Thursday, April 13, 2023

TikTok Taught Me These Home Décor Hacks

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If you love learning DIY tips and tricks, then you’ve got to check out Tiktok. You’ll find all sorts of genius hacks and pointers for the smartest DIYers that’ll get you ready for any remodel. 

At Décor Planet, we love what TikTok’s teaching, but it’s time for a bit of extra credit. Want an extra hack to add to your Tiktok hack collection? Here are the very best products to pair with popular Tiktok renovations. 

Brownstone Boys in their One Room Challenge renovated basement.

TikTok Taught Me: How to Win with One Room Challenge® 

Kyla Herbes of @houseofhipsters has been a featured designer in the One Room Challenge® several times in the last few years. What started off as smaller projects like bar cart renovations eventually transformed into wallpaper decorating, furniture renovations, and other larger endeavors like her home office renovation. Now with over 3 million followers, the One Room Challenge® is a viral sensation that’s incredibly rewarding and easy to do yourself. 

TikTok showed us that one room a season is the secret ingredient to a better-looking home. Ready to win your challenge? Here are some project/product pairings that’ll make your room even better: 

Reclaiming Your Basement

During their One Room Challenge®, Jordan and Barry, AKA the Brownstone Boys, turned a boring basement in Brooklyn into a vintage speakeasy-style workspace. One of the focal points was the need for storage space, something you can add with wall-mount shelves or new cabinets by the RTA Cabinet Store. 

The Word on Wainscoting

April Justine of @april_justine_ had one last project idea during her One Room Challenge®. She decided to add decorative wood paneling called wainscoting to her powder room for an extra layer of sophistication. If you want to get even more refined, a new mirror and some wall lighting are excellent complements to wainscoting. 

Letting Your Laundry Room Shine

A stunning transformation from “ugly” to outstanding was the final product of Jennifer Laura’s—@jenniferlauraliving—One Room Challenge®. One of the more underrated aspects of the project was the utility sink—something you can find on our website. 

Everyone’s a winner when they take the One Room Challenge. But let’s not forget the kitchen champions. 

Fireclay sink in a kitchen with marble countertops.

 TikTok Taught Me: How to Spice Up My Kitchen 

Kitchen renovations are one of the most popular DIY projects. That’s because it’s up to you how big and bold you want to go.  

TikTok teaches us that a completely overhauled kitchen can be as simple as rethinking your cabinets, countertops, or tile backsplash area. Let’s discuss a few of our favorite design hacks and some products you can include with them: 

Make Room for a Monochrome Makeover

Melike Kazar of @easyinterieur used upcycled covers and chrome spray paint for a monochrome-looking sink, countertops, and cabinet pulls. You can make it even easier by choosing a cover for your countertops and using one of our cabinet pulls or kitchen sinks for the finishing touches. 

A More Powerful Backsplash

For an extra bit of power and a pristine aesthetic, user @thezhush added a line of power strips at the top of her backsplash immediately under her cabinets. It’s a clever upgrade you can use for powering your appliances or shining light while using your cutting board. If you like the concept but want something a bit different, try one of our many under-cabinet lighting options. 

Building an Eco-Conscious Kitchen

If you’re like Ereka Vetrini of @erekasfood, some leftover aluminum cans, and a vivid imagination are all you need to make earth-friendly kitchen décor. Eliminate waste even further by adding a garbage disposal to your sink. 

Cooking in your kitchen has never been more comfortable. And speaking of comfort, you can’t forget about the comfort of your bathroom. 

Modern bathroom with wood vanity and vessel sinks with round mirror.

TikTok Taught Me: How to Build a Better Bathroom 

You spend a lot of time in the bathroom each day, so it’s easy to see why bathroom renovations are a top priority. But there are a lot of elements that make up a bathroom, so it might seem too difficult, right? TikTok taught us that’s not true. 

From your vanity to the shower, bigger, bolder bathrooms don’t need to take hours. These simple hacks are good enough—alongside our amazing bathroom products of course: 

Pole-Wrap Wallpaper

Kimberly of @lemonleafhomeinteriors had a eureka moment in the trim aisle. She saw a pole wrap product that looked like an easy and aesthetically appealing choice to cover her damaged bathroom wall. With over 4 million views of the finished product, TikTok definitely agrees with Kimberly. Add one of our modern vanities as the centerpiece for an extra bit of flair. 

Renter-Friendly Bathroom Upgrades

Renovating a rental can be a bit tricky, but that didn’t stop Stefanie Bloom of @beingtheblooms from finding a way. Using contact paper as makeshift wallpaper and tile, Bloom transformed the look and feel of her bathroom without making any permanent changes. If you’re a renter that needs to upgrade, in a non-invasive way, include our shower caddies, towel warmers, and all sorts of great accessories. 

Improving the Shower Without the Extra Hassle

Cynthia Montalvo of @c.mproperties didn’t feel like spending the time and money on replacing her tile. Instead, she and her husband refinished it in a beautiful bright white for an extra pop of color the easy way. If you like easy shower hacks that’ll add to this one, you can also add in a new shower faucet or shower drain. 

TikTok and Décor Planet are a match made in DIY heaven. Want to see our whole selection of DIY-friendly products? 

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