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Get Inspired with Bathroom Storage and Organization
Posted on Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Every bathroom needs towels, but many spaces fail to offer preferable storage and organization options. Storing towels close to your bathroom is desirable, but not an option in every home. Of course, storing towels in the bathroom is ideal, but space may seem to eliminate this option as well.

Linen cabinets can offer the perfect storage solution for many bathrooms. Free standing and wall mounted linen cabinets come in a variety of sizes and styles, enabling them to complement nearly any design theme while improving storage and convenience. However, linen cabinets may be too large for smaller areas.

If you have limited space or are not interested in a linen cabinet, consider options such as:
·         Shelving
·         Baskets
·         Towel racks
·         Vertical towel bars
·         Decorative ladders

Baskets can be placed anywhere with open space. Look to areas underneath open sinks or even on the wall to maximize space while enhancing appearance. Like baskets, shelving can be placed on open walls. Rolling or folding clean and dry towels for placement on shelves or in baskets adds an elegant and inviting look.

Towel racks, bars, and decorative ladders are all perfect for both storage and drying. While racks may seem the most limiting, placing three or four vertically allows for additional storage and a unique appearance. A similar effect can be accomplished with a vertical towel rack. Which option you choose should be based on your theme and selected specifically to enhance convenience and appearance.

Storage options are unlimited when you put your mind to it. Better still, many storage and organization features can be added with minimal effort while still providing maximum results.

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