Laufen Alessi

Clean-lined modern toilet by Laufen Savoy.

The Laufen Savoy is a one-piece toilet with both angles and curves that give it a traditional look but is anything but. It features an eco-friendly dual flush with 1.6/1.1 gallons per flush that is WaterSense certified. It’s simple yet luxurious plumbing for both large and small bathrooms. 

Laufen Savoy

Tankless modern toilet by Toto.

The Toto Neorest’s futuristic design gently curves for a look that’s sure to stand out in your bathroom. It is the height of advanced washlet technology  with specialty stay-clean coating, tornado flush system, remote control operation, automatic seat open/close, night light, and warm air dryer. 

Toto Neorest

Square style toilet by Fresca.

Fresca Apus, another one-piece toilet, is compact and angular, perfect for a distinctive bathroom design. It features a soft close seat and minimal water consumption, coming in at only 1.28 gallons of water per flush. It also has a siphonic flushing mechanism instead of a flapper and chain, which creates a powerful jet siphonic function

Fresca Apus

Simple, tankless modern toilet by Toto.

The Toto EP has classic and simple styling but is wall-hung for a streamlined design. It features dual flush for water conservation and DuoFit in-wall tank system keeping all the plumbing out of sight. Perfect for smaller bathrooms or universal designs, it can be hung at any height. Easier to clean with skirted bowl design and Cefiontect ceramic glaze non-stick surface finish.

Toto EP

Bonus: 4 Best Washlets

What's a Washlet?

Washlets are a toilet seat you can add to your existing toilet that gives you much of the functionality of a bidet without having to add anything additional to the footprint of your bathroom. 

The Toto Connect+ is a modern washlet with wireless remote and concealed supply connection. It offers efficient front and rear cleanse with temperature control. Air drying, deodorizing, and heated seat make the whole experience a luxury that you shouldn't have to be without. 

Toto Connect+

Bio Bidet Premier Class Bliss is a new breed of cleansing technology. It has a touch screen wireless control that helps you use the right combination of cleansing. The nozzle is durable steel and self-cleaning. It uses high pressure to clear away any mineral build-up in the nozzle. It cleans itself both before and after use for long-lasting use with no odors

Bio Bidet Bliss

Toto's Round Bidet Washlet features all the best Toto washlets have to offer but in a round seat rather than an elongated seat. It has premist that assists with toilet bowl cleanliness in addition to user cleanliness. the aerated warm dual action spray has oscillating and pulsating stream to get you clean. Then use the warm air drying feature and select your heat from five levels. 

Toto Round Bidet Washlet

Toto Neorest fits square shaped toilet seats for ultra-modern design. This washlet has eWater+ technology that reduces the need for frequent cleaning. You can adjust the spray position for ultimate cleaning. You can also program the seat to remember your cleaning settings. Add to that a soft close lid and heated seat and you're set.

Toto Neorest

Transform your everyday bathroom experience from basic to brilliant with one of the best toilets of 2024. See what these can do for you and your bathroom space.

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