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10 Top-Rated Toilet Brands

Find the Best Toilet Brand for You 

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The toilet is one of the most complicated fixtures in the bathroom. Its function and design has changed little over the years. However, some high-tech features on the toilet can make it easier to clean, conserve water, stop pesky clogs and other unsightly issues. 

When it comes to the toilet, there’s no messing around. You need it to be functional first. But a little style, if it doesn’t interrupt the functionality, can go a long way to making your water closet a bit more interesting to look at. 

Here are 10 top rated toilets you should have a look at in your search for the best toilet brand to add to your bathroom.


The hallmarks of TOTO are sleek design and cutting-edge Japanese technology. Their motto is “perfection by design” and they blend efficiency alongside style for products that have been leaders in the industry for decades. Their toilets and bidets feature dual flush technology, programmable functions, water conservation, and the ultimate in comfort.



Fresca believes that the bathroom is the most important room in the house. That is reflected in the quality, durability, and cutting-edge designs they produce. They feature stylish toilets with nice perks like soft close seats and high-tech flushing mechanisms that increase flush power and decrease water consumption.

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Large sanitary manufacturer, EAGO specializes in ceramics for the bathroom that are eco friendly and comfortable to use. The one piece units feature soft close seats and high efficiency design and construction.



A Swiss brand, Laufen employs design, quality, and function to produce practical products that respect your way of life and the environment. The selection available offers unique shapes and minimalist design that still packs a punch for functionality. 

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Icera’s aim is to improve the quality of life with luxury bathroom design, ecological efficiency, and practical performance. Their industry-leading toilet fixtures help you complete a suite that results in a unified experience. Look for their EcoQuattro flushing technology that allows for max water force without extra water.

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American Standard

American Standard raises the bar for the industry. Their care and commitment is reflected in every product they create. Look for quiet yet powerful units that keep things cleaner longer. Some toilets can handle high traffic and larger masses with ease and that means no clogs.

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A leading supplier of bathroom ceramic, bathroom furniture, accessories, bathtubs, and more, Duravit makes the bathroom simple and functional.  The one-piece configuration keeps the focus on precision in design and functionality. “WonderGliss” treatment on the ceramic helps make cleaning easy and sanitation simple.

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Grohe sees design as more than simple aesthetics. Design also incorporates quality. That means the perfect synthesis of form and function. Grohe’s motto and their products exude “smart looks, smart technology, and smart price”. These elongated seat toilets are minimalist but get the job done with style.

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Innovative and relevant, Neptune’s products spring from customer needs. The well thought out products give you the ability to create your own chic and enjoy a perfect balance of form and function. Contemporary in design and forward thinking in their technology, these toilets deserve a look.

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Quality products born from concepts from around the world, Barclay toilets aim to bring the best to your bathroom. They aren’t afraid to travel through time either, where they find the styles and technologies that bring you unique bathroom products. 

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