Thursday, March 10, 2022

Functionality & Ambiance: Better Bathroom Lighting

White and black bathroom with strip lighting above the vanity.

The bathroom is probably one of the only rooms in the house that you might find yourself stumbling around in in the wee hours and never turn on the lights. It’s also one of the only rooms where you examine yourself closely and prepare to go out into the world.  

Lighting in the bathroom is unique. Without the right lighting, things can go south quickly. In low light or incorrect lighting, you might not notice that your makeup isn’t quite right, miss a spot shaving, or have an eyebrow trimming fiasco. You might run into things or trip and fall if you opt not to turn on too-bright lights on your midnight trips to the bathroom.

Lighting is also key to creating atmosphere and completing a design. The right lighting make the bathroom more than just a functional space, but one of luxury.

Check out how best to light your bathroom for the ultimate in functionality and design. 

Beyond the Basic Strip

Strip lighting is the most common type of bathroom lighting you’ll find. It’s probably in your bathroom right now. Strip lighting is a metal bar with globe light bulbs going across it in a straight, horizontal line. It’s classic, but it is not always the best type of lighting for the bathroom.

Strip is a look that goes with everything, which is why you see it everywhere. But if you want to do something a little more distinctive, it’s time to go beyond the basic strip. Try something with a little panache like the Varaluz Bodie vanity light, which features industrial styling. 

You can also get outside the box and opt for sconces arranged in a line. You get the same lighting as the strip but with a different style. For example, the Kichler Zolder wall sconce offers an abundance of style  and great halogen lighting. 

Blend the idea of a chandelier and a strip light with a high class vanity light like the Velaruz Social Club or Matrix

White bathroom with recessed lighting across the room.

Light Bulbs

The type of lightbulbs you choose has a huge impact on your bathroom lighting. Soft white bulbs tend to have a yellowish tint to them. They are great for producing a warm glow. That warm glow is excellent over the bathtub for a relaxing vibe, but isn’t so great at the vanity where you want a light that will be more true to your skin tone.

Using different light bulbs for different areas of the bathroom is a great way to solve many of the problems you encounter with lighting in the bathroom. 

If you use incandescent light bulbs, opt for bright white for a more realistic light and soft white for that warm, comfortable glow. Fluorescent bulbs emit a wide range of colors and can be quite bright. But they tend to have a harsh feeling especially in a smaller space like the bathroom.

Halogen lights were designed to recreate sunlight at high noon. It’s a realistic light and they are great for dimmer switches. Lastly, LED lights are champs at directional lighting, or task lighting. They work best for specific tasks and lighting spots that a more ambient light misses. 

Bathroom vanity with backlit round mirror.

Vanity Lighting

There are three types of lighting: ambient (general lighting), task (specific), and accent (more for creating atmosphere). When it comes to applying makeup, shaving, and other up close things, you need great task lighting. This is where much of the bathroom lighting falls short. 

The light has to be close enough to your face, the right color, and strong enough to be good task lighting. Overhead lighting won’t cut it. Consider sconces that can be placed on the wall closer to the level of your face. Or opt for a lighted mirror. 

The lighted mirror has strips of light running around its edges and puts the light exactly where you need it to light all your up close tasks. This Robern Vesper mirror is just the thing for better vanity lighting.

Night Lights

Those inevitable visits to the bathroom in the middle of the night deserve their own special lighting. If you don’t like plug-in nightlights, try something a little more stylish and less noticeable. 

This Robern Uplift light offers the stylishness of a pendant light for the bathroom with the option to switch to night light function. You might also appreciate a lit toilet seat for those nighttime visits. Delta Sanborne seats attach to your existing toilet effortlessly for an easy update. 

Make your bathroom lighting a priority and change the entire feel of the space. Want more great bathroom ideas? Read more on our blog. 

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