Thursday, September 11, 2014

Planning Your Bathroom Remodel

Being excited at the prospect of remodeling is understandable, but it is important not to let that excitement push you into poor or incomplete decision making. Taking time to properly plan out and prepare for your bathroom remodel allows for the least amount of disruption and the largest amount of satisfaction at the end of the job.

First and foremost, consider the features you want and need. Do you want to replace the sink? Add a vanity? Upgrade your bathtub? Start with fixtures you know you want to replace first, but don’t remain fixed on just those items. Be open to the possibility that you may need to replace fixtures you hadn’t considered to ensure a consistent and complementary look.

Make sure you have all of the fixtures you need on-hand before you begin your remodel.

Sinks, toilets, and tubs are the biggest consideration in most bathroom remodels, but smaller changes that improve storage capacity and tie the look of your area together are important as well. Towel racks, linen cabinets, baskets, and shelving help organize while increasing convenience. And don’t forget that minor changes such as soap dishes, toothbrush holders, and toilet brush and paper holders can also make a space more appealing.

When planning your remodel, choose a theme and stick with it. This produces continuity and helps ensure a more welcoming atmosphere. Most importantly, have fun. A remodel can give life to old spaces while making them more efficient and improving the overall value of your home.