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Bidet & Washlet 101

Bidet/toilet combination in a large bathroom with glass walls and city view.

If bidets and washlets have conquered the world, consider the United States the final frontier. While both products have been popular overseas for a considerable amount of time, they’re just now becoming popular stateside.  

There are plenty of benefits to choosing a bidet or washlet. But they’re still a bit rare, and they can be a little confusing to install and use. Allow us to be of assistance. 

If you’re considering going the bidet and washlet route, let us wash away any doubts you may have in this comprehensive guide. 

White bidet close up.

What Is a Bidet?  

Bidets are an all-in-one hygiene solution for after you’ve used the bathroom. They’re common in Asia and some parts of Europe, so chances are you’ve seen one in your hotel if you’ve traveled abroad. 

While some bidets can be attached to your toilet seat, most bidets are separate receptacles placed next to your toilet. The typical features include: 

  • Vertical Spray or Deck Mount Faucets 
  • Wall or Floor Mount Installation
  • Easy-Clean Construction  

But your options don’t end there. To match your toilet, choose the corresponding: 


There are a couple of different finishes available, including Cotton, Colonial White, Sedona Beige, and Bone. 


Most of our bidets are made of vitreous china or ceramic. 

Bowl Shape

Choose from elongated, standing oval, single hole, and more. 

Your installation process will vary by installation type. Make sure to follow the manufacturer’s directions for the easiest and safest outcome. 

 To use your bidet after using the toilet, simply: 

  • Straddle the bidet. 
  • Adjust the bidet controls. 
  • Wash yourself. 
  • Dry yourself once clean. 

Depending on the model you choose, you may need to supplement the cleaning process via a washcloth and the drying process with a nearby towel or toilet paper. 

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 What Is a Washlet? 

A washlet is like a toilet seat-sized bidet on steroids. Originally invented by TOTO, a Japanese toilet company, washlets also act as that all-in-one hygiene solution but with many more customizations for maximum comfort. Some of the features you may find include: 

  • Automatic Flushing 
  • Heating and Drying Buttons 
  • Quick Release and Soft Close Buttons 
  • Self-Cleaning Capabilities 
  • Remote Control Operation 
  • Built-In Air Purification 
  • Programmable Energy Saver Systems 

 A washlet is installed right on your existing toilet in the place of your current toilet seat. To ensure your washlet fits your toilet properly, make sure to choose the right: 


Your options include a modern/contemporary look or a traditional/classic look. 


While most washlets are made of plastic, others are available in vitreous china. 

 Bowl Shape

There are four different bowl shapes to choose from, including shaped, elongated, round, and square. 

Step by step picture guide to installing a washlet on a toilet.

To install your washlet, follow this 5-step process provided by TOTO: 

  • Remove the old toilet seat. 
  • Install the washlet seat mounting bracket. 
  • Slide the washlet on the bracket. 
  • Connect the washlet’s hose. 
  • Turn the washlet on. 

Additional details on tools and installation requirements can be found here

To use your washlet, simply select the area you want to cleanse and press the corresponding button on your washlet’s remote. Once you’ve pressed the button, your washlet will do the rest of the work for you. 

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Toilet and bidet in a white bathroom.

 Which One Is Right for You? 

Both bidets and washlets come with plenty of pros to consider. No matter which one you buy, expect to save on toilet paper while experiencing fewer clogs and pipe problems due to less toilet paper use. You can also expect a lower water bill and a greater sense of comfort and cleanliness. Each model is also great for pregnant women and individuals with disabilities.  

Choosing between a bidet and a washlet comes down to several factors, such as: 

  • Budget 
  • Space Constraints 
  • Desired Cleaning Frequency 
  • Installation Specifics 

Washlets tend to work better for users with smaller bathrooms that prefer accessories and self-cleaning. Bidets, on the other hand, are best suited for users with larger bathrooms that want a different experience and don’t mind a bit of extra cleaning. 

 No matter which one you choose, a brand-new bidet or washlet is an excellent choice for a better bathroom.  

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