Thursday, June 2, 2022

Trending Colors: Island Sun

A couple sitting at the kitchen table in Joie Inn's Sun Room.

A relaxing vacation on Anna Maria Island took a different turn with Ashley and Dino Petrone (of Instagram @arrowsandbow fame) happened upon an inn in need of some love. 

The Petrones gained popularity on Instagram renovating upscale RVs so an inn was a step in a different direction. But a good direction. Before their vacation was over, they had put in an offer on the run down inn and had it accepted. 

Less than a year later, the inn renovation was complete and welcoming guests into its vibrant and cozy embrace.  They called it Joie Inn. “Joie” is French for joy, and that’s exactly what the Petrones want their guests to experience.

Close up of the kitchen sink with sun yellow tile backsplash behind.

Driven by Color

The key design feature that makes the inn feel so relaxing is the color. Ashley Petrone wanted to tap into the beachy colors of Anna Maria, but give them an update that would speak to a new generation of vacationers. 

She chose warmer, yet just as bold, colors that echoed the natural environment of the island: sage, terracotta, sun, and blush. An inherently warm palette created spaces that instantly felt welcoming. It feels different enough that it’s a vacation, but it’s comfortable enough to feel like home too. 

The colors bring the outdoors in and blur the line between nature and the more tame settings of the indoors. The gray-blue-green of the waves, the sunny beaches, the pink sunsets, and earthy connection to the ground.

Ashley chose to feature one of each of the colors in the four suites of the inn. Placing the color prominently in the bedding, backsplashes, decor, and more. 

Collage of a bathroom decorated in white and sun yellow.

The Sun Room

Even the name of this suite brings up images of relaxing afternoons spent soaking up warmth and letting troubles melt away. The suite is on the second floor and is the largest of the suites. With 700 square feet, two bedrooms, and a fully equipped kitchen, this space is ideal for a family. 

The golden sun color makes an appearance in the bedrooms where guests can wrap themselves in sunshine, as it were, with sun-colored comforters. It is also featured liberally in the bathroom and kitchen tile. Decor, throw pillows, etc. all include a little sun to tie the entire color palette together.

Mood board featuring the color palette of the Sun Room.

Why Sun?

Sun isn’t just any yellow. It’s a rich yellow with a depth that makes it substantial. This particular shade of yellow is trending right now. Its warmth and earthiness oozes coziness that defines interior design of the moment. 

It blends a bit of brown with a vibrant yellow to tone down the boldness of yellow and make it more friendly to a wider variety of design schemes.  A blend of yellow and warm gray can have a similar effect. 

Though toned down, this welcoming yellow can easily be the center of attention, as it is in The Sun Room. It stands out as the visual center of the design. At the same time, this color can be used as a more neutral color in the space. A softer shade across the walls becomes the backdrop for all the other features of the design. Discover the abundance and joy that can come from this rich yellow in your spaces. 

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